Kia quoris - executive budget sedan

In May 2012, Kia Motors from South Korea introduced the Kia Quoris representative car to the market. The car is made on the platform of BH-L (VI) - the same as that of the Hyundai Equus. From the latter, it is distinguished by an aggressive design, branded grille "Mouth of the Tiger." The front overhang is shorter, the wheelbase is bigger.

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In Korea, the car itself has the name K9, in the USA - K900. Quoris is a name for other markets, including Russian. In the Russian Federation Kia Quoris sold since 2013.


  • dimensions: length 509.5 cm, width 190 cm, height 149 cm;
  • weight with equipment 2 tons 5 kg .;
  • clearance of 15 cm;
  • trunk capacity 450 liters;
  • fuel tank 75 liters;
  • petrol engine with 334 horsepower, volume 3.8 liters. It differs from the version for the Korean market by distributed fuel injection instead of direct fuel injection;
  • eight-speed automatic transmission;
  • rear drive;
  • acceleration time to a speed of 100 kilometers - 6.8 seconds.

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Kia Quoris - high technology combined with luxury. Experts note the similarity of the design of the car with the BMW Gran Turismo and BMW 7. Many see in his appearance also quotes from Maserati, Aston Martin, Lexus LS.

But Russian consumers by and large do not care about copyright issues. It is important to us that the view of the car is quite modern, it corresponds to our idea of ​​luxury cars. The new product of Koreans embodied a lot of innovative solutions, has remarkable driving qualities, safety and comfort meet the highest demands.

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Impressive engine power and fast acceleration are achieved thanks to the innovative Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) technology. The upgraded rear-wheel drive and air suspension allow the driver to feel complete control over the exciting dynamics of the new KIA car. It provides unrestricted movement in any snowfall. The suspension works in different modes under different conditions of the route, thanks to pneumatic elements, it can change the clearance. 18 inch light alloy rims give a pleasant driving feel.

The Quoris driver can steadily maintain the set speed thanks to the intelligent cruise control system. The car automatically keeps the specified distance from the vehicle ahead. If necessary, automation can even completely stop the car. About emergency situations, the driver is warned by a set of original visual, audible and tactile signals.

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ASCC - cruise control system - intelligently processes information from the radar installed on the front bumper. It monitors the traffic situation for 174 meters ahead and is designed to ensure safety in the most difficult situation. The driver programs the distance to the car in front, the system supports this interval. She informs about the danger with signals on the dashboard, and with the help of multimedia sounds.

The AVSM intelligent system independently evaluates the risks of a collision, the probability of an accident, informs the driver about the possibility of a safe lane change, monitors blind spots. Numerous video cameras monitor road markings, help maneuver when parking, providing a complete all-round view with a clear picture.

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Quoris в РФ

In Russia, Quoris is still a rarity. Few people in our country know that Kia has begun to produce representative cars. Sedan going in Kaliningrad at the plant "Avtotor". In the basic configuration it has a fully independent multi-link spring suspension with telescopic hydraulic shock absorbers. It provides 15 centimeters of ground clearance. In the most expensive configuration, the air suspension is divided into rear and front, the clearance in this case is 14.5 cm. Air suspension allows you to raise the body three centimeters higher.

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In Russia, Quoris can only be bought with an engine of 290 “horses” with a volume of 3.8 liters and an 8-speed automatic transmission. The maximum speed of this modification - 240 km / h, acceleration to the first hundred - in 7.3 seconds. In the city, the average consumption of AI-95 gasoline is 14.7 liters, on the highway - 7.8 liters.

Russian buyers are offered picking Premium, Prestige, Luxury. The difference between them in the list of installed equipment.

Quoris in the configuration Luxury costs three million rubles.

What is included in the luxury package?

It includes: 18 "light-alloy wheels, a full-size light-alloy spare wheel, water-repellent glass coating, fog lights, LED running lights and taillights, tinted side rear windows, heated windscreen, wipers with a rain sensor, side mirrors with an external light bulb and power folding, electrochromic side mirrors, adaptive xenon headlights with washers, auto-tilt, on / off function.

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Also in this configuration glass front doors and windshield with protection from the sun's rays, on the front panel - inserts under the tree, leather trim steering wheel, transmission selector knob, seats; ventilation, heated seats; electric drive with memory function for passenger and driver seat adjustments.

In addition, the rear row of heated and ventilated seats, a dashboard with a color display, stability control, acceleration of the start on the rise, anti-lock brakes, active control, active head restraints, electric head restraints in the front seats, front-seat airbags, side airbags and curtain airbags, driver's knee airbag, rear seat mounting. 

The cabin has Bluetooth, multimedia control buttons on the steering wheel, steering wheel control, on-board computer, parking sensors, premium audio system, 17 speakers, navigation system, external JBL amplifier, rear view camera, three-zone climate control with air ionizer, electric door closer trunk, the function of opening / closing with one touch the windows of all doors, the system unlocking the door button, start the engine button.

