Four new dongfeng motor cars will soon arrive in russia

Четыре новых авто Dongfeng Motor скоро приедут в Россию

Dong peak a30

Something too active, the Chinese have set about our car market. It seems that either they are so reckless that they risk flooding dealerships, already clogged with unsold cars, new and new goods, or we don’t know something, and they, the Chinese, know better. And in fact: rare media did not write about official figures. disastrous sales statistics in Russia cars absolutely any brand, he is popular or is still developing. Despite billions of dollars in the auto industry and the campaigns of preferential car loans, in spite of the unprecedented discounts offered by all dealers, the sales curve is still not in a hurry to go up.

Четыре новых авто Dongfeng Motor скоро приедут в Россию

Dongfeng ZNA Rich

It is clear that before making responsible decisions, Chinese automakers promoted our market far and wide, because for the mistakes you have to pay too much. But nevertheless, they decided not to be afraid of the economic crisis, the bottom of which we have not yet reached.

Four new cars, one in each "form factor": sedan, pickup, crossover and minivan from Dongfeng Motor will soon arrive to the Russian dealers. And the prices for them should not be exorbitant, on the contrary, one can count on at least some sales in Russia today, only by significantly cutting down the dealer margin.

A parquet SUV that is coming to us is named Fe ng god ax7. The model is not new, a year has passed since it was officially presented at the Shanghai Motor Show. The development of this car was based on the platform of the first-generation Nissan Kashkai. For themselves, the Chinese produce this SUV only with front-wheel drive and it costs them there in terms of our blood a little more than a million rubles.

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Sedan, which will bring the Chinese, will Dong peak a30built on the PSA Peugeot Citroen platform. The length of the "green french" is 4 meters 52 centimeters. Under the hood is set only in the line of petrol 1.6-liter 116-horsepower engine. By request, the client can receive either a five-speed manual or a four-band automatic as a transmission for his car.

Четыре новых авто Dongfeng Motor скоро приедут в Россию

F Eng type cm7

The brand of the minibus is known, which will arrive in the company of other Chinese novelties; F Eng type cm7. The Chinese did not provide any other details about him.

Dongfeng ZNA Rich Pickup completes the list of new Chinese car industry. This car was presented at last year's Moscow Motor Show, and she primarily remembered her resemblance to the first-generation Nissan Navara.

Today, Dongfeng Motor sells S30 sedans for 509 kilorubles and H30 Cross crossovers, which in the basic configuration cost 579,000. These are cars produced in the current year.