Hatchback lada granta 2014 - new modification

AvtoVAZ presented official information on the configuration and prices of the new Lada Granta model. Depending on the internal equipment, the car will be available for the amount of 314-477 thousand rubles. Lada Grant 2014 About two years ago, there was official information that Lada Granta hatchback mandatory will be produced in series. At the same time, sales started "Grants", only with a body "sedan". This car took the leading lines in the list of the best-selling cars throughout Russia. Over the past year, nearly 167,000 cars of this model were purchased. In the first months of this year, there was a decline in the demand for a sedan compared to the same period last year. This is the most appropriate time to present a new model of a popular car to motorists. As the representatives of AvtoVAZ say, hatchback Lada Granta Created with special emphasis on design. From the official press release of the enterprise, it follows that the designers worked more on the style of the machine than on its budget. The result was not long in coming. The novelty turned out to be very attractive. The greatest number of positive reviews received the silhouette of the car. Hatchback Lada Grant 2014 In constructive terms, the hatchback is almost no different from the sedan Lada Granta. So, for example, remained unchanged body frame. In addition, AvtoVAZ reports that the trunk will be kept quite large in size in the new hatchback. However, its exact volume is not yet known. We give a review of the Lada Granta hatchback in all existing trim levels.

Options "Standard"

The basic equipment of the new hatchback will cost customers more expensive by 25 thousand rubles than the similar equipment of a sedan. For the novelty will need to pay 314 thousand rubles. The basic equipment includes a car with an engine with 8 valves of 1.6 liters. Engine power will reach 87 horsepower. For drivers, the novelty will be specially equipped with airbags. There are also attachments for child seats. The steering column can be easily adjusted in height. In addition, the new hatchback will be equipped with stamped rims with a diameter of 14 inches. Lada Grant 2014 хэтчбек For the same money in the Russian market, there’s actually nothing to choose from. Of the preferred alternatives can be identified except that the ZAZ Chance, the basic configuration of which will cost the buyer 295 thousand rubles. By adding another 13 thousand rubles, you can buy the same car, only with a complete set of SE, the start of sales of which dates back to 2010. You can also consider the option with the Chinese Lifan Smily, the standard package of which can be purchased for 310 thousand rubles.

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Options "Norma"

346 тысяч рублей необходимо будет выложить за hatchback Lada Granta в комплектации «Норма». Двигатель ничем не отличается от стандартной версии. Среди прочих новшеств нужно обратить внимание на установку электрического усилителя руля, системы помощи водителю при внезапном торможении, электрической системы подъема стекол, а также современной мультимедийной системой. По внешнему виду две комплектации отличаются лишь молдингами и накладками черного цвета на центральной стойке. В этом ценовом сегменте тоже отсутствует сильно большая конкуренция. Основные альтернативы остались практически теме же. ZAZ Chance с более мощным двигателем в стандартной комплектации обойдется в 347 тысяч рублей. Lifan Smily за 340 тысяч рублей предоставляется в комплектации с литыми дисками, электрической системы подъема стекол, кондиционером и качественной аудиосистемой. Можно также обратить внимание на Chery Very за 355 тысяч рублей, однако в ней отсутствует система помощи при внезапном торможении. Grant Hatchback

Options "Lux"

Most complete new Lada Granta will cost 420 thousand rubles. The engine in this unit will contain 16 valves, and have a volume of 1.6 liters. 106 horsepower will be the power of the motor. Among the internal stuffing is necessary to distinguish the climate control system and audio system. Wheel disks are cast and have a diameter of 15 inches. Mirrors are equipped with additional turn signals. In addition, the novelty is equipped with two airbags, fog lights, an electric system for lifting windows. There is a version of a top-end vehicle with an equipped automatic transmission, but for such a pleasure you will have to fork out for 477,000 rubles, which is far from affordable for everyone. Lada Granta photo For the same amount of money you can buy a car is not of Chinese, but of European origin. Also, the Koreans recommended themselves well. For example, Renault Sandero in the basic configuration will cost 374 thousand rubles. Top versions of this car start at 474 thousand rubles. In conclusion, it can be noted that a car from a Russian manufacturer can serve as an excellent alternative to the Chinese auto industry, but only in the average price range. And here video review of the Lada Grants in the back of a hatchback: Recommended article: Japanese Toyota Tundra pickup is notable for its enormous size