Rating spark plugs for the car


Spark plugs - this is such a detail of the car, without which the car simply will not start and will not go. Similar products work in the most extreme conditions. They then take over the working mixture formed from the air and gasoline vapors, then they are right in the hot gases. And so dozens of times in a second. Because of this, choosing the best spark plugs is a problem that needs to be addressed responsibly. How to know which spark plugs are better? It is worth getting acquainted with the rating.

In compiling the rating of candles, certain indicators are taken into account. Candle quality is how the engine functions when using parts from a specific manufacturer. Resource - this is how long the part works until complete failure. Consider which manufacturers are currently considered the best.

Spark plugs - an important element in the composition of the car

Spark plugs - an important element in the composition of the car

Bosch - German quality

The recognized leader is considered a manufacturer of Bosch. Years of experience allowed the developers of the company to develop and implement a practically perfect design of candles. The best spark plugs from BOSCH are used in the assembly of Fiat, Audi, Peugeot, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Ford and other cars.

BOSCH Super is equipped with a central copper electrode, which has a nickel-chromium coating that protects the product from corrosion and corrosion. Simultaneously with the stable formation of a spark, they are characterized by resistance to temperature differences and high wear resistance.

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Читать далее о лучших свечах зажигания-->Свечи серии Super Plus произведены с центральным электродом  из никеля, что делает свечу защищенной от коррозии. Легирование электрода обеспечивает хорошее сопротивление электрокоррозии.

Candles Super Plus 4 features a central pointed and four mass electrodes with a silver coating. At similar production the power of work is increased by 60%.

The Platinum series is equipped with a central electrode made of platinum, which gradually flows into a ceramic insulator. Due to the unique design of the product, even during frosts, a reliable engine start is ensured.

Bosch spark plugs are among the most popular and well-known spark plugs.

Bosch spark plugs are among the most popular and well-known spark plugs.

Speaking about the manufacturer Bosch, there is no need to choose which candles are better. All products are of very high quality.


NGK Spark Plug is a major manufacturer of spark plugs. Sales of this type of product is more than 450 million and continues to grow. The products of the presented company are recommended for Volvo, Audi, Ferrari, BMW and others.

The demand for the products of this company lies in the fact that it focuses on the manufacture of high-quality ceramics. It is considered an important element of spare parts that are exposed to high temperatures.

High quality car spark plugs NGK

High quality car spark plugs NGK


BriskTabora.s. JSC supplies its products to many countries of the world. The main products of the production are directly spark plugs, which are produced under the brand name Brisk.

The Classic series is a good spark plugs that perfectly meet the criteria of the engine's internal combustion engine, having a contact ignition system. Excellent quality and optimal price allows this series to win the battle for the consumer from competitors in the market of auto parts in Russia.

Affordable price of Brisk candles allows them to be in the lead

Affordable price of Brisk candles allows them to be in the lead

Brisk Exstra –– are a series with 2-3 side electrodes. Recommended for Opel, VW, Audi and BMW.

Brisk Premium - a series characterized by a unique design. It allows to generate high power of a spark and has good acceleration.

Silver variety designed specifically for those vehicles. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% adom.ru, who carry out their work on gas.

Brisk Silver - spark plugs for cars on gas

Brisk Silver - spark plugs for cars on gas

In Forte candles, the diameter of the central electrode became larger. At the same time, the candle has a new form of spark gap and its body is electroplated. Resource work increased.

DENSO: special spark plugs

DENSO Corporation has become known in Russia thanks to such spark plugs, which are created using new technologies. Product quality is certified by QS 9000 and ISO 9000 certification. In the Russian market are very popular line - Iridium, standard and Platinum. The company cooperates with Toyota.

The Standard series has built-in resistors that eliminate radio interference when the spark is working. Products are created by U-Groove technology. U - shaped groove improves the combustion characteristics of the working mixture, which affects the smoothness of the course. When this happens real fuel savings.

The DENSO Platinum candle has a platinum electrode. Due to this, the working life of products is increased. The central electrode gives the chance to use the low consumed tension thanks to the subtlety.

Denso - Japanese spark plugs

Denso - Japanese spark plugs

The Iridium series is a new generation of parts. They have a central electrode made from iridium alloy. In view of this, wear resistance is increased. Candles have high flammability and just a unique ignition voltage even under heavy loads.

Champion: renowned parts supplier

Champion has been successfully cooperating with such well-known companies as Alfa Romeo, Audi, Volvo, GM, VW, Jaguar, Suzuki and others. The brand is respected by IndyCar, Formula 1 and NasCar.

Champion Copper Core OE are spark plugs that are popular all over the world. The core of the central electrode is made of copper, which increases the heat transfer, and thus reduces the likelihood of glow ignition. The galvanized case protects these products from corrosion.

The Double Copper OE series is considered the most perfect type of candle. It is developed by a unique technology. The core of the electrode is made of copper, which provides a unique heat transfer.

Champion Platinum OE is a recognized technological pinnacle of the production of spare parts of this type. Platinum surfacing at the central electrodes reduces wear. The service life of the candle increases.

Popular worldwide spark plugs Champion

Popular worldwide spark plugs Champion

Summing up, we can conclude that what a good spark plugs, decides personally every car owner. Someone prefers those products that have electrodes made of rare and expensive materials. For these purposes, iridium or platinum is great, so good parts are several times more expensive. And someone when choosing a spark plug in the first place takes into account the brand of part and brand of car, as well as the conditions in which the vehicle is operated.