Changan chinese crossovers look pretty serious

Quite interesting Chinese crossovers and SUVs are increasingly coming from our country to China. Some of them frankly resemble their Japanese counterparts, while others, on the contrary, have a bright personality, such as the Chinese Changan CS35 crossover.

changan cs35 crossover

Changan CS35

New Chinese crossovers, which appear on the market with enviable regularity, do not always attract public attention. But Changan products are an exception. Two new models - CS35 and CS75 look very decent even against the background of some famous “Korean”. Of course, talking about a full drive is not necessary. Machines are more than budget and made all the same for the city, and not for dirt. But the overall impression of these 2014 Chinese crossovers is not bad.

What is the Changan Chinese crossover?

We will begin our review with the advertised Chinese 2013 crossover –Changan CS75. It was shown to the public at the Frankfurt Motor Show last fall and the car seemed interesting to many. The Frankfurt Motor Show became a kind of start, after which the car became a favorite of the press, forums and other resources devoted to Asian cars and crossovers in general.

chinese changan crossover Price

Basic equipment in China costs about 520 thousand rubles. But while it is not known exactly how much it will cost in Russia. The Chinese side is going to produce its new Chinese crossover-SUV on the territory of the Russian Federation. According to rumors, the cost of this Chinese crossover in Russia will be within 830 thousand rubles.

What is interesting - the participation of the new Chinese crossover Changan in a prestigious auto show does not at all mean entering the European market. This is a kind of marketing move aimed at drawing attention to the novelty in the home market. It so happened that such methods have a very significant success in China. The local population sincerely believes that only a car of European level can get to such an event.

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changan cs75 crossover

However, you should not blame the car either. She came out pretty good. By the way, exactly the same fate was with the younger model - CS35, which after the show at the auto show was successfully sold in Arab countries, South America and at home - in China.

As for Ukraine, it is Changan Chinese crossovers that have not yet appeared in Ukraine, of course, you can get them, but this is quite difficult. So in Ukraine, meeting the Changan crossover is a great success.

Let Changan CS75 (Chinese crossover), the price of which turned out to be higher than expected, but he still has a chance to be produced and sold in good quantities. In general, the prices of Chinese crossovers are not at all high, but it will not be possible to make the car very cheap, as this will no longer be a car but a piece of cheap plastic.

As for the body design, it was developed by leading experts from Europe. Therefore, there is nothing to complain about and traditional punctures have been found. But even despite the fact that the appearance of the car is completely invented from scratch, it is still something very similar to just two cars. The first thing that comes to mind is the Range Rover. Namely, the Evoque model or Range Rover Sport 2014. And some features from the Land Rover Freelander 2. Chang’s crossovers are also somewhat similar to the Chinese X 80 crossover from the FAW brand. And of course, there is something in Chang’s design that is clearly similar to Gili Emgrand X7.

китайский changan cs75 crossover

Perhaps it is already a habit - to look for some flaws in every Chinese car, or outright design plagiarism. In the end, in Russia, they are becoming more popular. After all, in 2013 alone, more than 400 thousand cars from the Middle Kingdom were sold in the country. And this is a good result. Apparently, the Russians are much better attributed to the products of the Chinese automotive industry than is commonly thought.

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The new Chinese crossover Changan CS75 looks very solid. It is large, with a spacious luggage compartment. The tailgate is quite comfortable. In the car, which was presented at the Frankfurt Auto Show, the salon pleased. High-quality plastic, good upholstery, good electronics and everything you need for comfort. It remains to hope that the car will go into the series in this form.

And now about the possibilities, there are a lot of them in perspective. Of course, no one thinks that they will all be in the basic configuration, which is clearly cheaper than a million rubles. But the ability to buy a car from China with ABS, electronic handbrake, keyless engine start and cabin opening function, EBD, tire pressure monitoring and other bells and whistles, is already impressive in itself. Plus, navigation and multimedia system of a very decent level.

changan cs75 chinese crossover Price

At the same time, the car has climate control, heated seats, which are equipped with electric drives and much more. Impressive? And this is all not some new Toyota, but the Changan Chinese crossover.

And to the word about Toyota. There are rumors that just on the platform RAV4 are going to produce a new product from China. There will be two engines to choose from. Both - gasoline. One atmsoferny 2 liters and a capacity of 158 "horses". The second is a bit more interesting. 180 hp turbocharged engine that accelerates the car in 11 seconds to a hundred. The engine will be equipped with a Borg Warner turbine.

If the Chinese side thinks about a certain reduction in prices for the Russian buyer, then the car has good prospects and Chinese crossovers in Russia will become incredibly popular. So far, it remains to wait for the news.

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But CS35 is quite actively sold in foreign markets. Buyers like it, both in price and in quite adequate build quality and details, here’s a video review about it: