Lada granta liftback: tuning for all occasions

Lada Granta with a body liftback appeared on the market relatively recently. This car is available in a wide range of configurations. New Grant received a more modern transmission, high-quality suspension, some good engines and transmission variations.

Cool tuning Lada Granta photo

therefore Lada Granta liftback tuning is usually carried out only with respect to the appearance of the car. Here Grant has an excellent field for activity. If you have a sharp mind and good imagination, you can stop your liftback in "candy."

Few strokes to increase power

If you still decide to do the tuning seriously and took up the motor, do not hurry. Having bought a new car, it is silly to start engine alteration at once. First you need to break in the car, drive at least five thousand kilometers. Perhaps, after lapping the parts and mechanisms, the sensations during the ride will be excellent and you will not want to change anything.

However, there is a small list of measures to be taken. An air filter with zero resistance will ease the “breathing” of the vehicle. After installing the filter in the combustion chambers, the amount of oxygen will increase by 6%. The value may be less depending on the number of revolutions of the motor. This will lead to an increase in power output. Increase the percentage of power grants will help the updated kit for the exhaust tract. If the pipes are larger, the cylinders will be ventilated better, which will lead to a decrease in the circulation resistance of the exhaust gases.

Car tuning Lada Granta photo

For daring riders fit sparkling muffler with sockets on the exhaust pipes. So the car will look more modern and stylish. It is important not to deprive the attention of chip tuning Lada Grants. If you reflash a car computer, you will be able to optimize your interaction with the car. Chip tuning will adjust your car to your driving style, it will help reduce fuel consumption and increase engine power.

Another useful detail is the electronic gas pedal. It must be installed before performing chip tuning. The electronic pedal will help the control unit more accurately and quickly respond to any driver actions. This also has a beneficial effect on fuel consumption. Advanced electronic pedals have a personal control unit, where you can switch modes.

Deep tuning of the engine Grants usually do not do without installing piston parts made of forged metal, boring cylinders, as well as installing a nitrogen accelerator and a turbine on the engine. If you are attracted to such changes, experts advise to make them comprehensively, otherwise turbocharging the motor from the basic configuration will significantly increase the risk of piston failure in case of extreme loads. Forged parts are not cheap, so their installation must be justified by concern about increasing the performance of the fuel supply system.

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It is important to understand that if you increase the power of the engine, to fix the result you need to strengthen the braking system, it is also desirable to redo the transmission and pay attention to the suspension. If you do not, the car will not surprise you for a long time, and will soon return to its original state.

Tuning Lada Granta photo

Body tuning Lada Grants liftback

Exterior Grants gives a large field for fantasy. Typically, body tuning is advised to start with the replacement of wings. Regular body parts, as a rule, are inexpressive and made of easily deformable metal. Much better will look new wings of high quality ABS plastic, which is practically not susceptible to corrosion. A well-known fact - plastic can not rust, so these parts are very in demand for tuning the car body. If the wing air collector is equipped with a chopped line, this will give Grant a sporty style and healthy aggressiveness.

Lada Granta looks very cute, her front part has a meaningful expression. However, you can work well on it. Tuning artists have in their arsenal several options for changing the design of the grille and front bumper to give the car exclusive features. Popular design bumper Grants - in the style of robots. This bumper gets a new kit, which allows the front of the car to look more massive and expressive. In addition, the increased bumper improves the aerodynamic performance of the car. Due to the large air intake, which is located in the central part of the bumper, the engine and the brake system of the front wheels receive additional cooling. It helps if the driver is used to driving a lot and at high speed.

Sports tuning Lada Granta

If you do not like the open eyes of Grants, the headlights can be decorated with a special film that will make the eyes narrowed and more predatory. The main thing is to buy the film in proven places where they offer high-quality materials so that in case of a decision to change the design, the headlights do not have to be changed due to the indelible glue that remains after removing the film. On Lada Granta liftback тюнинг фото You can see how the appearance of the car is transformed when an enlarged version of the radiator is installed on it. A large lattice significantly improves the image perception of grants.

