Logan and sandero get the akpp

Логан и Сандеро получат АКПП

Before the end of this year, the leadership of the French carmaker Renault plans to introduce in the configuration of the most popular in Russia Loganov and Sandero the option of equipping with an automatic gearbox. the plant itself is produced Lada Kalina and Grant with a gun, and just a week ago they also began to produce them with a robotized transmission. It was quite reasonable for the French to assume that if it goes on like this, then their Logan and Sandero on pure mechanics will soon be circumvented by local competitors on the machines. That is why they are in a hurry to equip the sedan and automatic transmission hatchback. The market is an unreliable substance, having stretched rubber, one can remain out of consumer interest.

So very soon the “automatic” Sandero and Logan will be produced at Togliatti AVTOVAZ under the auspices of a partnership with Renault-Nissan. Логан и Сандеро получат АКПП The upgraded box will definitely increase the price of the cars on which it will be installed. Today's Logan sold for 429 - 595 thousand wood; and Sandero can be bought in the range from four hundred to 587 thousand rubles. Sandero Stepway is even more expensive, for it will have to pay from 553 to 627 thousand. As far as they go up in the "automatic configuration", the French are still silent.

As far as is known, for the version with automatic transmission, other motors will not be used. Today's models Renault Logan worn under the hood of a 1.6-liter heart. Its power, depending on the design features, is both 82 and 102 hp. The same engines are completed and Sandero Stepvey. BUT Renault Sandero equipped with 1.2 and 1.6 liter gasoline engines, issuing 75, 82 and 102 horses. All of today's Logan and Sandero have a five-speed manual transmission. Логан и Сандеро получат АКПП Grants and Kalina with a robotic box, which from February 2015 began to leave the Togliatti conveyors, can really compete with the French brands on the mechanics. The advantages of AMT (automated manual transmission) is primarily the fact that they are cheaper than the "clean" machine, and more economical. In addition, it carries our harsh Russian winters quite well: up to 55 degrees below zero is not a problem for such a box.

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Price Kalina universal wagon with AMT will be 472,300 rubles. A Grant sedan with the same transmission will receive a price tag of 421,300 rubles, which is cheaper than Logan on mechanics and even more profitable than the future of Logan on the machine.