How much does it cost to get right

The future driver at the preparatory stage of training is quite difficult to calculate how much it costs to learn the law, as well as the entire amount of expenses for the course at a driving school. Often for classes in a driving school is paid a large amount. Many believe that the cost of obtaining a driver's license ends.

In practice, the situation is different. From the time the future driver intends to pass the exam in the traffic police, and until the moment of receiving the driver’s license, a considerable amount of funds will be spent on various related services and goods.


  • 1 Sample list of expenses
  • 2 How much does it cost to pass on the right directly to the traffic police
  • 3 the total cost
  • 4 Conclusion

Indicative list of expenses

how much does it cost to pass on the right

If between the end of the course in a driving school and the exam in the traffic police there is a long period of time, you will most likely have to conduct additional classes with an instructor

  1. 20 000 rubles - the minimum cost of a course in a driving school: this is exactly the amount that you originally planned to spend on paying for classes. All other costs incurred are quite difficult to consider in advance.
  2. From 700 to 2000 rubles - receiving certificates in medical institutions. A prerequisite is to conduct surveys with relevant specialists in psycho-neurological and substance abuse clinics. In addition, it is unlikely that you will have time to visit both medical institutions in one day, so we also add time costs (1-3 days).
  3. 200 rubles - the cost of photos for the future driver's license (size 3x4 cm). For the entire period of your training, six photographs will be enough.
  4. From 300 to 500 rubles - the purchase of textbooks, which will be required for the period of the whole educational process. It is recommended to purchase related educational literature and manuals:
  • textbook "Rules of the Road";
  • examination tickets of traffic regulations of categories “A”, “B”;
  • ticket comments;
  • task book on traffic rules, other educational materials.
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If you study well, most likely, the learning process will no longer require any new expenses. Otherwise, the cost of additional classes may be from 1,000 rubles or more, and as you understand, such costs are not included in the plans of future drivers.

Tip: Excellent study will help save your money!

how much is the right to learn

To successfully complete a theoretical course in a driving school, additional literature will be needed.

With successful completion of all stages of training - listening to theoretical courses, the implementation of practical training programs, you will have to pass a mandatory driving school exam (theory + practice). If a positive result, you will be granted access to the main - in the traffic police.

After that, a certificate is issued confirming the end of the school (your expenses are about 50 rubles). There are other mandatory fees, for example, joining a motorists club.

400 rubles - the price of one additional hour of driving in a driving school, or from a private car instructor to save driving skills, as well as further examination. Often the break between the dates of completion of studies and passing the exam in the traffic police can be long (up to 3 months).

How much does it cost to pass on the right directly to the traffic police

Pass the exam:

  • theoretical: 60 rubles;
  • practical: 100 rubles;

Rent a car from a driving school: 400 rubles;

Manufacturing rights (driver's license):

  • paper: 400 rubles;
  • plastic: 800 rubles.

If the change is not successful:

  • from 60 to 100 rubles - retake the exam;
  • 400 rubles - rent a car;
  • 800 to 2000 days — additional hours.

Теперь Вы точно знаете how much does it cost to get right. Удачное прохождение всех экзаменационных этапов в ГИБДД позволит вам стать владельцем водительских прав.

the total cost

how much does it cost to get right

Sample table for calculating the full cost of obtaining a driver's license


At the initial planning of training costs, the sum was laid at 20 thousand rubles, and later certain additional expenses were discovered. Moreover, in the event of non-payment, the amount spent on theoretical and practical course in a driving school will be irretrievably lost, and the cherished certificate will not be received. Agree, because it will be annoying?

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When deciding to get a driver's license, it is recommended to prepare in advance an amount slightly higher than (by at least 35%) the officially established cost of classes at your chosen driving school.

Therefore, Friends, learn well - take exams immediately! After all, retake - spent time, nerves and most importantly - a crushing blow to your pocket!

Such "arithmetic" is valid, perhaps, for all settlements of Russia.