The ugliest cars in the world


The automotive industry is dotted with a variety of car brands that differ in shape and color, capacity and power, safety performance and attractiveness. The car is no longer a means of transportation, well, except in part. The tendency to pay more attention to exterior design began to find its breadth at the beginning of this century. In parallel with improvements in car performance on the road, many companies began to complement various design elements, emphasizing the perfection of modern progress. We offer you a review where the participants are the ugliest cars in the world.

Top 10 most ugly cars

Pontiac Aztek

Pontiac Aztek SUV

The main idea of ​​creating this car is its versatility.

Это, пожалуй, самая уродливая машина всех времён и поколений, которую можно было ожидать. Концерн GM выпускал этот кроссовер с начала двухтысячных и за 5 лет этот автомобиль успел «прославить» своего прародителя по всему миру. Основная задумка дизайнеров этого авто заключалась в том, чтобы рационально использовать каждый элемент этого автомобиля. Жаль, но универсальность автомобиля не нашла своих поклонников, оставив длинную ленту негативных отзывов.Продолжить чтение о самых уродливых автомобилях мира-->

Fiat Multipla

Fiat Multipla

The first generation of these cars was sold with great success. The start of sales was crowned with colossal success, however, subsequent modifications have horrified motorists. The versatility of the car, along with a bizarre form, similar to the spacecraft of the Cold War, many drivers caused a wide smile. The human mind has no boundaries, so he coped with this task. European car lovers saw in this car a great way to make good money, becoming to use it as a spacious taxi-truck. Perhaps this is a worthy candidate for the title of "the most ugly car in the world."

SsangYong Rodius

SsangYong Rodius

Enough "interesting" design, especially for lovers of sea walks. Outwardly resembling a yacht, the car is practically in no way inferior to a swimming facility, especially when it comes to the spaciousness of the cabin. Not all motorists managed to find clear advantages in this car.

Austin Allegro / Vanden Plas

Austin Allegro / Vanden Plas Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%

The English development, which besides sharp criticism in its side, deserves nothing. A huge grille and one of the cheap car bodies create the impression that you have a harvester to harvest. Rolls-Royce clearly underestimated the taste preferences of the refined Europeans, leaving a further release of this line under the influence of negative comments.

Cadillac Deville

Cadillac Deville Coupe

For a long time while driving behind the wheel of this car can cause nausea. With this opinion, half the driving enthusiasts, who have experienced this horror on wheels, will agree. In addition to strong fuel consumption, this car is no less strongly creates a lot of vibrations and noise. For fans of films about gangsters - a great find, but not as a business person.

AMC Pacer

American cars AMC Pacer

Awkward copy of the American automobile industry of the 70s

In times of crisis in the oil market, Americans in the early 70s produce a new hit. The awkwardness of this little one is still imprinted in local sayings and anecdotes. Total time to release about 300 thousand of these cars, but the question arises: who? Indeed, a tiny “shoe” box on wheels, apparently, was created more to lift the mood than to meet the needs of the automotive market.

Ford Scorpio

Ford Scorpio

Quite an attractive offer, as for his age. But there is a small nuance about which the developers of this machine did not have time to think in time. The first model of this development has been successfully sold for five years. And then something happened. Whether the success has clouded the mind or ingenious decisions have dried up, the result was one: a new design and simple modifications of the car buried the idea to continue the further promotion of the car on the market.


Hummer H1

Dual situation develops around this car. As broad as a tank, as enduring as an elephant, Hummer continued to create many questions for the designers of this brainchild. If this car began to be sold to civilians, then why on the 8-lane highway, automatic pumping of wheels, the ability to go through swamps and so on. The use of this car, in addition to the purpose, the help of the US Army, the car preferred to use in the northern regions of the country.

Chrysler PT Cruiser

Chrysler PT Cruiser

There are few American cars that have received some negative feedback from buyers. Basically they were associated with individual disagreements in the concept of the machine. The same representative scored such a number of negative responses that, apart from how to throw the project in the trash, the concern did not have a more rational solution. However, this did not prevent young fans of retro cars to create a fan club dedicated to this foreign car. And no wonder where, if not in the USA.

Ford Edsel

Car Ford Edsel

The car with which Ford suffered a fiasco

This car brand has done a lot of noise in its time. Unheard of funds were thrown on an advertising campaign: about three million motorists came to the presentation, but in fact it turned out - a typical representative of Ford. According to experts Edsel, the clearest example of unwarranted hopes and expensive advertising.

Every family has its black sheep

You can talk about the ugliest cars for weeks and even months. It is one thing when it comes to the early development of the automotive industry and it is quite another if technical progress is taking leaps and bounds ahead, and designers are trying to surprise the mountain with last year’s socks.

This rating of the most clumsy projects can not be called objective, since everyone has different tastes and cannot be guessed. Perhaps it would be nicer to see in this rating and domestic models, for example, the Eye or the new Niva, stories about which will be enough for another generation of motorists. However, in comparison with the aforementioned models, small domestic flaws seem just a joke.