Top 3 best satellite anti-theft systems


In our information age, technology has leaped forward, changing the world around itself beyond recognition. These changes affected most of our everyday and familiar things. The car market is no exception - among the many new technologies and developments in the field of anti-theft systems it is difficult to definitely choose one thing, but it can be said with accuracy that the best signaling systems at the moment are satellite. And since you have already set out to protect your car, you should first deal with the question - which satellite alarm system to choose.

Satellite car alarm

Satellite car alarm

Immediately discard all budget options and other attempts to save on security. This should not be done in any case, such savings only to their own detriment. In the past year alone, more than 89 thousand cars were stolen in Russia. Современный вор не стоит на месте, он развивает и оттачивает свои навыки параллельно с развитием новых технологий и новомодных фишек в сфере противоугонных систем. И сегодня самый лучший способ обезопасить свой автомобиль – это всегда быть на шаг впереди.Читать далее рейтинг лучшей спутниковой сигнализации-->

How it works

There are many variants of alarms on the market, which differ both functionally and in price, but satellite anti-theft systems deserve the first places. Many insurance companies advise car owners to buy just such alarms often assuring that when you set yourself a satellite alarm, an attacker will only have to nervously and enviously drool on your car aside. Some of them even make significant discounts on the CASCO insurance policy (from 5% and more) to the owners of such systems.

But how to make your final choice in buying an alarm? It is difficult, because every sales representative, or the seller wants to sell more expensive and more profitable to himself, and not to you. Therefore, before you put an eye on any anti-theft system, you need to understand what they are, and what are their main differences.

Satellite alarm

At the moment, these are favorites in the market. Such systems are a hybrid of satellite and cellular technologies. A miniature satellite receiver / transmitter is installed in the car, which is connected directly to the control room by means of a GPS signal.

The video tells what satellite car alarm is:

After an abnormal situation has occurred with the machine, for example, a door or trunk has not been scheduled, an encrypted SMS is sent to the control room from the car. The dispatcher, in turn, contacts the owner of the car, or his agents, and finds out whether the alarm is false . If the call still turns out to be non-random, the dispatcher uses the same GPS system to control some of the vehicle’s systems. Firstly, it tracks the location of the stolen car, and secondly, it will be able to block the engine, close the doors and call the rapid response service.

Although such a system is very reliable, but for some reason our consumer treats it with a bit of distrust, perhaps the price bites, and perhaps the thought that clever thieves will be able to outwit such a system, does not leave the head. To redeem such a GPS signal, absolutely no need to use military developments. There is a device - jammer, which is used to jam the signal in the theater or in hospitals, but often it can be used for other than its intended purpose. Buy it is not difficult, on the Internet you can find one without any problems, for a small amount - from 17,500 rubles.

But even without such a device, a thief can harm your car. Often, in attempts to leave a locked car, thieves break the side windows and, in a hurry, take out of the car what they can.

The video shows how satellite signaling works:

Radio alarm

This system better tracks stolen cars in places that are inaccessible to ordinary GSM signals, such as underground parking, tunnels, etc. It works according to the principle of a beacon, which is installed in a car and transmits a signal to a dispatcher using radio waves. Although this system has a high degree of protection against various "jammers" and radio interference of race drivers, it is inferior to conventional satellite. After all, she has one significant disadvantage.

Satellite alarm в сравнении с этой системой может отследить авто почти в любой точке от диспетчерской, радиосигнализация ограничена строгим радиусом действия поисковых систем, и машина, отъехав на значительное расстояние, теряет сигнал. К тому же в условиях городской загруженности, радиосигнал не всегда адекватно может достичь своего адресата.

GSM - alarm system

It is more economical, or even, one might say, a truncated view of satellite signaling. He does not have GPS navigation to search for a hijacked car on the map, but the GSM module calls the owner when an alarm signal or sends him an SMS. This type of security system is the least popular, since for its price you can safely buy a good mechanical means of protection, for example, the MUL-T-LOCK lock, or the immobilizer - an electronic anti-theft system that blocks one of the electric circuits of the engine start / short circuit .

Now we will try to find out which of the three systems is still the best satellite signaling system currently on the market.

