Kia cerato 2013 (kia cerato) - a reliable and beautiful

As you know, the three requirements in the headline almost never intersect. However, the designers and designers of the new KIA Cerato have tried their best, and if you are not looking for an aggressive car in a sporty style, then you will certainly appreciate the new creation of hardworking Koreans. And although the design of the grille is quite controversial feelings, it is necessary to recognize that the car will stand out from the crowd, including thanks to it.

foto kia cerato 2013

Where are the Kia Cerato 2013?

This car is the third incarnation of the Cerato model. Kia Cerate 2013 is assembled in Korea, but in the near future, perhaps these cars will be assembled in Kaliningrad, where the plant allows. And, having looked at the first version, which saw the light in 2004, improvements can be seen with the naked eye.

The history did not preserve the name of the “great designer”, but the first version of the Cerato (with Italian. Brilliant, that's it!) Could be confused without any remorse of conscience with any other Chinese car, or even taken for a new miscarriage of Tolyatti. The hatchback was slightly more pleasant looking than the sedan, but it also clearly lost against the background of Western brands.

Photos of the new Kia Cerato 2013

The second reincarnation of the brilliant sedan was shown in Sydney, and this time the car was no longer so impersonal. KIA hired two designers for its development at once - Peter Schreier and Tom Cairns, and they did not disappoint. Especially beautiful looks KIA Cerato 2nd generation coupe version - so good that there are analogies with the 2000s Mitsubishi in general and the Lancer family in particular.

New Kia Cerato 2013 photo

For the first time, the third generation was shown to Los Angeles at the end of 2012, and, as already mentioned, it causes slightly controversial sensations. The designers remained the same, but the style has changed dramatically. It is not for nothing that KIA moved Cerato from the category of "station wagons" to family cars - Mitsubishi does not smell here. But there was his own recognizable style. We'll talk about him in more detail, then there will be a review of the Kia Cerato 2013.

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Overview of the exterior and interior KIA Cerato YD (2013 onwards)

It is worth starting with the fact that the new Kia Cerato 2013 is not exactly a sedan. Due to the fact that designers and designers have been playing with models for too long, to say exactly which of the two new variants of the Cerato is the sedan, and which is the coupe, only the dealer can. Both cars have similar silhouettes, only the coupe looks a bit more aggressive (and the grille is different).

Kia Cerato 2013

Kia cerate 2013 (photo above) is slightly longer and wider than its predecessor, but the weight decreased by 62 kg due to redistribution and change of materials. The trunk of the car has a volume of 482 liters. New Cerato is more likely to belong to the C-class and, it is necessary to recognize that the car is fully in line with it.

Price Kia cerate 2013 amounted to 930 thousand rubles, which in principle is not bad for the C-class. And if we talk about basic equipment, then the price of the Kia Cerato 2013 in the most basic version, with a 1.6 engine, will be 669,000 rubles, this figure is significantly less than the price of a Mercedes Gelendvagen, although of course, these cars cannot be compared :)

And this is a photo of the Kia cerate 2013 salon, it is clear that the interior looks quite beautiful:

Photo gallery Kia Cerato 2013

Inside the Kia cerate 2013 is quite spacious, as the car is built on a new platform. The car has an on-board computer, as well as a powerful multimedia system with support for almost all current formats.

The comfort of the car has also been improved - in the new KIA with leather upholstery and ventilation, and in the cabin there is a full climate system. All sensors are located on the dashboard behind the wheel, however, due to the large diameter of the steering wheel, they are quite distinguishable during the active passage of difficult sections of the route.

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Kia Cerato 2013 review

That's where the new "Korean" cheated, so it is in power. The technical characteristics of the Kia Cerato 2013 really speak of low engine power. Cerato offers a choice of two engines - both petrol, of 1.6 and 2.0 liters and rated at 130 and 169 hp. respectively. It’s better not to go into street racing with her - it will be very embarrassing.

The brilliant sedan can be equipped with both a manual transmission and automatic transmission, both six-speed. Sense to put the mechanics in principle a bit - forcing and “gasing” on Cerato is problematic, and the automatic transmission with its functions copes with a bang.

Kia Cerato 2013 engine

The car was tested on the “perfect highway” in Dubai (it was there that the Kia Cerate 2013 test drive took place), but how it behaves on Russian roads, you can see about it later, in the 2013 Kia Cerate video review. opinions, but most still consider the car suitable for the middle and southern strip. But the northerners should think about buying something more frost-resistant.

Who is perfect Kia cerate 2013?

Cerato is a quite good family car that doesn’t take up much space, eats only 7 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers and stands out compared to other Chinese and Korean cars except for its appearance. The option with a manual transmission is suitable only for enthusiasts of this system, but the version with automatic transmission and an engine with a volume of two liters proved to be a good side in urban environments.

And this photo of the Kia Cerato 2013 coupe, it looks even more compact and agile:

Kia Cerato 2013 coupe

The on-board computer of the novelty does not shine with functions, but compared to what the native auto industry offers, this is already progress. Of course, the price of the new Kia Cerato 2013 is not entirely Korean, but the quality of workmanship of all the nodes has grown significantly since 2004. Price Kia Cerate 2013 coupe is about the same as the model sedan, and is within 950000 rubles.

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Who should definitely buy a Kia cerate 2013: fathers or mothers of the family, as well as calm and experienced drivers aged.

Кому присмотреться: молодым водителям, которые не хотят ездить на спортивном авто. А также любителями делать тюнинг. Ведь Киа Церато 2013 - такой автомобиль, который можно отлично тюнинговать под свои предпочтения. Tuning Kia Cerato 2013 лучше делать в тюнинговых ателье, а если позволяют знания и опыт, то можно и самостоятельно, докупив и установив различные аксессуары для Киа Церато 2013.

But the photo of the Kia Cerato 2013 (tuning), which shows how cool it is to embellish your car, the cerate looks to look very sporty:

Tuning Kia Cerato 2013

To refuse: to fans of sports cars, which accelerate in 3-4 seconds to a hundred (Kia Cerate 2013 does not shine even if you make a super-powerful tuning), as well as connoisseurs of the American automotive school. Alas, but the Koreans do not like her very much.

And here's a video about the Kia cerate 2013, which will be an excellent test drive, acceleration, braking and much more: