Bmw m5 e39 can still be found on the market

The BMW M5 in the back of the E39 is a very interesting car, now there are very few such cars left alive. These cars are produced from 1998 to 2003. Today we look at the car produced in 2001, after restyling. The M5 E39 is the third generation of the M5. The first was E28, then E34.


M5 E39 was produced only in the sedan, but in 1999 there were attempts at BMW to make a wagon, 1 copy was released, it went to the head of the M-division. But the station wagon did not go into a series of cars, for several reasons. It did not correspond to the ideology of M. Although the 34-m bodywork was an M5 station wagon, the M-version was again returned in the 61st bodywork, there is no M5 station wagon in the F10 either. In about 2 years, the new generation M5 will be released, there may be a wagon, because it will be just relevant, because the new BMW M5 will have four-wheel drive.


Externally, the M5 is different from the usual 5-ki in the back of the E39, but not much. Especially if you take the E39 in the M-package, then the differences are generally very small, but they are. The most noticeable difference is in the back of the car - the exhaust of the car. In M5 - it is forked and 4-barrel. Also, the rear bumper diffuser is different, it is made specifically for 4 pipes. And of course, the M5 label is a mandatory attribute that distinguishes the M5 from the usual 5-ki. On the trunk lid there is a spoiler, which at high speed presses the car. If you remove the limiter, the machine can accelerate to 300 km / h.

bmw m5 e39

The wheels are also different, there are wheels of the 65th style, these wheels are specially designed for the BMW M5. These are forged wheels, they are much lighter and stronger than ordinary alloy wheels. On the M5 put other mirrors, they have the best aerodynamic properties and look a little better. And on the molding there is a BMW M5 nameplate. The front of the car did not receive any special changes compared to the usual 5-koy in the M-package.

But the body of the M39 E39 is unique, it has its own catalog number. Body M5 is not interchangeable with the usual 5-Coy. The rear arches are different, in order to put the widest possible wheels. Engineers have changed the design of the rear floor in the trunk. There is no spare wheel in the trunk and instead of it the Germans put a special set - a pump with a special liquid, which can be sealed with a puncture. On the cover there is even a competent instruction how to use this glue. But in fact, this set is stupid, and many owners carry a spare tire just in the trunk.

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The battery in the M5 is in the middle, and not to the right, as on the usual 5-ka. Moving the battery, you can change the weight of the car. Externally, the car looks restrained, not vulgar, every detail carries some specific technical solution. The M5 in this body is the real BMW of still old hardening. Today, cars have ceased to be as reliable as before. Now a lot of marketing in the automotive industry. If to compare with the predecessor - E34, then the running gear was modernized, brakes were improved, but the biggest changes were under the hood.


The motor here is the S62. In those years, the company BMW decided to put the V8 engine on the M5. Prior to that, only inline 6s were placed in the M5, but in those years these motors could not compete with Mercedes engines. Therefore, BMW decided to make a motor based on the M62 with a volume of 4.4. This motor is not much heavier than its predecessor S38, which used a cast-iron block, and in the S62 motor there is an all-aluminum block. How reliable the S62 depends on how first the owner was.

bmw-m5-e39 motor

Before buying, you need to check the unit with an endoscope so that there are no serious scuffs. We must remember that this is a real sports engine, which requires good service, the oil must be changed often - once every 5000 km. It is necessary to fill in special sports oil 10W60. It is also important to monitor the cooling system, because this motor is very afraid of overheating.

bmw-m5 white

After 100,000 km. run start knocking VANOSy. You also need to fill high-quality fuel - 98th gasoline is better. On this gasoline engine shows its maximum performance. You also need to monitor the intake system, change the filter so that the engine breathes fully. If you do all this, the motor will last a long time.

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The S62 engine is based on the M62 engine, with a volume of 4.4 liters, but it was deeply modernized: the cylinder diameters were increased by 2 mm. each. Also installed a forged crankshaft and upgraded pistons, also modified the heads of the blocks, they installed other camshafts. And the system began to use dual VANOS. Now vanos installed on the intake and exhaust camshaft.


In addition, a 2-row chain was installed here, this has a good effect on increasing the resource of this motor. The exhaust system also has a higher performance. For the S62 engine was developed its own unique engine control unit. Improved intake system. The intake manifold is not the same as on the M62, inside it there are 8 chokes - one choke for each cylinder. There are also 2 air filters.

As a result of all the improvements turned out power of 400 liters. s., 500 Nm of torque. Thanks to this, the M5 E39 accelerates to 100 km / h in 5.3 seconds. The maximum speed is 300 km / h, if you remove the limiter at 250 km / h. Fuel consumption is 20 liters per 100 km. by the city. There are about 10 on the highway. But if you don’t strongly gas, then you can invest in 15-16 liters in the city. But if you ride a sports car, then thinking about fuel consumption is not right.


The interior of the BMW M5 E39 also contains some interesting features. The instrument panel is marked up to 300 km / h, the red arrows and the M logo. Whether the indicator has warmed up the engine to the end. It also has its own special rear-view mirror. Gearbox in M5 E39 - only 6-speed manual. Also in the car appeared stabilization system, in E34, it was not there. There is a sport button that immediately changes the behavior of the car. The steering wheel becomes more informative and the gas pedal behaves differently. In this car there are no various assistants, so everything depends on the driver. If during the race the program was badly stuck in or a gas pump was started at the start, then this is immediately a defeat. Here 400 l. with. power and rear-wheel drive, this means that by inexperience you can go into a skid even with the stabilization system turned on.

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bmw-m5-e39 saloon

In this version there is a double glazing, thanks to which the insulation is just great. The quality of materials is perfect, it is clear that they did not save on anything. But today it is clear that many manufacturers, including BMW, are trying to save on every little thing. The sound of the engine is simply amazing, this car has everything you need to enjoy the ride: manual box, powerful V-shaped engine with great sound, comfortable sport seats, excellent 3-spoke steering wheel. Everything is done perfectly in this car.

Today it is not the fastest car, now there are cars that accelerate in 2.5 seconds to a hundred. But even today, the E39 M5 can give a huge amount of driving pleasure. But such a car today is worth taking just like a weekend car. It is not suitable for every day ride, especially in winter, because it is not possible to unleash its potential. If you give gas to the floor, then the stabilization system immediately blinks, and in winter on a slippery road, it will blink even more. Such a car in good condition costs 1,100,000 rubles. At first glance, this is expensive, but in reality there is no good condition for the M5 in the market. Prices start at 750,000 rubles, but this is a car killed in the trash.

Further, the race, like Zhorik Revazov, in his pelvis, chases against the black BMW M5 E39: