The sixth generation hyundai elantra is already assembled in

Hyundai Allantra шестого поколенandя уже собandрают в Калandнandнграде

Sixth generation Hyundai Allantra (Forward in South Korea)

At the Kaliningrad Automobile Plant "Avtotor" began the so-called SKD assembly new generation Hyundai Allantra models. The last generation is already the sixth in a row. To date, about forty cars of the famous “Korean” have been assembled and “packed”. The assembly of large assemblies, practiced so far, still does not mean complete localization of production, which, ideally, is designed to significantly reduce the cost of "home-grown" Korean cars. Now they are actively working on this, and full localization will be achieved in the near future. For Russian car owners it will be a holiday. Price holiday. In addition to the "budget" models of cars of the South Korean brand Hyundai, Kaliningrad car collectors are also involved in business class representatives. In particular, sedans and station wagons come off the local conveyor. Hyundai i40 and Hyundai Equus, авто представandтельского уровня. Hyundai Allantra шестого поколенandя уже собandрают в Калandнandнграде Hyundai AllantraAccording to the head of the Russian office of Hyundai, it is one of the most sought-after cars not only in its homeland, but throughout the world. That is what gives Koreans confidence that in Russia this model will win the top of the pedestal of consumer preferences. Another Korean said that he trusts the local guys from Avtotor, do not be afraid, they, they say, will collect it qualitatively. By the way, in order to start the assembly in Russia, it was not our side who insisted, but the South Koreans themselves. At present, for the Russian assemblers, the implementation of about three hundred assembly operations from the entire production cycle is available.

Hyundai Allantra шестого поколенandя офandцandально была представлена в сентябре текущего года у себя на родandне, кстатand, в Южной Корее она носandт другое andмя: Forward. The basic equipment of this model involves the use of a 1.6-liter 132-strong GDi. In addition to its range of engines are petrol 2.0-liter MPi, capable of developing power of 149 horsepower and 1.6-liter diesel VGT. Diesel produces 136 fair horses. Gasoline engines are installed with either a six-speed manual or automatic transmissions. A diesel will be paired only with a two-linked seven-range automatic. Hyundai Allantra шестого поколенandя уже собandрают в Калandнandнграде

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Hyundai Allantra fifth generation today sold in Russia since 860 kiloruble for basic equipment. A fancy version of the Elantra costs two hundred thousand wooden more. More recently, Koreans let it slip that they are going to bring a new generation to us. Hyundai Solaris and полнопрandводный Hyundai Equus.