Swedes will give a presentation of the volvo v90 wagon

Шведы проведут презентацию универсала Volvo V90 раньше, чем хотели New Volvo V90 in the body of the "universal" Swedish automakers are going to officially demonstrate to a wide audience in the coming weeks. So earlier this solemn event was scheduled for early spring of this year. Demonstration Volvo V90 initially wanted to coincide with the Geneva Motor Show, which will be held in the near March.

But for some reason the Swedes changed their mind. According to the Teknikens Varld website, the novelty will be on the demo podium already on February 18. The debut, as suggested by the same edition, will occur in Stockholm. New wagon will take place Volvo V70 in the model range of the Swedish auto brand. About the technical features of the new wagon, while nothing is disclosed. Also, nothing is known about the model specifications. But this information is likely to be made public the other day. Шведы проведут презентацию универсала Volvo V90 раньше, чем хотели The first photospies of the Swedish novelty were published on the Internet at the beginning of the year. There is an assumption that under the hood of the new station wagon the same engines will be registered that are installed in flagship sedan Volvo S90. If the assumptions are correct, then raising the hood of the new product, you can see diesel D4 with 190 horsepower and 235 hp D5, besides diesel engines there will be gasoline engines: 254 hp T5 and 320 hp T6. Well, the most powerful in the line will be a hybrid T8 engine, with a total power of 410 horsepower.

Шведы проведут презентацию универсала Volvo V90 раньше, чем хотели

Volvo S90 flagship sedan

The Swedes are planning to sell the new product exclusively in European countries. And not earlier than several months after the start of sales of the four-door S90. The sedan will arrive at the dealerships closer to the beginning of the summer, and the new station wagon will have to wait no earlier than the beginning of the fall of 2016. Both cars are built on the latest SPA-platform.

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In addition to these station wagon V90 and the flagship S90 sedan, the Swedish automakers are going to organize some more premier new cars. They promise them in the next four years. These will be the XC40 compact crossover, electric car and coupe.