Cheapest suvs and crossovers of the year 2016-2017

Buying a modern jeep is usually associated with high costs. But many automakers go to meet customers, releasing low-cost crossovers and SUVs with good performance dynamics, terrain and fuel consumption. Such budget models differ from expensive analogs by cheaper interior materials, by the absence of numerous comfort systems.


  • Top 10 cheapest SUVs in the world
  • TOP 10 budget crossovers 2016-2017

Top 10 cheapest SUVs in the world

You can buy inexpensive SUVs both in Russia and abroad. Foreigners are paying less attention to saving personal finances when buying a new car. They are accustomed to choosing practical budget "all-terrain vehicles", which are easy to pass on the road and will be useful for travel. The following models represent the cheapest SUVs in the world:

1. Mobius Two

Mobius TwoThe cheapest Kenyan-made jeep is an 8-seater car. Its price is about 193 thousand rubles. Equipped with a 2-liter power unit with 4 cylinders. Ground clearance is 35.5 cm, the bottom is additionally protected by metal plates. Loading capacity of transport - only 0.5 tons.

2. Great Wall Wingle 3

Great Wall Wingle 3This model has received demand in the supported version. The price of used cars ranges from 450 to 600 thousand rubles. Equipped with a 2.2 liter engine with a capacity of 110 horses. The budget Chinese pickup is all-wheel drive, equipped with manual transmission.

3. Geely LC Cross

Geely LC CrossThe price of the model is more than 409 thousand. It is a pseudo-crossover, it is optimal for trips within the city and along easy off-road conditions. Equipped with a 4-cylinder engine with 82 horsepower. It is front-wheel drive, has a 5-speed manual.

fuel - AI95.

9. Nissan Terrano

Nissan TerranoThe car is front wheel drive, equipped with a 1.6 engine and a 5MT box. The cost is equal to 749,000 rubles. It has standard security systems (passive, ABS, EBD). Power of a cheap basic complete set - 102 horsepowers. Equipped with 16-inch steel wheels, has fabric upholstery, central locking with remote control.

10. UAZ Patriot

UAZ PatriotUAZ Patriot - 2015 budget crossover from Russian engineers. Not inferior to foreign counterparts in quality equipment, safety and practicality. Excellent off-road performance is due to a high ground clearance of 21 cm. A 2.2-liter gasoline unit is installed as the base engine. Included is an old 5-step mechanic used for the predecessor. Fuel consumption is 13 liters in mixed mode. With a full tank refueling (90 l) is able to drive about 600-700 km off-road and highway. The final price is 780 thousand rubles (the starting price was 699,000).

Submitted budget SUVs and crossovers of all brands meet the main requirement of the buyer - a favorable cost. They are attractive for their elegant design and constant refinement of internal systems. Therefore, the considered models are well suited for urban and country trips.