Jeep will celebrate its 75th anniversary at the geneva motor

Car label Jeep celebrates its 75th anniversary at the Geneva Motor Show. Specialists from the company will bring there not only a number of their latest offers for drivers from all over the world, but also old solutions that have already entered the history of the brand.

Jeep WranglerAll known brand Jeep is 75 years old. The management of the company decided to celebrate such a significant anniversary in the framework of the Geneva automobile show, which should already start from day to day. At the same time, according to representatives of the automotive industry, they will bring to the motor show not only their newest offers, which will soon be sent to dealerships for sale, but also old models.

Such a thorough preparation for the exhibition is caused by the fact that the Jeep executives want to bring with them cars like Willys-Overland MB that are in demand in the past. Recall that this offer came from the conveyor of the company back in 1941. In addition to it, a number of other legendary cars will be brought to the event, having received wide recognition from the honorable public from all over the world.