How to choose spark plugs for car brand

Работа свечей зажигания в автомобиле становится заметной чаще всего после длительного применения некачественного топлива. Повышается расход бензина, мотор становится менее тяговитым, иногда начинает троить. В этих ситуациях стоит провести первичную диагностику свечей. В случае выявления проблем с этой частью электросистемы авто, надо отправляться в магазин и делать selection of spark plugs by car brand.


  • 1 Proper work of candles in the car
  • 2 Selection by trial
  • 3 Selection by internal design
    • 3.1 One electrode
    • 3.2 Multiple electrodes
    • 3.3 Refractory materials
  • 4 Remote selection of candles
  • 5 Conclusion

Proper work of candles in the car

The task of automotive spark plugs is to ignite the fuel mixture inside the engine cylinders. This happens after high voltage is applied to the candle terminals. Proper uninterrupted operation of the device in the system depends on several factors:

  • construction parameters;
  • materials used for production;
  • the ratio between the characteristics of the product and the motor.

In order to choose the right spark plugs for the car brand, it is necessary to take into account the recommendations of automakers for each vehicle model.

selection of spark plugs by car brand

Spark Plug Device

In the instructions for the use of cars you can often find a list of analogues that were produced at the time of manufacture of the machine. Also lists are on the official sites of automakers.

You need to know that in addition to the geometric characteristics of the driver must be guided by the heat number for candles.

Its value is associated with the efficiency of heat transfer of the material and with the thermal conditions of the candles. A larger digital indicator of this parameter corresponds to increased temperature values ​​at which the workability of the part is maintained. This means that for a forced sports motor, it is necessary to select the maximum value of the glowing number of candles, otherwise they will be subjected to extreme heat.

The most comfortable candles feel at temperatures of 500-600C. Even the engine oil that gets into the combustion chamber in such conditions burns out completely, without leaving a harmful deposit on the electrodes. The process of self-cleaning work surfaces.

Selection by trial

The right choice of spark plugs for the brand of car can be done using simple steps. Alternately, unscrew the plugs from the sockets from your own car and record the visible parameters of the product.

how is the selection of spark plugs for the brand of car

Candles with markings

In any specialized vehicle, the same parameters are indicated on the product packaging. The competent sales assistant will help to deal with the markings or offer a similar detail. We select the appropriate product and install it in place.

This option is suitable if the car owner is confident that no incorrect replacements were made in the ignition system with the car. The plant facilitated the work of search for owners of domestic cars by creating interchangeability tables. In addition to local products, they included foreign products.

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Selection by internal design

Having decided on the geometric characteristics and the heat number, it is worth paying attention to the design features. In car candles the main difference in this parameter is noticeable in the electrodes.

One electrode

The classical design assumes the presence of a single electrode. A detail of this type consists of a ceramics case located in the upper part and a metal cylinder with a thread. A discharge of electricity forms a spark between the central electrode and the side electrode.

как делать selection of spark plugs by car brand

Single Electrode Candles

External changes related to this design were made in experiments with the diameters of the electrodes and the length of the threaded part.

The positive qualities of this option are low cost. The disadvantages include a relatively short service life and the inability to fully use the potential of the power plant.

Popular models in this area are NGK BRP6E, Denso W20EPR-U, Bosch WR7DC, Champion RN9 YCC. In the latter, copper side electrodes are built in, which makes it possible to increase the service life almost 2-fold by reducing the operating temperature.

The NGK decided to split the tip of the central electrode. This move made it possible to extend the work of the candles, because the spark will go to the metal part with a smaller soot. Accordingly, even if one “tongue” does not work, the second, cleaner one will miss the discharge. A similar principle was adopted in Denso, but “split up” lateral contact.

Several electrodes

Attempts to split the tip of the electrode naturally resulted in the manufacture of candles with several such elements. As a result, candles were created with 3-4 side independent straight electrodes. Externally, the working head began to resemble a blossoming bud.

how can you carry out the selection of spark plugs for the brand of car

Several side electrodes

The design received many advantages, because the spark did not block the side electrode, which made it easier to ignite the fuel mixture. Sparking was formed from the interaction with any of the most pure contact.

With this arrangement, the fuel had time to ignite and burn through completely, so the emissions were cleaner and the car's power was higher.

The benefits include an affordable price, which is slightly higher than the cost of the classic version of the production.

The following models have a similar design: NGK BUR6ET, Brisk DR15TC1, Bosch W7DTC, Ultra-X. Proponents of a particular brand can easily switch to multi-electrode candles, supporting their favorite manufacturer. The effect will be noticed immediately.

Refractory materials

Improving automotive candles, engineers began using precious metals such as platinum or iridium. The rationale for this is to maintain the temperature of these materials.

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Although the price of such products is from $ 20 and above, but car owners who install them in their cars reasonably claim their appreciable work on fuel economy. Approximately can be seen 5-7% gasoline savings. For carburetor models, the lower part of the interval will be closer. However, with a bonus they will have a motor and fuel system.

how to choose spark plugs by car brand

Iridium electrodes in candles

Having carried out some simple calculations, it can be determined that even such a high price will “beat off” savings, with an average hit in 3-4 months.

Sports car drivers noticed that if the central electrode has a thinner diameter than other designs, then a spark is formed more powerful. But the small size can quickly fade. Therefore, iridium and platinum electrodes appeared, which are able to withstand significant overheating.

The direction of the spark supply has also changed. Now the voltage comes from the side electrode, and this makes it possible to clear the thin central rod from soot.

Positive qualities of candles with refractory electrodes:

  • long term work;
  • self-cleaning from a possible deposit;
  • increase dynamic and environmentally friendly properties power plant;
  • saving on fuel consumption.

The Denso Iridium Power model is equipped with an electrode in the central part with a diameter of only 0.4 mm. German engineers in the spark Bosch Platin almost completely packed axial contact in ceramics. This significantly extended its service life by reducing the temperature effect on the metal part.

how to choose spark plugs for car brand

Model Beru Ultra-X Platin is made in the form of a multi-electrode design with an axial platinum contact and four side. Engineers from NGK tried to make all electrodes from precious metals, as a result, a DFE model appeared, in which the central part was made of iridium and the side contacts were made of platinum.

Remote selection of candles

The popular way of buying spare parts via the Internet has not bypassed car parts. To order online, you need to visit one of the proven resources, such as, make an order, pay for delivery and wait for the courier. The seller for the correct selection will need to provide data on the brand of car, engine size and VIN-code of the car. This information is entered into the special drains of the service.

Further usually offer several options to choose from. But such proposals are not always optimal, therefore experienced drivers, apart from automatic selection, are engaged in single-sample selection.


Choosing candles for your car, you must be guided not only by the low price, but also durability. The second factor will help save much more. High-quality candles will last longer and create fewer problems during operation. This will have a positive effect on the other elements of the fuel system.