Best driving schools in moscow


Any resident of the metropolis, before going to study at a driving school, carefully examines the reviews about these institutions left by their customers. Quite often, the choice of driving school occurs solely on the recommendation of friends, who easily passed the course and received a driver's license the first time. Anyway, but every potential visitor is looking for the best driving school that would have several branches in such a large city as Moscow. This determining factor often acts as a guarantor of the fact that any newcomer under the guidance of sensitive and understanding teachers in just 3 months will become a qualified driver.

Driving instruction

The rating of Moscow driving schools, which was compiled in 2017, will help the residents of the metropolis to choose the best place to study

В статье рассмотрены только самые современные заведения, автопарки которых наполнены сотнями разных транспортных средств: от отечественных до зарубежных моделей. Ценящие свою репутацию учреждения предоставляют клиентам на выбор машины с механической и автоматической трансмиссией, выполненные в любом типе кузова (хэтчбек, седан). Такой индивидуальный подход поможет определить для себя более подходящее авто и обучаться на самых современных площадках, благодаря чему любой желающий сможет отточить водительское мастерство.Читать далее о лучших автошколах Москвы-->

The list of the most optimal driving schools

If the future car owner does not know which driving school to choose in Moscow, he can familiarize himself with the information below, which lists only those driving schools that have proven themselves well. The list includes only those institutions that provide high-quality training, they have conveniently located branches and an acceptable cost of services. It is worth noting that reviews of people who have completed driving courses have become an important factor in choosing the best institutions.

University Driving School

In the first place of the ranking is "University Driving School." At the moment, the cost of training is about 46,700 rubles, while the training will not exceed 3 months.

University Driving School

In many forums you can find good recommendations of this institution, which also has a very convenient traffic interchange.

In close proximity to the metro station "University". Visitors like a variety of lectures, as the material is presented in the most accessible form.

Avtototshkola "R-AVTO"

Второе место заняло такое популярное учреждение, как Avtototshkola "R-AVTO". Здесь получить права можно за бюджетную сумму в 34100 руб. Посещать занятия необходимо на протяжении 3 месяцев.

Clients like the convenience of the location of the institution, and the low cost of the courses makes studying here even more attractive.


Lectures and driving are taught by conscientious, responsive staff who are focused on a positive exam outcome

Driving school "2000"

The honorable third place in the list of the best allotted to a driving school "2000". The price for the course is 39,500 rubles. You will have to study as much as in the above institutions.

Driving school

Driving license students mark well-organized theoretical studies, which are carried out with the help of a huge number of visual aids.

In addition, the organization has simulators through which beginners can gain initial driving experience Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0% .

Driving school "77-region"

Despite the fact that the specialists of this educational institution train the wards for 3.5 months, the cost of the course varies within 35,750 rubles. It is worth noting that this organization has a lot of positive feedback left by its visitors.

Due to the fact that the period of study is 2 weeks longer than in other typical firms, students have the opportunity to gradually grasp all the subtleties of driving skills. Convenience training is provided by the presence of both day and evening classes.

Driving school

We work with clients quickly and efficiently, in an accessible form trying to bring any material

Driving school "Avers"

The list, which includes only the best driving schools in Moscow, continues to school driving "Avers". The cost of the course will require an investment of 41,000 rubles. It will be possible to get the rights only after 3 months of training.

Driving school

Driving school "Avers"

Beginners-drivers like extremely polite and attentive teachers, who are able to find a solution in any situation in the shortest possible time. Instructors are calm and understanding, present material in an accessible form and explain mistakes. According to reviews of people who graduated from the institution, the additional costs that are not included in the contract are not provided.

Autoclass ABI

In a driving school, located on the sixth place in the rating, you can get a driver's license after three months passing courses, which cost 45,000 rubles

Autoclass ABI

Autoclass ABI

Drivers of the driving school mark the timely start of classes, which are conducted by experienced, skilled staff. The material is presented simply and clearly, through a variety of visual aids. Mostly driving is done on neat, clean foreign cars, in practice, spending time driving around the city and test routes.

Driving school "Auto-Mechanics"

For 38,000 rubles. You can get a driver's license at the driving school "Auto-Mechanics", while you need to attend classes 4 months.

Driving school

Driving school "Auto-Mechanics"

Like all the above institutions, the organization has acquired prestige, is distinguished by affordable courses. Many note the calm and self-control of instructors at a high level conducting classes. As a rule, the firm performs all assigned functions perfectly.

Driving school "Auto-Profi"

The Avto-Profi driving school, in which the cost of passing courses does not exceed 36,000 rubles, is popular among Moscow residents. True, the training will take about 3.5 months.

Driving school

Specialists of the organization try to choose a more acceptable training option for each client by offering courses both on weekdays and exclusively on weekends.

Driving school "Auto-Forum"

Among the hundreds of typical institutions, some prefer to study at the Auto-Forum driving school. The price for the course will be 45,900 rubles, while the time that you have to spend does not exceed 3 months.

Clients note responsible employees who help to quickly master theoretical material and practical skills.

Driving school

Instructors in a short time try to show beginners important nuances of maneuvering to help further

Driving school "Autobot"

At the Avtodebut driving school, any resident of the capital can get a driver's license for 46,000 rubles, having completed training for 3 months.

Driving school

Driving school "Autobot"

Visitors to this institution celebrate a convenient location, an adequate attitude from the staff (both academic theorists and driving instructors). Many claim that the learning process does not draw up additional agreements that affect the increase in the cost of courses.


Rating driving schools in Moscow will help make the choice of the best institution for obtaining a driver's license easier and faster. The list contains places with prices valid in the current year. Reviews and features of each of the driving schools will help anyone who is planning to start learning in the near future.