How to buy a non-customs machine

On the roads of Russia in recent years, registration signs that are not related to the Russian state are increasingly common. Many people look out for the benefit of looking for a car from abroad, considering it to be a better deal. The fact is connected with the fact that not everybody can afford the cost of a new foreign car, so citizens decide to buy a non-customs car in Russia. Domestic prices for cars are much higher than in other countries, and the condition of such cars is much better than domestic ones. Margin can be from 200 to 500% of the cost of the car.

When you begin to study and delve in detail, you realize that it is quite difficult to buy a car that has not been cleared without underwater legal stones. You understand that the car must go through customs clearance. As a result, we pay the second of its cost. And then a number of questions pop up in my head about how I can drive around the Russian roads in a car that hasn't been cleared, no problem, and is it worth buying in principle?

To do this, you need to know the laws so as not to lose the financial investments invested in transport as well as transport from abroad as a result. It’s hardly worth trying to quickly buy a non-cleared car without appreciating for yourself the advantages and disadvantages.


  • 1 Positive and negative factors
  • 2 Legal formalities
  • 3 Alternative solutions to the issue
    • 3.1 Registering a car in another state
    • 3.2 Importation conditions on a temporary basis
    • 3.3 Registration of a residence permit in another state
    • 3.4 Fictitious employment
  • 4 Import of cars from the countries of the Customs Union
  • 5 Penalties for the purchase of not cleared cars
  • 6 Punishment system

Positive and negative factors

Since road transport delivered from abroad is not listed in the traffic police information services, this fact provides a number of advantages. For example:

  • the possibility of processing a general power of attorney for a car, which will significantly save the budget in acquiring a new foreign car
  • no need to pay a state fee;
  • You can avoid passing a technical inspection
  • will not assign a fine, because the car is not registered with the traffic police in any region of the Russian Federation, which means that the law enforcement authorities do not have an address where to send a notice of violations.

how to buy a car not cleared в России

Negative moments:

  • annual, intermediate trips outside the territory of their country are inevitable, in order to extend the temporary import regime of the vehicle;
  • there is a threat of theft of a state sign, which cannot be restored in Russia;
  • There is a chance of being brought to administrative responsibility by employees of the Border Service if the owner of the car is found to violate the procedure of customs legislation during the passage

To minimize the existing disadvantages, it is worth preparing a package of documents for the customs service:

  • technical passport of the vehicle owner;
  • declaration for the temporary importation of cars;
  • insurance policy, the document must be issued in the country where the car is registered.

When buying a used car in Russia, make sure that it is cleared through customs and all taxes paid.

Legal formalities

Before making a purchase transaction, ask the seller for all supporting documents. A machine that passes several customs points must have all the proper marks in the documents. But if you slip copies, you have the right to demand an explanation and the mandatory provision of the originals. And if even the slightest spark of doubt has crept in, you should immediately abandon the purchase.

Be sure to check whether all fees are paid, how much customs clearance is properly framed. After all, sellers often conceal the year of production of the car or underestimate the engine size, getting some financial preferences for such unfair actions. In such cases, they try to find dishonest employees of the customs service and give them a bribe so that the employee does not notice the false information.

However, the secret becomes clear most often when registering. All underpayment on customs payments is revealed. And buyers of "gray" cars will have to pay out of pocket.

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It is necessary to competently protect themselves from fraudsters, while you need to draw up the correct documents. Buying a foreign car by proxy, you should understand that the event itself is illegal. The machine is not for sale, and the owner only trusts it for the temporary use of another citizen in accordance with the rules of use established in the power of attorney. To make the deal legal, you need to go through three steps:

  • de-register;
  • notarized the fact of purchase;
  • registered with the traffic police.

After deregistration, temporary numbers are usually placed on transport, and in the data sheet of a foreign car a mark is placed that the vehicle is deregistered due to the sale. Only then can a car be sold.

where to buy a non-customs machine

What documents are used in a car purchase transaction:

  • the identity document of the buyer and the seller;
  • vehicle passport;
  • if the seller is not the owner, a power of attorney is issued for the car;
  • statement.

Within ten days, the new owner of the vehicle puts his car on the account in the traffic police.

You can buy a car without customs clearance if the following conditions are met:

  • the conditions for registration in another state are fulfilled;
  • the future car owner can get a fictional non-permanent job in another country;
  • car purchased in the countries of the Customs Union;
  • There is a certificate of registration for residence in one of the countries of the European Union.

Lawyers urge buyers to be cautious of these techniques, as this applies to not quite legal actions. Difficulties can emerge as soon as you enter the territory of your country. Temporary importation are not subject to:

  • foreign cars, specialized for business use;
  • foreign transport in private circulation for domestic travel;
  • cars with foreign registration for which a lease agreement was entered after they were imported.

