Tuning engine vaz 2109 on their own

When it comes to improving the technical characteristics of any domestic car, the first thought that comes to mind is the phrase: "We need to put a different engine from a foreign car, for example." But not everyone can afford this option, so today we will tell how to make a VAZ 2109 engine tuning on its own.

You need to start engine tuning with a check and, if necessary, with the modernization of the brakes and gearbox. When all work in this direction is completed, you can safely move on to setting up the motor itself.

Two options for tuning the engine VAZ 2109

The first, and the easiest and not expensive variant of tuning the carburetor engine VAZ 2109 - this is the usual alteration of the engine components that any master can grind, polish, squander. Already this may be enough to slightly improve the performance properties of the car. But if you want to get closer to the ideal, then you should turn to the second option - a serious treatment of the "heart" of the machine.

tuning engine VAZ 2109

tuning engine VAZ 2109

When tuning the VAZ 2109 engine, pay close attention to the camshaft, adjusting the phases and lift height. Replacing these details allows you to add power cars.

VAZ 2109 engine tuning

VAZ 2109 engine tuning

You can use any of the methods that provide for the installation of a lightweight crankshaft with a piston stroke of 78 millimeters, lightweight connecting rods measuring 121 millimeters, lightweight piston rings, forged pistons with a diameter of 82.5 millimeters, a cylinder head taken from a LADA Kalina car and a camshaft measuring 11.3 millimeters. Taken together, this will allow you to get the power of the engine of 98 horsepower and the opportunity to reach speeds of up to 183 kilometers per hour.

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As an option, you can use titanium springs on the piston with a connecting rod. This will allow to obtain a rational distribution of energy during the combustion of fuel. On the one hand, it saves fuel, and on the other, it increases the power of the car.

In short, when tuning the engine VAZ 2109, the carburetor can also be replaced. But in general, tuning the carburetor engine, remember that to improve the quality of its work will help reduce the friction force in the chain "cylinder-piston-ring", reducing the mass of rods, pistons and fingers, reducing the thickness of the piston rings, reducing their number.

tuning the carburetor engine VAZ 2109

tuning the carburetor engine VAZ 2109

Engine tuning VAZ 2109: injector. Note that the electrified car does not require any mechanical intervention. To change the technical characteristics of the mechanism, you only need to change the settings of the electronic control unit of the entire engine.

Sports engine tuning VAZ 2109

If you are asleep and see yourself as a winner in a sporting event, then it’s worthwhile to drive the engine into a car for sporting purposes. To do this, you will need a lightweight crankshaft, lightweight connecting rods, lightweight pistons, a new gearbox, oil injectors, a new clutch and a lightweight flywheel. Plus, you will need to install a contactless ignition system, a sports silencer and a copper radiator.

Life after tuning the engine VAZ 2109

I would like to remind you that if the details of the “nine” will differ in some way from the standard factory elements, even a minor breakdown on the highway will lead to the fact that you will need to call a tow truck or use a cable, again, causing help from someone you know.

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Yes, it will become more difficult to repair the modified motor of the machine, because of which the cost of repair may be prohibitive. To reduce it, it will only carry out repairs on their own. Yes, tuning VAZ 2109 - this is a serious matter, and there are pitfalls.

engine tuning vaz 2109 carburetor

engine tuning vaz 2109 carburetor

Another point that is worth paying attention to is fuel consumption. For example, if you install a camshaft with an increased phase, the engine will respond to this with a high fuel consumption. Naturally, this can be compensated by replacing other elements, gradually bringing the car closer to what you consider to be an ideal.

Finally, we recommend watching the tuning video of the VAZ 2109 internal combustion engine, maybe it will be useful in the course of modernization.