Farewell, matiz: uzbek ravon leads away from our car market

Прощай, Matiz: узбекский Равон уводит с нашего авторынка самый дешевый автомобиль Who does not know this smart малолитражкуscurrying along the city streets, mostly with a lady driver behind the wheel? Once upon a time Dawood Mathewand now  Ravon Matiz will no longer be delivered to Russian car dealers. To date, stocks of this remain in the warehouses of retailers compact hatchbut in small quantities. The remains of the Matiz will soon be sold out. The most affordable car, with an unexpectedly spacious interior from inside, able to turn around literally on the patch, it leaves our car market forever. Why? Why the Russians were left in the crisis without the cheapest car, the Uzbeks are not responding, apparently, this has its own reasons. From the list of cars available for purchase on the official website of the Russian office Равон Matizы already excluded. And about the reasons for the removal Равон Matizа с нашего рынка можно поговорить с достаточной степенью достоверности и без информации, что называется, из официальных источников. Спрос на Matizы был? Был. Машинка, в принципе, при нашего городской дорожной сутолоке, для целей быстрого перемещения в черте города, да и за ним, вполне устраивала многих. Машинку покупали для жен, подруг, дочерей и как первый автомобиль, и как основное средство передвижения. Кушает мало, компактные размеры позволяют проскочить в любую щель, Matiz much more mobile than a crossover, on the parking space of which three compact hatch cars can park at once, and the price - from 314 thousand rubles - in general a fairy tale by today's standards. Even men who do not need a status car, but if only there were reliable wheels in the ass, bought this model for themselves, because it was cheap and cheerful. Even in the secondary market used matiz cost much more expensive models of the Russian car industry with the same mileage and age.

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Прощай, Matiz: узбекский Равон уводит с нашего авторынка самый дешевый автомобиль It seems that the Uzbeks themselves, not without regret, took this step, because once there was a demand, then there was also a profit, which they now lost. Although, probably, this loss is covered by other expenses that would appear if they left the model in our market. After all, it is known that Matiz, согласно новым российским законам, надо было установить ЭРА-ГЛОНАСС, для этого нужна специальная экспертиза автомобиля и получение лицензирующих документов - а это расходы, которые удорожат, в конечном итоге модель для покупателя. Далее, все сборки Matizа нужно было оборудовать эйрбегами, антиблокировочной системой и automatic transmission. In general, given all these innovations, the resulting price list обновленного Matizа it would not be so attractive for a Russian’s wallet emaciated by the crisis, he would become at least four or four hundred and fifty thousand rubles, and this is already a fall in demand, increased competition and direct losses for suppliers. Apparently, it was here, in the words of the hero of a famous Soviet film, the dog rummaged. Прощай, Matiz: узбекский Равон уводит с нашего авторынка самый дешевый автомобиль Под капотом Равон Matizа, как и в свое время Деу Matizа, there is a three-cylinder 0.8-liter gasoline aspirated fifty-one "horse." This motor worked in tandem with a five-speed manual transmission.

Excluding Равон Matiz, the Uzbek car brand left only three of its new models on the Russian market: two Ravon Gentra and Ravon Nexia R3 sedans, and one Ravon R2 hatchback. It was promised by November to deliver to us one more chetyrehdverku Ravon R4or ex Chevrolet Cobalt in dorestaylingovoy version. But so far there is no progress. Who knows, maybe he will not make it? In modern economic conditions, any scenario is possible.

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