Criteria for choosing the best lubricant for bearings


The bearing, by its nature, belongs to the main elements of almost all rotating units, which are located in modern automobiles and mechanisms subjected to serious loads. If this small unit in operation is long and stable, it provides a favorable environment for the existence of the whole mechanism. It should be noted that the duration of the operation of the bearing is directly related to the presence of high-quality lubrication. In the material below we present recommendations that will help you choose the best bearing lubricant. After studying the article, everyone will be able to decide for himself what to process the bearings of one or another unit.

Lubrication functions

To understand what kind of lubrication is better to handle the bearing, you must first understand the purpose of the process. So, the use of high-quality lubricant allows you to:

  • reduce friction (wear of the contacting parts is reduced by several times);
  • increase the level of sliding surfaces, which occurs at the time of deformation of elements due to increased load;
  • create a thin oil film that would reduce the impact loads;
  • evenly distribute the heat that occurs due to friction of the elements;
  • protect parts from corrosion;
  • prevent the accumulation of any contamination, including dust.
Hub bearings

Bearing lubrication process

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Dependence of the acquired substance on temperature

When purchasing a particular lubricant, you must be guided by several fundamental selection criteria. For example, high-temperature bearing grease, which is operated at low temperatures, is able to thicken and crystallize quickly. Otherwise, if a lubricant is used in the mechanism, the temperature threshold of which exceeds its capabilities, the substance dries and coxifies. Any lubricated structural element requires the most appropriate substance, so when choosing, it is necessary to take into account such recommendations:

  • if the mechanism is heated to a temperature of +200 ... + 1000 ° C, then it is preferable to stop your choice on paste-like lubricants. It should be noted that this type of lubricating composition at a temperature not exceeding + 280 ° C, has anti-seize properties that affect the protection of the unit from seizure;
  • if the mechanical element of the structure works within -30 ... + 120 ° С, then it is best to purchase a mineral-based product for it.
  • if the unit operates exclusively at low temperatures, in particular at -40 ... -70 ° C, then a silicone-based substance should be purchased for it.

However, in order to understand which bearing lubricant is best suited for a particular mechanism, it is necessary to take into account not only the temperature regime. Purchasing a viscous substance must take into account the frequency of rotation of parts, as well as the load and the environment.

Mode of operation, load level and environmental impact

Before lubricating a device, it is necessary to carefully consider the choice of a substance, which should be based on the frequency with which revolutions of the rotating unit occur. As practice shows, bearings that have a high speed of rotation, requires synthetic lubrication.

With regard to the influence of the environment, here it is necessary to take into account the negative effects of water, dust, steam and acid. If a particular unit regularly “cooperates” with these factors, it is necessary to purchase lubricants with maximum stability.

The third factor to help choose the optimal type of lubricant is the load. It should be noted that a high load affects the rate of reduction of the lubricant. In this case, lithium should be preferred, which, in essence, is the lubrication of the clutch release bearing. For example, the hardest lubricants, like graphite and molybdenum, are most susceptible to high loads.

In addition to all the above factors, when choosing a lubricant, one more important feature should be taken into account - the location of the rotating element.

Hub bearings

This unit is located in the undercarriage of almost any vehicle, therefore, wheel bearings must be lubricated with such a means that will correspond to their load and operating conditions. Grease for bearings of this type should perform several functions:

  • reduce the friction of parts;
  • increase the ability to withstand heat;
  • prevent the accumulation of any contamination;
  • serve as an additional seal.

It should be noted that the duration of operation of the wheel bearing itself depends on the correct lubricant selected.

Rolling bearings

Rolling bearings, которые предусмотрены в некоторых авто и механизмах, считаются самым распространённым видом таких узлов. Для этих элементов могут подойти не только жидкие средства, но и консистентные смазывающие составы, а также твёрдые смазки — всё зависит от типа устройства и условий, в которых он эксплуатируется. Приобретая такую смазку, кроме всего вышеперечисленного, вероятнее всего, необходимо будет учесть специфические свойства механизма, например, если смазываемый элемент конструкции используется в пищевой промышленности, то смазка должна соответствовать этому требованию и иметь максимально чистый состав.

The best lubricant for rolling bearings is liquid oil, thanks to its functions, it contributes to heat dissipation, minimally exposing the interacting surfaces to wear. As practice shows, oils better than other substances penetrate into the structure, which is why they can be used as a lubricant for sealed bearings. However, in the case of incomplete tightness of the site, it is preferable to use plastic substances, which are characterized by durability, resistance to contamination, the ability to minimize the construction costs.

Rolling Bearing Tool

Rolling Bearing Tool

Bearings located in electric power units

The best lubricant for bearings, which function in electric engines, should protect the unit from penetration of dust particles inside the assembly. A certain type of electrical power device requires a specific category of lubricant, which should be changed regularly.

To lubricate such bearings, you must purchase a special substance that would be ideally suited for a particular brand of motor. For example, a 30 (L) grade agent will ideally provide lubrication for low-speed structures. In turn, high-speed electric engines need a lubricating compound of grade 20. Both types of substances are suitable for medium-speed motors.

Pigment lubricants

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Lithium products

The lithium substance helps lubricate many assemblies of mechanisms and machines that are affected by its water repellency. Lubricants belonging to this category have a high viscosity and are able to perfectly cope with their duties in a wide range of operating temperatures. Universal lubricant is a composition of several synthetic materials and mineral oils.


Lithium based


As practice has shown, at too low or high temperatures, as well as in vacuum, only solid lubricant should be used. This category of substances is also used in industry where the requirements for the purity of the composition of the product are increased. Such lubricants are well used in bearings. Most often in operation are graphite and molybdenum disulfide.

When purchasing a substance in this category, it is necessary to proceed from the material properties. This bearing lubricant has a high level of anti-friction characteristics, due to which the agent has a lamellar structure.


Bearings are in different operating conditions, which is why it is impossible to name the only lubricant that would ideally fit all nodes. When choosing a lubricant Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% should take into account the working temperature, rotational speed of the structural element, the maximum possible load and environmental conditions. Before use, you must carefully study the manufacturer's recommendations, which are written in the manual for a particular machine or mechanism. It is important to remember that the durability and uninterrupted operation of the entire unit or equipment depends on the frequency of changing the lubricant and its correct selection. In addition, high-quality lubrication can reduce the cost of repair and operation of the mechanism.