The germans announced the new c-class coupe online

Немцы проанонсировали новый купе С-класса в онлайн-режиме Official presentation coupe C-class from the company Mercedes-Benz held in September at the Frankfurt Motor Show. However, the desire to get ahead of events and show the world the novelty was so seized by the usually cold-blooded and calculating Germans that they could not resist and held an online presentation of the model. It is worth noting immediately that dealers will receive new dvuhdverku C-class only at the beginning of the winter of this year. And it will be European dealers, about ours until it is. Немцы проанонсировали новый купе С-класса в онлайн-режиме The design of the new car turned out to be very sporty, the swiftness just radiates from it in all directions, even when it only stands on the showroom platform. The hood of the novelty has increased in length by six centimeters. Perhaps this is precisely the secret of the visual swiftness that has grown compared to the predecessor. Немцы проанонсировали новый купе С-класса в онлайн-режиме New Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe From inside it is expectedly similar to a sedan, however more sporty, without excesses. Attention is drawn to the option of interior door trim, it smoothly flows into the interior design.

The new C-Class Coupe is much larger than its predecessor. Clearance increased by eight centimeters. Body width - at four.

New Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe has under the hood standardized Euro 6 gasoline engines and diesel engines. They are twenty percent more economical than in the previous version versions. Немцы проанонсировали новый купе С-класса в онлайн-режиме Four petrols: three 2-liter engine with a corresponding capacity of 184, 211 and 245 horsepower. The fourth engine of 1.6 liters, it is able to increase to 156 horsepower. There are two diesel engines: one for 170, the other for 204 horses.

Steel Pendant. When ordering, you can choose a suspension that has a selective depreciation system, or its sports version, which is more rigid. Available with option air suspension.

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The equipment includes a warning system of a possible frontal impact, it controls the car at speeds of seven to two hundred kilometers per hour. Of course, there is a three-zone climate control, a navigator, an automatic transition from high to low beam when a car appears on a heading, road recognition marks and markings, panoramic camera, parking sensors, etc. Немцы проанонсировали новый купе С-класса в онлайн-режиме Germans demonstrating New Mercedes-Benz C-Class Coupe in all its external beauty, however, they did not tell about its specifications for each country, nor about prices, leaving the sweetest for later September car showroom in Frankfurt.

Last Merc, delivered to Russia - all-wheel drive sedan C 200 4Matic. The price for it starts with two million one hundred thousand wooden.