Citroen chinese office radically upgraded c5 sedan

Китайский офис Citroen радикально проапгрейдил седан C5

Demonstrate the results of the French sedan restyling Citroen C5 the Chinese gathered only at the Shanghai Motor Show, which starts just a few days ago. However, Chinese journalists, always eager for sensations, lit up the novelty, not waiting for the official date. Published in the media Celestial photography restyled Citroen C5 instantly replicated on thematic topics, and now we can see what kind of a radical update Chinese auto artists and engineers have succeeded. Actually, after this publication about the Chinese restyled version Citroen C5 almost everything is known, behind a veil of secrecy, so far perhaps the price tags for this model, according to which the Chinese will soon be able to purchase it from their car dealers. For a Russian car enthusiast who doesn’t particularly favor French models, pricing information can only be of comparative interest, since Citroen C5 in our car market is not going to return. This version will not come to the Europeans, they, by the way, are planning to sell the new generation next year C5 sedan, which will have little to do with the Chinese counterpart. And this restyled version will be produced only in China, and then only for the reason that the Chinese can traditionally produce one car for several generations as long as there is demand for it. For example, the Chinese office Hyundai releases in the Celestial Hyundai Elantru already in three generations. Китайский офис Citroen радикально проапгрейдил седан C5 If we consider restyled version of the Citroen C5From the point of view of modern car design, its appearance does not look outdated. It is implemented in the modern style of the French models of the past few years. But the exterior is not the most important thing in the car, so engineers and designers have worked with the interior trim and with the equipment model. Of course, the Chinese have installed a touch multimedia device with a decent diagonal and functionality on the center console. This is a tribute to the modern "tablet" fashion in the automotive technology "body kit." Extra keys were removed from the steering wheel, the climate control unit was made more elegant and at the same time simple to use. The dashboard has become completely digital.

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The pneumatic-hydraulic suspension, peculiar to the French versions of the car, did not take root among the Chinese, however, it was not in the dorestayling variant either. Only hardcore, only springs. The Chinese explain this by the high complexity of the French “pneuma” and, naturally, by the high price tag. Under the hood of the Chinese "Frenchman" are gasoline compressor engines. One - 1.6-liter for 167 “horses”, the second - 1.8-liter 204-strong. Both engines are paired with a six-speed automatic transmission brand Aisin. Китайский офис Citroen радикально проапгрейдил седан C5 The day before yesterday, Chinese online media circulated a photo of the new Citroen C5 Aircross SUV, this car will also be officially introduced in the upcoming Shanghai This compact crossover is then planned to be delivered both to Europe and to our country.

Besides C5 sedan and SUV, the Chinese at the Shanghai Motor Show will show the issue of the cross version of the five-door Citroen C3-XR. In the spring of 2016, Citroen began deliveries to the Celestial Empire its new flagship four-door C6, which cannot be bought anywhere else outside China either.