What kind of alloy wheels better rating


The car only looks when it is on good and high-quality disks. The rating includes the top most popular manufacturers and models on the Russian market.

Car on good and high-quality drives

Car on good and high-quality drives

Features alloy wheels

Among all types of rims, cast wheels are the most common, they are produced by casting from light metals, so they are also called “light alloy”.

Aluminum is used as the main material for the production of cast disks, products based on magnesium alloys are less common. Positive aspects of operation on auto alloy wheels:

  • small weight - weigh less than analogs from steel;
  • many forms of execution of the external design - casting of light metals allows you to create samples with different styles and mosaic patterns;
  • relatively low cost compared to forged models;
  • provide a higher comfort of movement - due to the low mass and elasticity of the material, the use of alloy wheels reduces the load on the auto suspension;
  • structural strength - achieved due to the greater ductility of light metal alloys compared to steel.

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Top manufacturers

In our market, the range of cast rims is represented by a huge number of manufacturers. It’s not always possible for a beginner to choose a reliable brand among them, although even an experienced motorist, due to the large number of fakes, is also hard to choose a good manufacturer. However, everything can be known in comparison and on another's experience. Our popularity rating of foreign and domestic manufacturers of alloy wheels will help you choose a quality brand.

Many forms of execution of the exterior design of alloy wheels

Many forms of execution of the exterior design of alloy wheels


This German brand rightfully heads our rating. Casting production ALUTEC, recognized by many experts and car enthusiasts as the most durable.

In the process of production of its discs, the company uses a unique casting technology, due to which they are much stronger, compared to analogues of other brands.

In addition, wheels for cars ALUTEC, are the easiest among all the others, and used for them paintwork has high anti-corrosion properties, which allows the use of cast on cars, even in winter.

The main problem with the use of alloy wheels in the winter is their poor corrosion resistance. Metal oxidation processes are caused by high humidity and chemical reagents used for sprinkling the surface of roads, so high quality anti-corrosion coating is one of the key points that must be considered when choosing alloy wheels for your car.

Corrosion on cast disks

Corrosion on cast disks


One of the largest domestic producers. The company was founded in 2002. Casting is produced on modern foreign equipment using the most advanced technologies. It is the official supplier of such large automakers as Ford and Volkswagen. SCAD products have good quality and unique design, which allowed the company to get into our rating.


An international company engaged in the production of rims for passenger cars only since 2000, but this did not prevent it from becoming one of the market leaders in Russia and the CIS.


Самая крупная российская компания по производству литых автомобильных дисков, хорошо известна не только у нас в стране, но и за её пределами. Технология производства основана на литье изделий под низким давлением. Ежегодно K&K выпускает более 1, 5 млн. единиц продукции для авто. Единственный в нашей стране производитель, предоставляющий пожизненную гарантию на материал и конструкцию своих дисков.

LS Wheels

The Taiwanese manufacturer, its wheeled casting for cars is available in several stylistic lines:

  • classic;
  • sport;
  • concept;
  • SUV.

Got to our rating thanks to the wide range of the products.


A young production company founded just a few years ago. Its discs are especially popular among amateur and professional designers, studios engaged in “pumping” the appearance of serial cars. Rotiform models feature a unique futuristic design. Wide range of rims produced is the hallmark of the company.

On the video chrome alloy wheels:

Top models

The rating includes the most popular, among Russian motorists, wheel disks models, compiled according to the statistics of sales volumes of casting models represented on our market.

Alutec Poison

This model tops the rating of alloy wheels for passenger cars. Specifications:

  • diameter available in sizes 15-18 inches;
  • the main material is aluminum alloy;
  • available colors - silver, silver-black, black;
  • cost - from 2620 rubles.

The internal pattern is made in the form of a five-pointed star with forked rays.

Skad Legend

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Skad Legend

The inner part of the casting is made in the shape of a star, the rays of which are slightly turned out relative to its axis. Specifications:

  • diameter sizes - 17 inches;
  • material - aluminum alloy;
  • colors - silver, graphite, black;
  • cost - from 3424 rubles.

IWheelz Samurai

Figure rims made five spokes, convex outward. Specifications:

  • size in diameter - 15-17 inches;
  • material - aluminum alloy;
  • color - silver, black with silver edging;
  • price - from 2137 rubles.

K&K КС632

Design of the model in the form of a five-fingered gear. Specifications:

  • diameter size - 16 inches;
  • material - aluminum alloy;
  • color - silver;
  • cost - from 2120 rubles.

На видео производство литых дисков K&K:

LS Wheels LS 142

The casting model for a car, in the form of a five-fingered star with forked rays, has the following characteristics:

  • diameter - 13-15 inches;
  • made of aluminum alloy;
  • available colors - white, black, silver, silver-black;
  • price - from 1520 rubles.


Closes our rating model of American production. The disc is composite (aluminum alloy and steel forging):

  • going under a certain car;
  • has a bright unique design;
  • the inside is chromed blue;
  • the cost of one unit is 49,000 rubles.


Among the presented alloy wheels, it is easy to choose a reliable and stylish model for your car, especially since their price does not exceed 3,500 rubles.