New zotye sr9 - zooty sr9 2017–2018: prices, equipment,

Zotye, a privately owned automaker from Zhejiang Eastern China Province, is an example of truly successful business under tight government regulations.

At first, the young organization, founded by Yin Jianzhen in 2005, was engaged in the supply of automotive parts and equipment to large organizations - of course, within the borders of their native country. A little later, the scope of activities was expanded and Zoti switched to the manufacture of entire car units. The elements sold by the company were distinguished by the best quality-price ratio in the country, which ultimately led Zotye to success. Sales grew, and to produce only parts or assemblies was simply undignified.

The first line of cars from Zoti under the code name 5008 (as well as, depending on the region of sales, Nomad or Hunter) saw the light in 2008 and was intended only for sale on the domestic market. The isolation policy was partly preserved and subsequently: despite the cooperation of Zotye with well-known manufacturers (Fiat, Suzuki, Toyota), the company still focuses on the Chinese consumer, rarely coming out with offers to the international market.

But there are exceptions to this rule, and one of them is the new 2017-2018 Zotye SR9 crossover (photo below), which is planned to be consistently exported to the states of Southeast Asia, North America and Europe. But the manufacturer still does not say anything about sales in the Russian Federation and the CIS: the domestic buyer can only hope for the favor of marketers and company management.

Photo: new Zotye SR9 2017-2018

Photo: new Zotye SR9 2017-2018

We should not forget about the Chinese habit of modifying or changing the decision making in the process of its implementation. It is possible that with the successful start of sales in the foreign market, Zoty decides to start an immediate expansion in relation to Russia.

The beginning of sales in Russia and in the world

The release date of the new crossover in the People's Republic of China fell on the end of November 2017. It is not yet known when Zotye SR9 will be available to Asian buyers - not to mention American and European.

In Russia, the new crossover will most likely not be officially sold: domestic lovers of exotic will have to go to China to buy a car, and then go through a long customs clearance procedure.

Configuration and prices for SR9

The price of the new Zotye SR9 base in terms of international currency is about $ 16,000 (about 960 thousand rubles). The most advanced version previously mentioned by Goddess costs $ 10,000 more expensive - about $ 26,000 (1.56 million rubles). At the same time, the only difference between the “female” crossover is a unique pink and white interior design and the same body color.

Some accessories, including the sunroof, enlarged “rollers” and the roof rack, are supplied outside the complete sets and for an additional fee: the buyer will be able to decide what exactly he needs from the wide range of goods.

Zotye SR9 2017–2018 - video