The most beautiful cars of the world: photo

For creators of luxury cars, their offspring is a work of art. Ideal shapes and impeccable style are embodied in favorite vehicles. If the opinion of buyers coincides with the opinion of the creators of the car, then such a project will be commercially successful. However, often great cars have a high price tag and most of their lives are idle in the elite collector garages.

Create the most beautiful cars in the world, photos of which are presented on the page, in different countries. It should be borne in mind that automotive fashion changes over time, but many trends or solutions successfully implemented are picked up by competitors. Thus, all passenger cars in the world are being improved, guided by the standards set by the undisputed leaders.


  • 1 Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio
  • 2 Aston Martin Vulcan
  • 3 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350/350R
  • 4 Bentley Continental GT
  • 5 Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport
  • 6 Ford GT
  • 7 Ferrari 488 GTB
  • 8 Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 003 S
  • 9 Acura NSX
  • 10 Koenigsegg Regera
  • 11 Dodge Viper ACR
  • 12 Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept

Alfa Romeo Giulia Quadrifoglio

The model came out as a replacement for "159". Perfection was controlled by Fiat's executive director, Sergio Marchionne. He returned the project several times for revision to designers. As a result, this brand was presented to Alfa Romeo fans.

what a very beautiful car

Its capacity reaches 300 liters. with. with a two-liter gasoline engine V6 and rear-wheel drive or front. It is also allowed to install a 6.2-liter V8 capable of generating a herd of 707 horses. The result of safety tests according to the European classification Euro NCAP gave a maximum of 5 stars.

This very beautiful car will cost customers 70 thousand dollars.

Aston Martin Vulcan

Paying a mind-blowing price tag of 2.3 million rubles gives you the opportunity to enjoy one of the most beautiful sports cars from the British concern. The fire-breathing beauty was released in a limited edition of 24 units, so it’s almost impossible to find a similar copy at the same time in the same place.

how much is a very beautiful car

Under the hood there is an atmospheric dozen, issuing 8 hundred forces on the mountains. Chip model is a 200-millimeter flame that emerges from the exhaust pipe with each switch down the six-speed sequential gearbox. The height from the road surface to the crown is only 1186 mm with an inimitable design, which is even lower than the classic racing models.

Ford Mustang Shelby GT350/350R

The purebred American is the most formidable mustang in the current generation. It takes 3.9 seconds to fit the speedometer needle to a hundred with a maximum of 285 km / h. This contributes to the 5.1 liter engine, which develops 533 power.

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where is a very beautiful car

Fans of the brand include a daring model to cars that support the brand's DNA. Dvuhdverka made exclusively in sporty style with impeccable interior.

Bentley Continental GT

The four-seater coupe is assembled in England, it’s not for nothing that many motorists believe that the most beautiful cars in the world are assembled in England. Continental belongs to the class of Grand Tourismo. 12-cylinder 6-liter engine creates a maximum of 575 liters. with., and the maximum consumption of 26 liters per 100 km does not bother car owners.

how much are beautiful sports cars

Exceptional appearance, its gracefulness of the royal family, is recognizable in any conditions.. Inside the cabin used expensive materials, including valuable wood and leather. Prices start at 13 million rubles.

Porsche Cayman GT4 Clubsport

Sports German car with the original layout of the engine is designed for high-speed tracks. This confirms the six-cylinder boxer engine 385 l. with., which became the most powerful in the history of the Caymans. It is also possible to purchase a model with the "mechanics".

where beautiful sports cars are sold

The cost of the sports car is 165,000 dollars. The salon will be a racing wheel with Alcantara coating. Managing them will be tight and sharp. A hundred is reached in 4.4 seconds. Recognizable thoroughbred appearance Porsche is the hallmark of the brand.

Ford GT

Nobody will be able to meet such beauty on provincial domestic roads. The concept car was designed to honor the centenary of the brand. Camilo Pardo and his studio Living Legends were in charge of his appearance. The development was based on classic racing models of the 60s of the last century.

how beautiful sports cars are sold

As a result, the sports car received a centrally located 5.4 liter engine, issuing 550 liters. with. with V6 and 6MKPP. The speed limited by electronics is 330 km / h at the maximum allowed. These beautiful sports cars are available to owners of 400 thousand dollars.

Ferrari 488 GTB

No TOP is complete without the Italian red beauties from Ferrari. The abbreviation used in the title stands for GranTurismo Berlinetta. For an excellent model, asking "only" a quarter of a million dollars. In addition to steel, the main materials used in the production are:

  • aluminum;
  • titanium;
  • ugleplastik.

where is the photo of the most beautiful cars in the world

Instead of a banal aspirated, a three-liter biturbo powerplant with a V-shaped "eight" was proposed by designers. The aluminum cylinder block uses dry sump lubrication technology. A hundred is reached in 3 seconds with a maximum of 330 km / h. In aerodynamics used vihregenerators with a new form of bumper and rear spoiler.

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Scuderia Cameron Glickenhaus SCG 003 S

Financier James Glikenhaus assembled a high-class team of designers, engineers and developers to realize their dreams of the most beautiful car in the style of Grand Tourism. To implement the idea, two companies from Turin were involved: Podium Engineering and Granstudio.

what the most beautiful cars in the world look like

In fact, the brainchild turned out of carbon monocoque and carbon. The power unit includes a 3.5-liter with a V6, generating 530 liters. with. For a unique model in all characteristics, you will have to pay $ 2.5 million.

Acura NSX

The “Japanese”, scored by modern technologies, will cost 150 thousand dollars. Its progenitor is the concern Honda. In the engine compartment is a gasoline V6 engine with a dry sump and a pair of turbochargers. This is complemented by two clutches and a pre-selective gearbox on 9 levels.

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The built-in three electric motors with full confidence make an all-wheel-drive auto a modern hybrid. A hundred submits to the beauty in less than three seconds.

Koenigsegg Regera

Presented at the Geneva Salon Swedish stylish car from the company's founder Christian von Koenigsegg made a very positive impression. For $ 1.9 million, a hyper car takes 2.7 seconds to travel 100 km / h. Inside it is hidden twin-turbo from the V8 engine, generating 1100 liters. with.

how much are the most beautiful cars in the world

Manufacturers decided to follow the hybrid trend and equipped a very beautiful car with three electric motors: a pair of which is located on the rear wheels, and another one on the engine shaft. Maximum acceleration reaches 410 km / h.

Dodge Viper ACR

This model has a certificate for public roads. The 600-horsepower 8.4 liter engine is combined with a manual transmission. Enough 3 seconds to accelerate to hundreds.

where are the most beautiful cars in the world

Excellent aerodynamics beautiful machine is obliged to manufacturers from Rochester Hills. On the North American continent, you can buy a Roadster by Scott Krugger for hundreds of thousands in local currency.

Bentley EXP 10 Speed 6 Concept

Beautiful model serves as a starting point in the design of stylish English cars. In addition to appearance, progressive modern technologies were concentrated in an elegant coupe. The salon is equipped with a pair of ergonomic leather sport seats separated by a narrow aluminum panel. Gearshift knob trimmed with cherry wood.

where the most beautiful cars of the world are produced

Coupe with all-wheel drive for 186 thousand. Dollars aggregated turbo four-liter eight, capable of giving up to 528 liters. with. The maximum speed reaches 340 km / h. The weight of a pretty young "British" is quite moderate - 1.86 tons.