Beauty and style in every detail

В целом внешний вид Лады Гранты лифтбек является произведением кропотливой работы конструкторов. Силуэт данной модели кардинально и в лучшую сторону отличается от старшего брата-седана. therefore в основе тюнинга Лады Гранты лифтбека своими руками изменение небольших, но очень важных элементов внешнего вида автомобиля.

The lower edge of the trunk will look more stylish if you attach a small lip spoiler, painted in body color. Such a spoiler will increase the size of the car slightly, but the aerodynamic performance will have a serious impact. In addition, the spoiler will protect the rear window from dirt. If it seems to you that Lada Granta liftback внешний тюнинг Using a spoiler will not decorate, but ruin the look of a car, you are mistaken. A small spoiler will be perfectly combined with the overall design of liftback.

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Original color Lada Granta

In addition to the increased bumper and spoiler on the trunk lid, we recommend installing new rails on Grant. These details will demonstrate your good taste and give Grant a new look. It's great that the rails are attached to the base of the roof rack, so you do not need to drill the body to install them. Rails are sold in two versions - silver and black. These are the colors that will be relevant to any body color. If you buy a strong cross and install them personally, the trunk can withstand any cargo weighing no more than fifty kilograms.

Ride with music

If the owner of Lada Grants liftback loves music, it will not be difficult for him to turn a car into a mobile disco. The fact is that the spacious cabin and large trunk provide space for the installation of the most sophisticated equipment. Music lovers prefer to make huge speakers from the rear doors. In financial terms, of course, this is an expensive business, but the final result is worth it.

If you start making grants a music box, you can upgrade it to a racing car. To do this, you first need to expand the track, seriously having worked on the suspension and drive. Any racing car looks stylish with overhead elements - massive wheel arches. Bumper can be made stylish with the help of its artistic design. Vinyl stickers will look great on a racing car.

Lada Granta tuning

To tune in sports style Lada Granta liftback тюнинг салона, you need to replace the base seats on the sports, and the steering wheel is better to install ergonomic. Of course, it is better to perform the interior design of the car in bright colors, then the sports image will be complete. To enjoy the music to the full, it is important to take care of the modernization of the external sound insulation of your car. Due to the bulkiness of the Lada Grants liftback body, it resonates strongly when driving on uneven roads. Not the most pleasant feelings, agree. Therefore, you need to perform high-quality sound insulation using modern materials. So the noise from the street will not interfere, and the imperfections of the structure during sound insulation can be easily corrected.

Important details

The factory equipment of any Lada Grants assumes the presence of a steel engine protection. This part serves its service, but if you have the opportunity to provide the motor with better protection, we advise you to take advantage of it. Those who are often faced with tuning grants, argue that for this car is perfect engine protection from Kalina.

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Lockers or lockers should be in every racing car. If you install plastic wheel arch liners, they will perform important functions - they will take over any blows from pebbles and other road debris, protect the car from splashing dirt, which in turn will protect the body from abrasive wear. Some car owners think that wheel arches can interfere with the ventilation of body space, because of which the metal will quickly rust. But such fears have no ground under them. If you do not drill the body during the installation of lockers, they will only benefit.

Engine Lada Granta tuning photo

If you started tuning the wheels, then the standard 13-inch should be replaced with more accurate in appearance 15-inch. The base wheels make the appearance of the Lada Grants heavy. In addition, the new wheels will make the process of movement on uneven roads more pleasant and comfortable. Grant will also feel great on sixteen or even seventeen inch wheels with low profile tires. But this option is applicable for good roads.

Exterior mirrors can be equipped with electric adjustment, turn signals and even heated, which will be very useful in the winter. Heated mirrors are easy to synchronize with the heated rear window.

In Germany, at one time it was fashionable to create a car design to resemble a convertible. Such an effect was achieved by skin-covering the roof. With Grants, this is not necessary. But instead of skin, you can use vinyl film, which not only gives the car a more stylish look, but also protects the roof from damage. If you stick the film on the glass, the image of Grants will become mysterious. But do not get carried away with too dark tinting, because the rules of the road prohibit the use of such accessories. Remember that safety is much more important than a cool look.

Do not forget to watch a test drive of the tuned factory version of Lada Grant with a sporty character from the unique Zhorik Revazov: