Tuning moskvich 412: make the old car cool

Tuning a Muscovite as a phrase can be shocking to many, basically, there will be thoughts like “don’t dress up like a donkey, he won’t become a horse anyway.” But for many, tuning is a hobby or an activity that pleases the soul, besides this, the Moskvich 412 is a legendary and simple machine in design, it can be very interesting to tune. For those who do tuning Moskvich 412There are plenty of opportunities to make a really interesting copy of the car.

tuning Muscovite 412

What is good Moskvich 412 for tuning

The Moskvich 412 is known for having a special motor installed in it that showed itself from a good side during races in the USSR The car with this engine at one time set records, participated in the rally and took first place. In the engine of 8 valves, at the time it was strong.

Но сегодня мощностные характеристики Москвича 412 не соответствуют техническому прогрессу, и это понятно, поэтому мотор, да и весь автомобиль просто нуждается в рестайлинге. Даже в далеком 1976 году был сделан первый tuning Moskvich 412 британскими мастерами, после чего машина получила 148 л. с. мощности.

Muscovite 412 tuning photo

To do this, we had to modernize the cylinder head, change the shape of the gas distribution, and make other improvements in the engine.

Improving the performance of Moskvich

To Moskvich went better, it makes sense to change the camshaft. Next, to increase the power you need to install 4 carburetors. Thanks to this, the motor will work quieter and will become more resourceful.

Moskvich 412 tuning фото

AT engine tuning Moskvich 412 It is important to choose the right material from which the adapter plates are made. It is also important to implement the relative position of the flaps, properly configure the intake manifold. In order to further increase the power, it is necessary to install a supercharger, and before that it is necessary to make the intake tract and place it in the housing between the flaps and the master brake cylinder with a vacuum.

Then we need to work on the spider, for this we need to improve the standard piston group, and generally have to work hard. Where it is easier to simply install another engine in Moskvich, for example, toyotovsky 3-liter engine 2JZ-GE is perfect.

engine tuning Moskvich 412

Делая тюнинг двигателя можно установить турбонаддув, который обеспечит подачу сжатого воздуха в цилиндры, что также увеличит мощность. AT данной схеме используется энергия выхлопных газов. AT цилиндры подается больше топлива, из-за этого увеличивается мощность. Поэтому надо увеличить и воздушный поток, турбина этим и займется.

And the exhaust gases will be engaged in the fact that they will rotate the impeller of the turbine, after which the compressor blades will be set in motion. The compressor is responsible for pumping air into the cylinders. Since air enters the cylinders under pressure, as a result, the cylinders receive a large amount of air.

Certainly, a turbine engine will have more power than a naturally aspirated engine. As already mentioned, the more air enters, the more fuel is burned, so the engine power increases significantly.

Moskvich 412 engine tuning

But for those to whom this increase in power is not enough, there is an opportunity to get even more power, for this it is necessary to work on increasing the torque indicator.

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To accomplish this goal, it is necessary to modify the drive supercharger. Improve the crankshaft as well as increase engine size. To increase the volume by about 300 cubes you just need to remove the cylinder head, this will increase the level of compression in the cylinders to 8.4 units.

On this engine tuning Moskvich 412 more ends, then you can do such a thing as chip tuning, which will affect the electronic control unit, especially if you install, as mentioned above 4 carburetor, they can borrow from a snowmobile.

Such transformations will reduce the noise level, because the idling of the motor will occur at 400 rpm, and as for the maximum number of revolutions, this figure will increase to 5500 rpm. Yes, this is all serious work, but if everything is done correctly, the Moskvich 412 will become more maneuverable, it will accelerate faster, feel more confident in the stream when overtaking.

Moskvich 412 tuning

After forcing the engine, the car will show excellent performance when driving. The car will become obedient and will bring the driver more joy and pleasure from driving. A special pleasure brings straight-through busher, thanks to which the sound of the car is just amazing, all drivers and pedestrians around will look around and remain shocked for a long time about what kind of “dangerous” this car is.

Своими руками сложно будет сделать engine tuning Moskvich 412, но если есть знания и опыт, то все получится. А если нет опыта и знаний, то надо просто обратиться к профессионалам, особенно хорошо найти знакомых или друзей, которые разбираются в автомобилях и тюнинге, они на выгодных условиях всегда смогут поработать над вашим стандартным Москвичем.

To tune the car will need a considerable amount of tools and skills. If you look at the whole, then tuning the car will require serious expenses in terms of time and finins, but with proper patience, you can make a masterpiece out of an old car, bypassing possible problems and difficulties without losing enthusiasm.

If you turn to a tuning studio, you can not worry about the possible difficulties in terms of mechanics, because all these questions will be taken by the experts, you can even get a guarantee that after tuning the car will quietly travel even 100,000 km.

But as you know, equipment is sometimes unpredictable, therefore unforeseen situations can occur, and the car can fail, so it is also important to understand how the car works in general, to know where the carburetor, engine, battery, etc. most understand which of the nodes out of order.

Moskvich 412 tuning

Other improvements

The Moskvich 412 itself has a fairly robust design and magnificent features, despite the fact that it has not been released for a long time. However, spare parts for this car can still be found to this day, and during disassembly it is also possible to easily find the necessary part if necessary.

The car looks, to put it mildly, old-fashioned, still, this is a Soviet car, it’s already more than 30 years old, but you don’t have to despair, even from such an old car you can make something fashionable and modern. First you have to work on the exterior, and then on the interior.

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Чтобы улучшить внешний вид Москвича надо будет установить другие бампера, можно их позаимствовать у более современных ATАЗов, а можно даже взять оригинальные от некоторых производителей тюнинговых деталей. С новыми бамперами машина будет выглядеть заметно круче.

Improved ride quality

Those who encountered in Muscovites know that at a speed of over 100 km / h, the car starts to drive slightly, especially if the road is slightly uneven. To remedy this situation, it is necessary to remove the bridge, install a more modern stabilizer, the same as on foreign cars.

Some think that doing tuning Moskvich 412 it is necessary to change the suspension and in some ways they are right, it should be independent with the gear in the rear. If you improve the suspension, the car will also feel more confident on the road, and even off-road, because there are springs in Moskvich, which means that the car is just made for driving on rough terrain.

After the car began to accelerate faster and feel confident on the road, the driver will often push sneakers on the floor, and if suddenly there are some unexpected obstacles on the road, they will require stronger brakes to prevent them. Standard brakes in Moskvich are drum drums at the back and disc brakes at the front, so it is advisable to install disc brakes on the rear wheels, and even better if they are equipped with a vacuum booster. After such an improvement in brakes, riding on such a car will be safer.

Moskvich 412 photos

Кстати, очень важным узлом в автомобиле считается коробка передач, так вот, стандартная москвичевская уже свое отжила, она шумная и недостаточно быстрая. ATместо старой коробки можно поставить ATАЗовскую 5-ти ступенчатую. Даже такая коробка позволит машине ездить быстрее, и она станет тише.

Exhaust system improvements

In order for the sound of the car to bring joy and satisfaction, it is necessary to replace the exhaust system - change the standard one to the sport one. Put forward flow, as they say in the people. Even if you just remove the resonator and put the pipe instead of the muffler, the sound will be like on a supercar. A motor with 8 valves gives a pleasant growl if you remove the muffler.

Further, it is still possible to improve the appearance of the car with the help of chrome-plated parts such as mud flaps of the original form, vinyl, various original drawings or stickers. Of course, you can completely repaint the car in a different color, but it will require solving some of the difficulties and costs of finance.

Moskvich 412 exhaust

Чтобы машина интересно выглядела, еще можно установить воздухозаборник на крыше или на капоте. ATоздухозаборник просто необходимый элемент внешнего тюнинга Москвича 412. Колеса тоже надо поменять – установить литые диски с дорогими фирменными шинами.

The better the tires are, the better the car will be driven, the more docile it will be on the road, and the ride will be more gentle. So that the steering wheel does not trot at high speeds, it is necessary to do balancing.

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To further improve the appearance of the car you need to install xenon, which, as you know, shines much brighter than ordinary headlights. Xenon headlights have such an interesting property as a glow with a certain shade. You can choose different colors, such as blue, red, green, etc.

Very quickly, a xenon car will be spotted on the road. And especially if xenon is mounted on a Moskvich, then it will be just incredible, especially at night.

Interior tuning

After the engine was improved, the suspension was moved and even the exhaust system began to sound better, and you can go to tuning the cabin. In order for the Moskvich to at least feel like a sports car, you can install a sports steering wheel that will make the car's interior cooler, the 3-spoke steering wheel looks especially great.

Moskvich 412 steering wheel

Initially, in the cabin Moskvich 412 insulation is not good enough. Therefore, this disadvantage can be corrected and put high-quality noise insulation in the car. Riding a car will be more pleasant, because the cabin will not be noisy.

Noise insulation is installed even in the engine compartment to reduce noise from the engine. The main thing is that sound insulation sheets are solid and contain high-quality soundproof material. The thickness of the foil should be about 5 mm.

These sheets should be glued to the hood, secure with screws to hold firmly. With sound insulation problems should not arise and all the work can be done in a day. Further, in the cabin, you can improve the dashboard Moskvich 412. To do this, you need to buy the desired instruments with a scale and install them in place of a standard dashboard.

tuning salon Muscovite 412

To make the dashboard look spectacular and readable, you need to install 2 additional LED lights, replace the large base lamp with a large LED. Further in the cabin, you can change the upholstery to a higher quality. Since the factory is already seriously outdated.

Некоторые элементы салона можно перекрасить, например, нанести аэрографию. ATыбирать цвет по вкусу, для того чтобы подчеркнуть особенности владельца и его автомобиля. Многие детали желательно отполировать и подкрасить, для этого надо использовать абразивную пасту и специальные приспособления.

In order to feel more comfortable behind the wheel of the Moskvich 412, you can also change the seats, there are many different options that will be great instead of the standard Moskvitch chairs.

tuning salon Moskvich 412

No serious tuning can do without quality music. The tape recorder can be installed under the torpedo. Columns will easily become on the dashboard, as well as under the rear window. And in the trunk, you can easily install a subwoofer.

If everything is done beautifully, you will get a car that will look like a real masterpiece, which can still make many cars at traffic lights.

And then a video with an interesting version of tuning Moskvich 412: