Car immobilizers, their varieties

Immobilizers - These are devices that are designed to protect the car from theft. They are able to delay the hijacker for a long time, which greatly increases the chances of catching a criminal.

Автомобильные иммобилайзеры, их разновидности Literally, from English the word immobilizer translates as "immobilizer". How does this device work? The mechanism of its action is quite simple. The device blocks the operation of the engine by opening all the main circuits that set the car in motion.

Types of immobilizers

The most common are three types:

  • Contact. When starting the engine, it is necessary to bring the chip to the code reading area.
  • Code. When you turn on the ignition, you must type a secret code that is known only to you.
  • Contactless immobilizers are the most popular devices to date.

Автомобильные иммобилайзеры, их разновидности

Contact and code immobilizers

Contact and code immobilizers могут блокировать работу двигателя только при первоначальном запуске автомобиля. Бесконтактные позволяют это сделать также и тогда, когда авто находится в движении. Движущийся автомобиль заглохнет, если вас, например, насильственно высадили с него, производя угон, а метка (специальный электронный ключ) осталась у вас в кармане.

The range of action of modern contactless immobilizers is 5 meters. If you try to start the car with another suitable key without a label, it will not start.

Автомобильные иммобилайзеры, их разновидности

Modern immobilizers have a small size and shape, resembling a flash drive. They are very easy to hide among the huge number of wires. The color of the electronic device is usually black. Finding a place where the immobilizer is hidden in a car and turning it off is a rather lengthy and laborious process.

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And in the event that an emergency situation arises, you will have to run away away, from the shelter, call the police squad and catch the criminals right on the spot. That way you save both your life and your property.