Choosing the best splitter for car cigarette lighter


The modern driver on the road may need a variety of devices - a DVR, GPS-navigator, tablet, smartphone, netbook. However, they all need to be systematically recharged. How to connect multiple devices to a single socket? To do this, there is a special device - cigarette lighter splitter. We will help you choose the best device from those that are on the market today.

Cigarette Lighter Socket Phantom

Cigarette Lighter Socket Phantom

По сути, разветвитель гнезда прикуривателя — это брат традиционных удлинителей и так называемых “тройников”. В настоящее время у нас продается более 400 моделей подобных приборов, которые выпускаются под разными торговыми марками. Ценовой диапазон колеблется в пределах 300-1000 рублей. Несмотря на внешнюю простоту устройства, очень важно сделать правильный выбор. Технические свойства разветвителей определяют пользовательские характеристики, а также могут влиять на работоспособность приборов, которые заряжаются с их помощью. Рассмотрим, какие существуют виды разветвителей, которые различаются друг от друга по нескольким параметрам.Читать далее про лучшие разветвители прикуривателя автомобиля-->

Case layout

Choose the layout of the product should be based on their needs. According to this parameter, splitters are divided into:

  • Solid (the plug that connects to the cigarette lighter socket is “tightly” connected to the shoe). Plus - low cost. A minus - there is no possibility to direct sockets from other angles, because of what they are inconveniently located. Strong mechanical stress on the socket can cause plug misalignment and contact deterioration.
  • Articulated (the plug is connected to the connector with a hinge or “flexible leg”). Plus - you can choose any angle of the direction of the outlets. Cons - high mechanical load, unreliability of the connecting hinge, which can quickly break.
  • With cord (the plug is connected to the block by means of a cord). Pros - the possibility of using a splitter, if the cigarette lighter is located in the recess of the car ashtray or in another hard-to-reach place, low mechanical load on the plug. Minus - a cord that can interfere with the driver.

Video review of popular cigarette lighter splitters for the car:

Sockets, sockets and load

Most splitters have a connector with round sockets and USB connectors. The first can be from 1 to 4, and the second - from 1 to 3. Your choice should be based on how many devices you intend to connect to a splitter.

You should also pay attention to the maximum total load indicator. There are devices with parameters 5A, 8A, 10A, 15A. For a phone and a laptop, a splitter with 5A load support will be enough. However, if you plan to connect more powerful energy consumers to it (such as a car refrigerator, a vacuum cleaner or a seat heater), we recommend that you give preference to products that have this parameter equal to 10-15 A.

USB current

It is very important to pay attention to the current indicator of USB-connectors. Currently being sold standard and reinforced splitters. The first ones support the current strength of 0.5 A, and the second ones - from 1 to 2 A. With the help of a standard device, you can only recharge the tablet or laptop a little. For full charge, you will need a reinforced splitter.

As you can see, the best cigarette lighter splitter must meet certain requirements. It must have a casing with a cord and have a high load and current rating. Now let's consider which splitter firms are considered the most reliable in the market. Our rating will allow you to choose a high quality cigarette lighter socket.

Top Splitter Manufacturers

Heyner 4Way Power Pro

Video review of the Heyner 4Way Power Pro cigarette lighter splitter:

The German company Heyner produces high-quality cigarette lighter splitters. We recommend that you model 4Way Power Pro, which received many positive user reviews. This device has 4 sockets and allows you to connect high-power USB media. The splitter is connected to the cigarette lighter with a fuse with LED indicator and a 1 meter long cord. It protects the device from overheating and eliminates the possibility of fire. The model is equipped with protective caps and is equipped with convenient accessories. Heyner 4Way Power Pro differs in accurate assembly, pleasant appearance and high quality of details.

Mystery MCA 1,3

Car Cigarette Lighter Splitter Mystery

Car Cigarette Lighter Splitter Mystery

The splitter has the shape of a monoblock and is designed for networks with a voltage of 12-24 V and a current of up to 10 A. The device is equipped with a fuse and can change the angle of inclination relative to the central plug (the receiving part is fixed in 3 different positions). The device is equipped with an LED indicator and a system of protection against short circuits.

Aspire 350 (BP)

Aspire Lighter Splitter

Aspire Lighter Splitter

This model is designed for two cigarette lighter sockets. It has a replaceable fuse that supports the load up to 8 A. The branching socket can be installed in any place of the cabin convenient for you, since the device is equipped with a long cord.

Intego C-01

Car Cigarette Lighter Splitter Intego C-01

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The splitter has two working sockets and one USB output. The product is equipped with a fuse that can withstand a load of up to 10 A. It is possible to change the position of the socket block relative to the central cigarette lighter socket (in the range of 0-900).

Neoline Quatro

Neoline Quatro splitter

Neoline Quatro splitter

Designed for 2 cigarette lighter and 2 USB-connector and allows you to fix sockets in different positions. The cable length is more than 1 meter, so the device can be placed in a convenient place for you salon. The indicator of the total current - 2 A, the product is suitable for the use of any USB devices. Equipped with an on / off button - this protects the automotive electronics.

Each of the models described above is characterized by durability and durability, as well as high build quality. They will serve you for more than one year, if you follow the recommendations of the manufacturer and the elementary rules of fire safety. If you use several devices at once to connect to a splitter, we recommend checking its temperature from time to time.

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