3rd place - MS Griffon

Alarm MS Griffin

Alarm MS Griffin

This product deservedly takes place in the top three best anti-theft systems. St. Petersburg company Magic System, with a 10-year history of manufacturing various anti-theft systems, was able to create one of the best satellite alarm systems. MS Griffin is a combination of 3 independent systems in one. First, it is a car alarm with a dialogue code, secondly, it is a built-in immobilizer with a frequency of 2.24 GHz and an interactive radio tag, and third, it is a GSM / GPS module with the ability to connect to the CAR-ONLINE Internet service. Also, this device has a mobile application for Android and IOS.

Interactive authorization code is almost impossible to crack by any codec grabber currently known, and independent power supply allows you to work from 2 months to 1 year with the battery disconnected. Well, GSM, which is installed in an inaccessible place, and with a range of up to three km, will alert you of the danger even before the attacker has time to get close to your car.

The module itself is directly connected to an online system, where you can track the location of your car at any time, even if the car was stolen a month or two ago, the module will still be able to track the loss. This system has a paid service called Car Monitoring, with the help of it you can connect round-the-clock monitoring of the car and in the event of an alarming situation, the traffic police rapid response team leaves at the same time. It has installed a jamming detection system that notifies the owner of the car.

The cost of such a system ranges from 33 000 rubles with the installation.

2 place - PandoraDXL 5000 NEW

Satellite car alarm PandoraDXL 5000 NEW

Satellite car alarm PandoraDXL 5000 NEW

Pandora is a domestic product that is manufactured at the Kaluga plant of an experienced instrument-making industry. DXL 5000 NEW is the latest and most advanced development in the field of anti-theft systems. It includes all the latest innovations and modern means of anti-theft protection.

This product honestly deserves the silver medal of our rating. This is due to the fact that it has a GPS / GLONASS module, which locates your car using two satellite systems. It also transmits a signal to the owner via cellular communication and with the help of his radio transmitter, with a range of up to two km.

He, as in the previous system, has its own application for Android and IOS, but with it you can not only monitor but also control some functions of the car - start and turn off the engine, look at the battery status, and check the status of all anti-theft sensors .

By the way, one of these sensors is a three-axis accelerometer, which is now installed in modern smartphones, it reacts not only to various impacts and mechanical damage, but also to changes in the car’s position relative to the surface, so that if your car began to be evacuated, it will immediately alert you about it.

This system is additionally equipped with an immobilizer with contactless tags, a dialogue 128-bit encryption code, an alarm button that sends an encrypted SMS code to the predefined phones containing information about the coordinates of the location of the car.

The cost of such a device ranges from 27,500 - up to 37,500 rubles with installation from the manufacturer.

1 place - StarLineD94 GSM / GPS

Leading car alarm StarLineD94 GSM / GPS

Leading car alarm StarLineD94 GSM / GPS

We got to the top of our ranking. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% This system won the honorable first place for good reason. D94 GSM / GPS is a top model of satellite security systems developed by UltraStar in the Leningrad region. Initially, such systems were designed for SUVs, but then the model was expanded for any cars.

Let's start with the fact that the most distinctive feature of this anti-theft system is its price, quality and equipment. With the right combination of these features, D94 GSM / GPS is the best satellite alarm system. Not only that, this system works perfectly in extreme conditions (from -50 to +85 degrees Celsius), but it is also equipped with very serious protection against radio interference - it uses 512 channels and a narrow signal bandwidth.

GSM / GPS is connected to the Internet monitoring system on the site, thanks to which you can easily track the location of your car, and in case the signal disappears or gets worse, you will immediately receive a notification on the phone. Thanks to this module, you can easily manage remotely various functions of the car - open / close doors, hood, trunk, turn off the engine.

In addition, this system, like the previous one, is equipped with a three-axis accelerometer, which responds to the inclination of the vehicle relative to the horizon position. Interactive code management with 128-bit encryption prevents the possibility of hacking using code-grabber. The alarm system is perfectly integrated into the “Start / Stop” control system, with more than 250 models of cars via the CAN interface.

The cost of such a system ranges from 30 000 rubles with the installation.

And finally

The video shows how hijacking a car with satellite alarm can take place:

In the end, I would like to give you advice - no alarm system, despite its perfection, does not guarantee you 100% protection against theft, therefore, when choosing an anti-theft system, try to buy the one that has as many different tricks and obstacles for the attacker.

But the main thing to remember is that saving on your own security and your property is a rather risky undertaking. No wonder the popular saying goes on - the miser pays twice.