Posting vaz 2109 - is a complex system

Today we will discuss such a topic as electrical equipment installed on Lada Samara cars. To figure out what and how is arranged in this system, we need a standard VAZ 2109 electrical equipment scheme (carburetor).

wiring VAZ 2109 карбюратор

As we can see, the wiring of the VAZ 2109 (carburetor) is a rather complicated system. And - conditional numbering for plugs in an ignition block; B - conditional numbering for plugs in the front wiper motor;

 Wiring VAZ 2109 is visible in the diagram

To understand the structure of the VAZ 2109 electrical circuit, we list the components:

  1. bluetooth headlight;
  2. electric motor controlling the wiper for the headlights. There are not all cars;
  3. there is a switch for the lamp under the hood;
  4. car horn;
  5. electric motor that starts the fan on the cooling system of the car;
  6. a sensor that shows the on and off of the electric motor that starts the fan;
  7. car generator;
  8. on some cars VAZ 2109 installed solenoid valve trigger mechanism washing headlights;
  9. similar to the previous valve for washing the rear window;
  10. windscreen wash valve;
  11. candles;
  12. ignition sensor;
  13. here is the ignition coil;
  14. a switch that regulates the on-off reversing light;
  15. coolant temperature sensor;
  16. starter;
  17. car battery;
  18. sensor showing brake fluid level.
And then the screenshots of the components of the wiring VAZ 2109:

waz 2109 carburetor electric circuit

electrical scheme vaz 2109 carburetor

электроwiring VAZ 2109 карбюратор

That's the way the electric circuit of the VAZ 2109 (carburetor) is arranged

As we can see, the wiring diagram of the VAZ 2109 (carburetor) is one of the most complex car systems. Self-repair does not always lead to the desired result, especially when the owner of the car does not have enough experience with electrical equipment at the "VAZ".

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Posting VAZ 2109 (carburetor), the price of which is within 3,500 rubles

wiring VAZ 2109

Most of the wiring items in Samara are not too expensive. The question here is not even how much a particular spare part costs. The main difficulties rest on the attempts to understand what exactly failed. Good auto electrics can be very difficult to find, and trying to understand for yourself what the cause of the problem is not always a good option. The car can stand in the garage for a year, until you figure out what caused the breakdown.

If you are interested in the wiring of the VAZ 2109 (carburetor), then you can buy it in any automobile store or market, the price of the wiring is low - about 3,500 rubles.