The best cars in the world

Every motorist wants his car to be the best car in the world. However, the criteria to give a palm to a particular brand are periodically updated, so manufacturers of prestigious vehicles are striving to improve their products.


  • 1 World authoritative recognition
  • 2 First place in 2018 at WCOTY
  • 3 TOP best cars in 2018

World authoritative recognition

In order to determine which car is the best, you need a professional, unbiased jury. Often, such a mixture can be found at the world automobile exhibitions. In 2018, New York was chosen as the main platform for announcing the winners in various categories during the auto show.

The organizers of the event for choosing a first-class modern transport were the organizers of World Car of the Year. This annual competition has considerable authority in its field. Experts from more than two dozen countries evaluate the “iron horses”.

In the last ceremony, the number of nominations brought up to 6 pieces:

  • world car;
  • sports car;
  • the most eco-friendly car;
  • superiority in design;
  • luxury brand;
  • best city car.

Mainly in the rankings are leading positions German, Japanese, American, Italian four-wheel art and high-quality cars from the UK.

First place in 2018 at WCOTY

According to the jury members, this year the best cars in the world are produced in Sweden. The proof was the crossover of the new generation Volvo XC60. For the first time in the history of the competition, this automobile brand from Scandinavia received an award. Its bright design is perfectly combined with elegant trim.

Unlike the previous generation, the car has grown significantly in size. At the same time, the designers installed it on the modular SPA chassis and significantly expanded the list. Some might look like a reduced copy of the XC90.

what is the best car in the world

The front view shows the original optics, where in the frowning headlights you can see the "Hammer of Thor". The hexagonal lattice rises above the bumper truncated along the edges. The profile feels light and swift, which is cast by a falling roof. This is also echoed by sharply billowing subwindow lines.

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Above the arched space are viewed the stylish stamping of the wings. From the back side, observers meet the exquisite outlines of compound headlight stops over a massive bumper and a stylish pair of exhaust pipes. Ground clearance of 216 mm will ignore bumps in the path.

The interior is designed in a single style with the XC90.. The central place is allocated under the "advanced" 9-inch monitor multimedia system. He is responsible for many functions in the best auto 2018.

The SUV pilot has the greatest number of advantages in the cabin. In front of it is a three-spoke multifunction steering wheel, executed in a two-color version. Instead of the traditional dashboard, a 12.3-inch LCD monitor is mounted in the premium assembly.

It is necessary to take into account that only high-quality materials were used to finish the Volvo XC60, including natural expensive woods, high-quality leather and anodized brushed aluminum.

The space is felt and behind. The cabin has many options for the convenience of passengers or for the transport of some goods. Rear sofa folds in a ratio of 2: 3. Under the raised floor is a dokatka.

what car is the best

The eight-speed automatic is combined with one of two diesel engines or one of two two-liter petrol engines. Their capacity is 190/235 l. with. or 254/320 l. with. accordingly. In the mixed mode of movement, 7.3-7.7 liters of fuel is spent. A hundred overcome in 5.9-6.8 s. At the maximum - 230 km / h. In Russia, it is offered in salons for 2,985,000 rubles.

TOP best cars in 2018

In the rating were other brands. The best among urban cars recognized VW Polo. The mature design bears some resemblance to the Golf 7th version. Increased wheelbase by 94 mm did not make the model heavier, but rather reduced weight.

Significantly improved materials used for the interior. Innovations for the “German” were keyless access and start, an adaptive cruise with auto braking. The cabin is a 300-watt audio system.

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Audi A8 marked as a premium brand. The flagship sedan, offered in Europe for 83 thousand euros, did not go unnoticed. In the interior there is a lot of touch control and at the same time two touchscreens. Multimedia recognizes spelling with your fingers.

Range Rover Velar took the highest place among the cars with the original design. He turned out to be the brainchild of Jerry McGovern, who put his design talent to create a smart expressive crossover. The dynamic silhouette honed with speed is combined with practicality and functionality. He is not afraid even a crust of ice in 4 mm.

BMW M5 rated as the best sports car of the year. The European price tag on it starts from 118 thousand euros. As a result, the buyer will receive the fastest car in the history of the brand. In the engine compartment is hidden V8 volume of 4.4 liters per 600 liters. with. and 750 Nm. Manufacturers limit the speed artificially at 250 or 305 km / h.

Nissan Leaf noted as the most environmentally friendly transport in 2018. The electric car has a drag coefficient of 0.28. Built-in smart e-pedal. To improve driving there is a function ProPilot. The battery capacity has been increased from 30 to 40 kWh, which provides a home machine up to 240 km in the US EPA system or 400 km in the Japanese conversion of Japan JC08.

The main competitors in range at the Nissan are the Chevy Bolt with 380 km or the third Tesla, passing 353 km. “Japanese” for full charging takes 16 hours to be plugged in under 3 kW, and in the presence of high-speed charging 40 minutes from zero to 80% are enough. Power "green" cars reaches 150 liters. with. Users can also order a model with a more powerful built-in battery, but you will have to pay extra for it.