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In general - full stuffing. There are more simple configuration, for example, "Prestige" and "Premium". The Prestige will cost the sedan in a complete set of 2,190 thousand rubles, in the Premium configuration two options are offered: for 2 million 570 thousand and 2 million 660 thousand. In these versions, additional equipment is installed.

Price and quality

In January 2015, Quoris was sold in Russia for two million rubles in the basic configuration, three million - in the most luxurious. By German standards, this is the price of the car maximum business class, but not representative. But the level of comfort Koreans have provided no worse than the leading automakers in Germany.

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All four seats on board are regulated, the front have ventilation. The interior is spacious, the seats are very soft. Although the manufacturer in some configurations did without carbon fiber and wood, everything inside looks very aesthetically pleasing and solid. The interior creates excellent conditions for passengers and driver for first-class comfort.

Luxury rear seats, which are the main cars in representative cars, are equipped with soft armrests, electric, 3 levels of heating. There are monitors for the rear passengers. The perfect seventeen-speaker audio system immerses passengers in the magical world of high-quality reproducible music.

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Monolithic massive front panel without annoying bright inserts pleases the driver's eye. Information devices projected on the windshield. Multimedia system is equipped with advanced navigation. Hatches occupy the entire roof. All optics in front and behind are made with LEDs. At dusk, they create a truly fantastic spectacle!

Thanks to swallowing any bumps air suspension Quoris goes very soft and quiet. The vibration of the wheels in the cabin is not felt at all. Regardless of speed, the impression when driving is that you are riding a hovercraft. Whatever happens on the road, the body of the car only slightly sways.

If the recommendations prescribed by the manufacturer are followed, the warranty for these cars is one hundred fifty thousand kilometers or eighty-four months of operation (which comes first).

Wonderful Quoris, but still ...

Koreans have flaws. They are inevitable, given that this is the first Kia experience in executive cars.

The driver's seat is not sufficiently height adjustable. Perhaps he is quite satisfied with undersized Koreans, but for Russian warriors, even of medium size, the head almost rests against the ceiling, no matter how you click the keys. If you fill up the back of the driver's seat, you will have to continue to reach for the steering wheel.

We can quite welcome the desire of the authors of the model to the brevity of the dashboard. The readings of the tachometer, speedometer are displayed in the form of analogue scales on the display, the graphics are contrast and easy to read. When you turn on the sport style information monitor changes to digital. Everything is simple and modern.

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The joystick control menu of the instrument panel regulates the stiffness of the wheel. When the cursor reaches the last line, it is blocked and does not spin further. A trifle, of course, but rational.

But some messages of the navigation system could be duplicated on the panel. Empty space is more than enough. And for the first time behind the wheel of the novelty, it is not easy to get rid of stereotypes right away.

When restyling cars Koreans improved the stereo system. Now you can not turn a special equalizer - the sound quality is adjusted by itself. Frequency response is suitable for both hard rock and classic.

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However, managing the content of the system is still inconvenient. Radio stations each time you need to catch again, making a lot of movements. The manufacturer did not guess to provide buttons on the panel to save the settings of their favorite broadcasters.

The seats have a comfortable profile, the shape of the backrest perfectly fixes the body. But for some reason, they can only be adjusted by raising the chair cushion. On the adjustment back and forth, the authors have forgotten.

The unique softness of the movement has a downside. It saves the driver from any information about the condition of the road, the position of the steering wheel. The impression is that you do not go on a real car, and you play at home in a computer program. It seems that the driver does not control the machine, but the computer, the man behind the wheel only observes the process. There is no danger, but no drive from driving. You should forget about the spectacular turns: it will not allow to quirk Quoris when the system of exchange rate stabilization is on. Even over loose snowdrifts, the car will accelerate confidently, without skids.

But it is necessary to turn off the ESP, and all the advantages will turn to minuses: the car will slip in places where the domestic GAZ will quietly pass like tanks. The control of the machine turns into hard work. Repeat the experiment just does not want.

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Only one way out: to trust the automation and go, as ordered by microprocessors. As in the famous joke about rape: relax and try to have fun ...


You can grumble, of course, on anything: there is no limit to perfection. Presumably, the designers Kia identified deficiencies identified and eliminated in the future. With restyling, the updated Quoris has become somewhat better. The engine became more powerful and more economical. It can even fill the ninety second gasoline. But on AI98 the car reacts to gas much better.

But back to the price. Let's go through the market. BMW 7 with an engine of 258 liters. with. will cost 3.7 million. Mercedes S400 with a 333 l engine. with. - about five million. Lexus LS - from 5.35 million. And the seven-year warranty, road support, concierge service? Where did you see such a gorgeous offer for so ridiculous money?

Of course, it seems doubtful that a person who had previously traveled on anything from the German Mercedes-Benz trio, BMW, Audi would suddenly change to a Korean car. For such a decision, Kia has many years to convince customers of the stability of the qualities of the car. But owners of cars of a class below can buy a representative car for its same price, its advantages and the price is quite able to convince.

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