Choosing the best cabin filter



Just a few years ago, a modern device, a cabin filter, began to flow into various auto shops. Until now, not all car owners can boast of having such a device in their car, this is due to the fact that many people simply do not know about the important advantages that the device gives. But such an important element contributes to the creation of a comfortable environment inside the car. Some, because of their economy, do not want to spend money on such an inappropriate device, treating it as an unnecessary expensive item, others do not pay enough attention to the proper functioning of the unit, save on replacing it, clean and wash the old device.

Cabin Filter

First of all, it should be noted the importance of acquiring such a filter, which is considered a means of safety for the driver and passengers. Manufacturers of cabin filters regularly upgrade and update cleaning units, so now you can buy not only a standard dust filter, but also a more modern coal device.

Читать далее о том, какой фильтр салона выбрать-->Для того чтобы покупка приносила только радость, следует определиться с тем, какой фильтр лучше, для этого придётся изучить преимущества и недостатки каждого устройства. Рассмотрим принципы функционирования одного и второго очистительного элемента.

Standard dust filter

Dusty, or as consumers called it - anti-allergic, cleaning device - a white rectangular unit consisting of synthetic / cellulose material and corrugated paper, which are laid in several rows. Filtering fiber has a lower density than the paper layer, therefore, the vacuum present in the ventilation compartment itself is lower than the vacuum that appears when air is sucked into the intake manifold. Dust filter perfectly holds not only dust particles in the air, but also other microscopic contaminants (soot, rubber, pollen, harmful chemical compounds) that poison the air inside the car. It should be noted that there are such devices on sale that undergo chlorine treatment, due to which some dangerous bacteria are completely neutralized. Synthetic fibers, if they are in the device, are capable of attracting small elements of garbage by means of electrical voltage.

Standard Cabin Filter

The main advantages of the usual cabin filter:

  • the performance of the device does not depend on the movement of the vehicle (it functions during idle time in traffic jams);
  • the glasses fog up much slower;
  • fine dust particles are filtered;
  • all harmful elements (pollen, spores, bacteria) are collected from the air;
  • low cost.

Significant cons of the unit:

  • harmful toxic elements do not linger inside the device;
  • foreign odors are not filtered, which is why they do not disappear.

Updated cleaning device - carbon filter

The carbon filter is a follower of the standard cleaning device, which was the result of the improvement of its dust predecessor. According to their structure, they are multi-layered, consisting of several layers of activated carbon fiber. Initially, there is a coarse filtrate that can hold larger particles of debris that are in the air. Next, a layer of microfiber is installed, absorbing smaller elements of contamination that easily enter the human lung. The last third layer is somewhat remote from the previous two, it consists of ordinary activated carbon, which has excellent absorbing properties. It is this ability that makes the carbon filter an indispensable helper that removes all extraneous odors, absorbs harmful chemical compounds, even such dangerous ones as sulfur oxide and nitrogen.

Coal Cabin Filter

Due to this, the cabin air purifier neutralizes substances of the benzene and phenol groups that are dangerous to humans. Harmful compounds can harm human health, carcinogens have such a strong effect, which can simply not be prevented. However, combining with coal, there is a process of purification - the absorption or complete absorption of hazardous substances with their partial neutralization.

The main advantages that have a carbon filter:

  • the performance of the device does not depend on the movement of the vehicle (it functions during idle time in traffic jams);
  • fogging of glass almost does not occur;
  • harmful substances are 95% filtered and neutralized;
  • the ozone present in the air is converted to oxygen;
  • coal properties help to remove unpleasant odors, as well as all volatile compounds that are dangerous to humans.

Significant cons of the unit:

  • high price.

Choose the best filter

Choosing one of two cleaning devices, any car owner should decide for himself which filter is better. Cabin accessories are not only different characteristics and properties, but also cost. A conventional carbon filter costs almost 2 times more than its dust counterpart.

Therefore, before you buy a certain model of the cleaning unit, you should remember the advantages of the coal device and the disadvantages of dust, it is no secret that the carbon filter is better for several important parameters.

The location of the filter in the cabin

So, before purchasing, you should think about the functions that should be performed by the salon unit. First of all, it needs to filter the air inside the car in such a way as to remove any contamination from it, not only dust, but also small insects. It is desirable to have a property capable of holding various harmful chemical compounds that are dissolved in air in a dissolved form. Such dangerous substances for a person get into the car Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% while driving on the highway, gaseous hydrocarbon compounds very quickly penetrate not only into the car, but also into the human body.

If we consider the usual dust filter, it becomes clear that he can not cope with these tasks. As for the coal analogue, here the situation is completely different, since the layer of activated carbon installed in the cleaning unit is capable of holding and absorbing dangerous impurities.

For more than a decade, scientists from different countries have conducted numerous clinical studies that prove the harmful effects of harmful substances on a person’s health and perception. When there is a lack of oxygen in the passenger compartment, the passengers, and, which is especially dangerous, the driver slows down the reaction, increases irritability, nausea or even nervous system disorders can occur. In this situation, only the carbon filter will help, the characteristics of which are much better than any of its analogs. Activated carbon can reduce the amount of harmful impurities in the air by three times.


Having learned about all the features and advantages of the two models of cleaning units, it is safe to say that the carbon filter is an order of magnitude better than a conventional dust device. Any carbon filter is capable of absorbing not only dust particles, but also any volatile gases. The life of the cleaning device depends on the time of its operation, if it is actively used in the summer, the temporary functionality of the two devices will be almost the same. With the rare inclusion of a carbon filter can last about 3-4 months, during this time the layers with activated carbon will be exhausted, but the filter unit itself will be able to continue its work.