Technical details of the new honda civic

Техподробности новой Хонды Сивик

Most recently on the web were published photos of new honda civicmade by the spy. And today some technical characteristics of the new model have become known. Significant changes in appearance new CivicThanks to the realization of the creative ideas of the design bureau, no doubt, many were impressed. The novelty turned out to be not much, but still bigger than its elder brother due to a three centimeters increase in the wheelbase. As a result, we now have exactly 2 meters 70 cm from axis to axis. The second row of seats therefore became more spacious by five centimeters. In addition, the sedan also rang five centimeters and "in the shoulders," while it slowed down by 2.5 centimeters. Техподробности новой Хонды Сивик Completely different body panels hide from view a modular platform with McPherson struts and an upgraded multi-link suspension. The share of heavy-duty steel in the alloy of the body was increased from one to twelve percent, which gave a significant increase in rigidity: it grew by almost a quarter compared to the previous version. The new sedan turned out to be much more streamlined and, as it turned out, it “shed” a little more than thirty kilograms of weight.

By the way, a new generation of Honda CR-V crossovers will be transferred to this new modular platform after the Civic. Without a doubt, power arsenal Civica It will also move to the new SUV, and it is possible that to other models too. We are talking about a two-liter petrol "four", which is paired with a six-speed manual transmission or with a CVT. The second engine is a 1.5-liter engine with a turbine, equipped with direct injection. It works only with the CVT. The first engine is able to squeeze 158 horses (by the way, he added 15 hp in power compared to the previous version). Turbocharged same unit can be laid out on 173 horses. Техподробности новой Хонды Сивик Motors have been rebuilt in terms of fuel economy, according to the developers' assurances, their appetites are now limited to 5.8 liters per hundred kilometers of asphalt.

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Inside the cabin has changed radically. The dashboard has become more concise and "concrete", having lost the aesthetics of the "cosmic" of the previous version. Multimedia has a seven-inch screen, there are several electronic systems that control the movement and implement security.

New Honda Civic will be produced further in the US and Canada. To sell the serial model will begin literally within the next month. After the sedan will begin to collect and coupe. A hatchback assembled at British factories will arrive in Europe, but nothing is known about the station wagon.