Unknown chinese copied famous brand again

Неизвестные китайцы снова скопировали известную марку

New Chinese auto brand Hubeing a subbrand Beijing autodemonstrated in his first crossover Hu Ansu S55 all the characteristic features of the design of Japanese Lexus. Such indiscreet theft has recently been noticed a lot, especially in the Chinese car industry, but, probably, the Chinese designers have surpassed themselves by the example of this model. That only is the grille in the form of an hourglass, this is exactly the element on which it was possible to unmistakably guess the Lexus. The headlights of the Lexus were also characteristic, and today these pure Japanese “eyes” we see in the latter-day Chinese. It's easy to make a mistake now. The Chinese have brought chaos into established stereotypes, and, as always, they will get away with it again. Stamping new sub-brands is not engaged in China, only lazy. New names are pouring out of a horn of plenty, and they are still digestible for the European ear, and then try saying the name Beiqi Yinxiang Automobile - you can break your tongue. Hu became an offshoot of BAIC, already having a subbrand Senna, and the production of its cars will be just the above-mentioned fracture of the Russian language and Autobusiness. Неизвестные китайцы снова скопировали известную марку "Hu“translated from the language of the Middle Kingdom, means something like“ magic speed. ”Looking at the model sketched from eminent“ Japanese ”, it is certainly difficult to imagine exactly the magic speed of this device, but the Chinese will not refuse enterprise in enterprise. This crossover is based on a platform Beijing S amount Nova X55These two cars differ only in body panels and engine.

Both parquet SUVs have the same wheelbase length due to the closest relationship - 2 meters 65 centimeters, although the bodywork Hu Ansu S55 somewhat longer, it is generally more voluminous. It is 4 meters 46 cm long, 1 m 82 cm wide, and 1 m 68.5 cm high. These are the usual dimensions for a class compact crossovers. Under the hood Hu S55 there is a 133-hp turbocharged engine, working in tandem with a five-speed manual transmission. This is a gasoline engine. Its volume is only 1.3 liters. It is clear that all-wheel drive here and does not smell. Have Senna X55 under the hood is a stronger, 1.5-liter engine with a turbine, showing the power of one hundred and fifty horses. This motor can work not only with a mechanical box, but also with a variator. Неизвестные китайцы снова скопировали известную марку What can attract buyers new Chinese car industry? Probably the price. It will be a very budget crossover. It will start to be mass-produced before the spring of 2017.

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A month ago, another Beijing BJ20 SUV appeared on the Chinese car market. Translated into our wooden, it costs the locals from seven hundred and eighty thousand rubles. By the way, the Chinese produce solid cars. Thus, the co-production of BAIC and German Daimler allowed the elongated Mercedes-Benz sedan to be marketed in the country, much like the representative Maybach.