Opel astra gtc against kia ceed gt


After a recent test drive of the Kia Sid GT, held at the Smolensk Ring circuit, it seemed that this car had a bright future. He proved his superiority in the classroom, where the leader was always the Volkswagen Golf GTI. But new cars are coming out, and more and more serious demands are being made on them. Whatever the champion, his title will still win sooner or later. There was also a competitor for our winner, and we simply cannot fail to conduct a comparative review.

Comparison of cars Opel Astra GTC and Kia Sid GT

Comparison of cars Opel Astra GTC and Kia Sid GT

Этот конкурент — Опель Астра GTC нового поколения. Если купе Астра GTC считается старожилом российского рынка, то к 2016 году «опелевцы» обещали выпустить 13 новых двигателей и, похоже, уже начали это делать.Читать далее о сравнении автомобилей Opel Astra GTC и Kia Ceed GT-->


Let's start with Kia Sid. This is a hatchback, which in the GT version was shown for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show. It was in 2013, since car sales began in Europe, then they gradually spread to us.

Today, the long-awaited Kia Sid GT can be bought in a 5-door version, and you can also purchase the 3-door version of the pro Sid GT.

Car Kia Sid GT

Car Kia Sid GT

Under the hood, we are waiting for a fully improved 1.6-liter engine from the Gamma series, which is familiar to all lovers by the models of Kia Rio, Soul and Sid. The motor was upgraded, its compression ratio decreased, and it received a two-flow turbine. In addition, the direct injection system has replaced the distributed injection system.

Today we have to compare the Kia Ceed GT not just with the Opel Astra GTC, but with a car endowed with a 200 liter engine. With., which now began to establish also on the Opel Cascade and Zafira Tourer, for now, however, only in Europe.

The Astra GTC we compare does not outwardly differ from the versions with less powerful units under the hood. The car is endowed with an optional chassis from Flex Reed, affecting the character of this car. The stiffness of the shock absorbers can now be adjusted in manual mode. The same can be done with the steering wheel and the gas pedal.

Car Opel Astra GTC

Car Opel Astra GTC

The space in the second row and a roomy trunk also will not leave indifferent lovers of such cars.


The perfect silence accompanies you while riding in Kia. Virtually no noise at any speed - neither from the road nor from the engine. Sometimes it becomes unbearable, and, feeling a little unrealistic, I want to roar at the neighbors downstream.

car modelOPEL ASTRA GTC AKIA pro Ceed GT
engine's typeturbocharged gasolineturbocharged gasoline
working volume, cm315981591
maximum power, l. with.200204
Gearbox6 MKPP6 MKPP
drive unitfrontfront
gross weight, kg20801850
length / width / height, mm4466/1840/14894310/1780/1430
wheelbase, mm26952650
fuel tank, l5653
luggage compartment, l380-1165380-1225
maximum speed, km / h230230
0-100 km / h acceleration, s7,97,7
fuel consumption, l / 100 km6,67,6

Руль слушается хорошо, хотя он и тяжелый. Нравится то, что он предсказуем практически во всех ситуациях. Среди замечаний хотелось бы выделить момент, связанный с усилием педали тормоза. Хотелось бы больше этого усилия. Кроме того, не балует особой информативностью и drive unit сцепления. На низких оборотах ощущается дефицит тяги, трогаться с места приходится почти вслепую. На шоссе и больших дорогах это терпимо, а в пробках — очень неудобно. Решение опять же одно — ускориться, и все проходит. Но как это сделать в городе?

Test drive car Kia Sid GT:

On the asphalt and while driving on the highway, the hard shock absorbers with which the car is equipped do not shake, as it is expected to do very well.

As for the Opel Astra GTC - it has a very good front suspension, which they called it a chip. Or rather, not even the suspension itself, but its racks from MacPherson, which are connected to the wheels through steering knuckles. To understand what it gives, you need to sharply press the accelerator pedal. In an ordinary car, the steering wheel would simply vomit out of hand, and then everything is calm.

The comfort of driving on the Opel Astra GTC can also be explained by the wheel diameter as well as the high profile tires.

Test drive car Opel Astra GTC:

Среди недостатков можно выделить недостаточную информативность рулевого колеса, особенно ощущаемую в околонулевой зоне. Зато не вызывают никаких нареканий ни форма руля, ни педальный узел, ни избирательность Gearbox. Все сделано на славу, а органы управления отличаются завидным удобством. На этом автомобиле легко и, самое главное, приятно маневрировать. Только вот обзорность немного хромает, но тут ничего не поделаешь — так было сделано в угоду дизайну.


Kia Pro Sid GT is available with us in the only configuration. It is equipped worse than the 5-door version. There is no rear view camera or parking sensors. Is that the package of "warm options" is admirable, because here includes not only the heated steering wheel, but also mirrors, front seats and wiper rest zone. The price for all this is 949 thousand rubles.

Salon car Kia Sid GT

Salon car Kia Sid GT

As for the Kia Sid GT, it is 110 thousand rubles more expensive. This difference can be explained by the presence of a two-zone climate control, rear parking sensors and light and sensor controls. If in this regard, the car is rich, then the list of options is rather poor.

Opel Astra GTC with an engine capacity of 200 liters. with. available in Sport equipment for 984 thousand rubles. The car is equipped with dual-zone climate control, rear parking sensors, heated seats and mirrors. In addition, it inspires respect for a solid list of equipment, including light and rain controls, a new Flex Reed chassis and chairs Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru, received a medical certificate. Here you can easily find those options that are not in the Kia.

Saloon car Opel Astra GTC

Saloon car Opel Astra GTC

Both cars are sold with manual transmissions.


Sports style in both cars a lot. Although the developers tried to do everything to make them look like this, in fact, cars are more like “lovers” dressed in tracksuits. In this case, fit Kia is much easier than the Opel. Astra GTC looks richer and much brighter. Yes, and the engine of the "German" livelier and shows a groovy temper from the bottom. The brake system at Opel is also better and more enduring, whereas Kia at the racetrack overheated on the second lap.

To be more precise, both cars are good in their own way. Kia looks, as befits, in an Asian way, that is, as elegant as possible, and is designed for a younger audience. But for the Opel Astra GTC is more suitable for a potential older buyer.

If you put both cars on the sports track, it is unlikely that any of them will give way. Opel will show itself a little more recklessly in the management, and Kia will be loyal to the newcomer.

As for the city, here any driver will feel more comfortable driving an Opel. The Germans always conduct an optional policy more flexibly, and in this case it is noticeable.

Car Opel Astra GTC - the winner of our comparative review

Car Opel Astra GTC - the winner of our comparative review

Conclusion summary: Opel Astra GTC wins a competitor, breaking away from him by only 1 point. Cars are similar, but the “German” showed the best practicality, as one would expect.