How to choose a car stereo

Fans of good music are often interested in what kind of tape recorder is better to buy in the car. After all, sometimes the mood of the driver depends on this, which can affect the driving safety. In addition, there are some sanitary standards that this equipment must meet. After all, everyone knows that some frequency sound vibrations can even lead to health problems.

In addition to these factors, the driver seeks to provide a comfortable zone in the car. This can be created with an audio tape recorder, which has a fairly wide range of functionality. Often, some of its features are designed for "advanced" users, but are not always used by average auto-users.


  • 1 What are the signs to choose audio
  • 2 Selection by options
  • 3 Select by sound
  • 4 Where and how to buy a car stereo

What are the signs to choose audio

Not all old cars were staffed with regular multimedia systems. Therefore, the actual question, what kind of radio tape recorder is better to put in the car, is more often for machines of the budget class or those that have trouble with the built-in audio player.

In addition to the main financial parameter, the driver must focus on the dimensions of multimedia. Not all car panels allow working with space to fit two-block complexes (2 Din), you have to be content with a single-block construction (1 Din). However, even the second layout option has dynamic solutions with traveling monitors.

what kind of tape recorder can you buy in the car?

The design of the latter option is quite flimsy, so it should not be chosen by those who are not used to dealing with fragile items in their car. Therefore, before choosing a car stereo, you need to think about whether you need an extra screen and will use it often.

Selection by options

The development of electronics occurs at a rapid pace, and what was a wonder even a couple of years ago is becoming common or even an obsolete element. “Kasetniki” have long been forgotten, if they are somewhere else, they are used as a radio receiver.

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how to choose a car receiver

Also, before choosing a car stereo, many people think about whether drives are needed that only read CDs. After all on DVD can fit much more music in better quality. Although even laptop manufacturers no longer put any optical drives on their products.

As external sources in machines use other compounds. One of them is USB connector. Without it, a modern cassette recorder will look inferior. A variation of such a connection can be connectors for flash drives. SD и microSD.

Not be superfluous AUX port. Through it, you can connect your own smartphone with your favorite songs and display them on the external speakers of the radio. Pre-need to buy a connecting cord.

what modern radio is better to buy in the car

Lovers to chat on the phone, and not to choose which radio tape recorder is better by sound, you need to take care of the presence in the audio system "Bluetooth". Through her, the driver can calmly talk on the phone, listening to the answers in the car’s speakers.

Those who want to know the name of the sounding track on the radio, as well as the exact local time, must control the availability of the text function. RDS. Although not all radio stations support it, in large cities you can read news, announcements, and weather through major cities.

Select by sound

Selecting the sound parameter from the most popular brands of Pioneer, Clarion, Alpine, JVC, Sony, Kenwood, you need to understand that the radio for $ 100 or 500 euros will sound different. But most of them will not be five times different in quality. Should you choose too "tricked" equipment, you decide.

You also need to know that audio about the same price range rarely differ among themselves for some obvious signs.

Most likely, this is because most of all world brands are going to China, though by license. Some of them can be produced even in one plant.

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This does not detract from the quality, because there are also "non-brand" models, such as "Cony" or "Peoner". It is hardly worth paying attention to such products, not only because they contain untranslated instructions in Russian in hieroglyphs.

which radio is best to put in the car

Most car stereos have their own characteristic sound. Have Pioneer the sound is a little bass, ringing and slightly harsh. For Alpine characterized by a more natural, correct sound with deep and powerful bass without brightly allocated high frequencies. Japanese Sony suitable for those who prefer underlined bass and treble. For JVC also characterized by naturalness and attention to high frequencies. Kenwood They are famous for clear and correct bass.

Where and how to buy a car stereo

Do not buy audio for the car in the markets. It is advisable to do this in specialized stores. It is necessary to check the sound at all frequencies before the purchase, independently check the ergonomics of the buttons and the quality of the screen backlight.

In the completed warranty card, sellers must indicate the date of purchase, stamp the outlet and determine the warranty period.