Rating suvs price up to 500,000 rubles


SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle) class cars have versatile characteristics, making them an excellent choice for working class drivers. Advantages of SUVs:

  1. Excellent cargo capacity allows you to carry large items;
  2. The spacious cabin accommodates five or more passengers (depending on the model);
  3. Outstanding driving performance - power and throughput;
  4. High landing and larger than that of urban cars, the body provides security.
Luggage compartment SUV

SUVs have a good performance ratio

Паркетники создавались в качестве автомобилей для перевозки спортивного инвентаря (лодки, велосипеды и прочее). Изначально к этому классу транспорта относилось довольно много машин — универсалы, хэтчбеки, малые внедорожники и некоторые кроссоверы. Сейчас же паркетники выделены в отдельный класс, который перенял свойства упомянутых автомобилей. В семидесятых годах прошлого века многие водители хотели завладеть таким автомобилем из-за универсальности — он отлично отвечал потребностям рабочего класса. С подорожанием бензина популярность SUV угасла, так как люди предпочитали выбирать более экономичные модели, пусть даже с меньшим количеством возможностей.Читать далее о лучших паркетниках до 500 тыс. рублей-->

Market position

The SUV does not have strict criteria in terms of classification, but most have the following features:

  • High (relative to urban models) landing and, accordingly, clearance;
  • High linen in the cabin;
  • Four-wheel drive;
  • Patency, which is enough to drive on dirt roads.

Many are equipped with gasoline engines.

Nowadays, SUVs are in demand among country drivers, outdoor enthusiasts, or those who need a car to handle loads. Nevertheless, cars of this class are perfect for urban use due to its relatively compact size.

Rating of the five best SUVs worth up to 500 thousand rubles

For drivers who want to save money and get a reliable, versatile and simple car, perfect cars SUV class. As a rule, more affordable models are modestly equipped, but everything is explained by the cost.

Lada Niva

Cult SUV from AvtoVAZ, which has been produced since 1977. The Soviet car has four-wheel drive and is based on the bearing body. Modern Niva has excellent reliability and throughput, but is equipped modestly. The luxury package, which can still be called a budget, costs 455 thousand rubles and has:

  • Engine capacity of 1.7 liters and a capacity of 83 liters. with.;
  • Manual transmission with five steps, four-wheel drive;
  • The maximum speed of 142 km / h and the average fuel consumption of 10 liters per 100 km;
  • Power steering, heated seats, center differential lock and downshift.

Lada Niva

The SUV with fairly modest equipment gained worldwide popularity due to its maneuverability and accessibility. Fifth place.

UAZ 469

Другой известный советский паркетник, который выпускается с 1972 года, сменив ГАЗ 69. Этот автомобиль получил широкое распространение в регионах России, так как имеет отличную проходимость и доступную цену. UAZ 469 очень прост в эксплуатации — отсутствует электронное оснащение, а запчасти и агрегаты могут быть отремонтированы своими руками и также дёшево обходятся. Из функциональных особенностей УАЗ имеет только систему блокировки заднего и переднего дифференциалов и понижающую передачу. При стоимости 320 тысяч рублей впечатляют его ходовые качества:

  • Gasoline engine of 2.7 liters, 112 horsepower;
  • Four-wheel drive and 4 manual transmissions;
  • Fuel consumption from 11 to 17 liters per 100 km, depending on the coverage;
  • The maximum speed of 130 km / h.

UAZ 469

The SUV has spartan conditions in the cabin, but is great for efficient drivers.

Geely MK Cross

The car is based on the basis of the urban sedan Geely MK. He largely repeats his predecessor, but among the differences can be identified: increased ground clearance, the body of a hatchback class and the presence of some side functions. Cross Comfort has a price of 429 thousand rubles and the following properties:

  • Gasoline engine with a capacity of 94 horsepower, which is borrowed from the predecessor sedan;
  • Front-wheel drive and 5 speed manual;
  • The maximum speed of 165 km / h, acceleration to a hundred in 11.6 seconds and fuel consumption of about 7 liters per 100 km;
  • Fog lights, folding leather seats, sunroof, power steering and air conditioning.

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This SUV has the appropriate functionality and level of comfort for everyday use. Third place in the ranking.

Joining indies

New Chinese car appeared in 2011. In the autumn of the same year, the model became available in Russia. SUV feels great not only on the highway, but also outside the city - it confidently keeps on a dirt road. The most complete equipment has a cost of 490 thousand rubles and equipment:

  • Gasoline engine of 1.3 liters and a capacity of 83 liters. with.;
  • Front-wheel drive and robotic gearbox with 5 steps;
  • Acceleration to a hundred in 11 seconds and a maximum speed of 150 km / h, consumption of 7 l / 100 km;
  • ABS, airbags, fog lights, computer, power accessories and air conditioning.

Joining indies

This SUV is more convenient to operate than Geely Cross, as it has a wider equipment (at the same time losing in power and cost). Second place.

l I rice X50

The first place in the rating of SUVs up to 500 thousand rubles is taken by another Chinese car. Its price is just half a million rubles. X50 offers the owner:

  • One and a half liter engine that runs on gasoline and has a capacity of 103 liters. with.;
  • Front-wheel drive and 5 speed manual;
  • Heated leather seats, 2 airbags, parking sensors, air conditioning, audio system and electro.

l I rice X50

Lifan proves that even in the conditions of financial crisis, you can find an affordable car, not deprived of power and comfort.


SUV budget price range - fairly simple, but reliable and versatile cars. Particular attention is now paid to Chinese models, which in addition to the affordable price attract good equipment.