Alternative solutions to the issue

Some citizens seek to circumvent existing legislation. In this case, they use a technique that is on the verge of what is permitted. It should be borne in mind that such car owners do not always manage to achieve the desired result. Therefore, the use of some of the methods described is only information, and not a guide to action.

Registering a car in another state

Deciding to register your car in the territory of another state, the owner formally recognizes that the car belongs to another country. Importation into the Russian Federation is allowed for a certain time, which is limited to a period of up to one year. Of course, you can start the extension of this period by contacting the customs service in your region, but this option is not suitable for those who are often forced to cross the border.

Temporary importation of the car is simply unprofitable. You will have to constantly issue a temporary registration card and all kinds of permits for cars. This option is suitable for countries bordering Russia, for example, such countries as Belarus, Kazakhstan. In this situation, the car resides in the territory of the imported state only the time allowed by law.

Importation conditions on a temporary basis

You can import a foreign car for up to one year. A document certifying the ownership of a car is provided to customs officers at the border. In the same place the declaration is filled. At each subsequent departure, the owner must repeatedly go through the whole order.

Registration of a residence permit in another state

The procedure for obtaining a residence permit registration in the CIS countries is considered to be a rather simple formality. The process takes up to two months. A Russian citizen with dual citizenship has the right to import foreign cars without customs clearance on the territory of the Russian Federation. There is an urgent residence permit.

how to buy a car not cleared

This privilege is granted to the following persons:

  • persons who are legally married to citizens of the state where they want to stay;
  • people seeking to live in the near future in the country they are asked to have a permanent residence;
  • those who are employed in this country;
  • full-time students.

Remember, if it is not completely legal, it threatens with administrative and criminal involvement before the law. It should be realized that these methods are often used by fraudsters.

Fictitious employment

Having decided to purchase a car in this way, you need to understand that the border crossing should be done every six months. It is necessary to live in a foreign territory for at least 30 days.

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Import of cars from the countries of the Customs Union

The contract drawn up by the Customs Union gives the preemptive right to import vehicles that have been registered before 2010 from Belarus and Kazakhstan, without going through an expensive procedure. However, there are points that must be observed without fail:

  • Euro-4 environmental standards must be observed;
  • registration no later than 2010 in Belarus and Kazakhstan;
  • observe the exhaust level.

Crossing the border, a motorist must provide the following documents:

  • registration certificate;
  • receipts for the payment of state customs duties;
  • It is necessary to have a Certificate of Commerce and Industry, which is issued by the country from which the vehicle is taken out;
  • Permission is granted for the temporary importation of a car.

According to the 2004 Decision of the Russian Government, which came into force from 2004, motor transport means not only ordinary cars, but also cars designed to carry no more than 12 passengers and transported across the border due to personal interest. The consent that the goods should not be used for private commercial purposes must be signed.

But customs authorities may refuse permission for the temporary import of foreign cars. This happens if law enforcement officers have doubts about the implementation of all norms of the law by the haulier. In such a situation, the customs authority has the right to demand payment of all customs payments due, and a certain amount is also deposited to the customs authority.

Penalties for the purchase of not cleared cars

The legislation of the Russian Federation provides for driving on such machines on its territory within one day. The driver has time to get to the nearest customs point. If for some reason the owner of a foreign car does not reach the point, the traffic police officer has the right to impose a fine.

where to buy a car without customs clearance

Vehicles can simply pick up at a car park, and a similar vehicle is regarded as smuggling. Privileges with cars go to foreigners. They are allowed to drive on our roads for up to two months, and after the specified period, the same rules apply to them as to the Russians. Residents of other countries are required to provide a package of documents:

  • identity document;
  • a certificate stating that the CU is registered for consular registration abroad;
  • technical certificate;
  • insurance contract drawn up in the country where the vehicle is registered;
  • residence;
  • the presence of a written declaration for the temporary importation of cars.

Punishment system

Russia has severe penalties for violating transport laws. Existing fines for cars not cleared:

  1. For evasion from the payment of state duty will be from 1000 to 500 thousand rubles.
  2. For not timely submitted declaration and execution of other customs documents, up to 25 thousand rubles and confiscation of foreign cars.
  3. All veto and restrictions must be observed, when evading a fine of 2,000 rubles.
  4. If a foreign car is expensive, then the state duty is correspondingly high, the penalty for which may exceed 500 thousand rubles, up to imprisonment.

Hurrying with the purchase, many fans of brand new cars do not fully appreciate the situation and are guided by their desire to quickly buy a car. And then, in the near future, the sale of non-cleared cars will cause much greater problems. After all, to quickly get rid of such a machine is unlikely to succeed.