The solution to the problem of fogging automotive glass

A motorist should remember that the main thing is to ensure safety on the road for both himself and pedestrians. In winter, fogging in the car makes this issue even more relevant. This problem has its own prerequisites and solutions. About why this happens, will be discussed below.

Car glass should always be clean.

Car glass should always be clean.

Possible reasons

Automobile windows sweat, firstly, because of the temperature difference in the cabin and outside. The temperature in the car is slightly higher than on the street, and therefore condensation forms. If you have a question about how to deal with fogging glasses in the car, then there is a simple solution. Sometimes it is enough to make the atmosphere in the car more dry and just warm the glass.

Damaged ventilation systems may also be the reason they sweat. Sometimes the valves of the system can be closed as a result of repairing the car or because of excessive littering of the cabin. It is also possible that moisture from the drain holes of the cooling system will get into the interior of the car. To correct these problems, you must read the manual of the car and explore the ventilation system.

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It also happens that the liquid penetrates into the cabin due to the inactive engine cooling system. But this problem will be difficult to solve for yourself and better go to the service.

Oddly enough, the answer to the question “why the windows in the car are sweating” lies in your passengers. This is another cause of condensation or fogging. The air that we exhale is considered very humid. Therefore, passengers should refrain from unnecessary talk at least for a period of time. Your companions may consume alcohol before the trip, which will create additional problems for the glasses. In this case, it is best to abandon the planned trip on your own car.

Condensation may occur due to passengers.

Condensation may occur due to passengers.

Solution to the problem

  • Why is it important to cope with the moisture inside the cabin of your car? It can get inside, for example, because of the old seal. In winter, there may be snow in the car, and at other times of the year - raindrops. When the cabin temperature rises, this moisture will evaporate and then condense. Therefore, car windows are sweating. In the fight against moisture, you can use the salt packed in a paper packet, which will lie in the back seat of the car. Try to clean the mats from excess moisture, or use some paper that can be put under your feet. Remember that in the cabin should not be left raw rags.
  • To protect yourself from fogging, it is enough to keep the interior of your car closed. But if you open the door, moisture will collect again, worsening the cleanliness of the glass. In the cabin is not so easy to return the climate, why you should check its tightness.
Moisture in the cabin can cause droplets on the window

Moisture in the cabin can cause droplets on the window

  • At the first signs of fogging, it is necessary to change the flow of air by means of baffles, directing it to the glass itself. Thus, we will achieve changes in the circulation of air masses inside the car and carry out the heating of the glasses. If you have air conditioning, you can solve this problem very quickly with its help. It is worth remembering that while the air conditioner is running, you should not use the internal circulation. Sometimes, because of the dampness on the street, the filter cannot cope with its functions, as it simply does not have time to dry. Very often, this issue is solved by the usual replacement. The filter requires verification and in case of problems with the heating system of glass.
  • In cars, glass does not sweat for the first day, so many people have long known all sorts of ways that are directed against this problem. Car owners use a simple recipe: mix one lobe of glycerol with ten fractions of alcohol. Then they wipe the windows. Glycerin in its pure form does not have such an effect, because it can leave behind a trail that in the dark of the day will worsen the visibility. Wiping glasses with newspapers is one of the oldest methods. At the same time, paint from newspapers also leaves the film, as well as after using various chemical automotive substances. You can still clean the glass with cigarette tobacco.
Today, there are many different means to protect your glasses.

Today, there are many different means to protect your glasses.

  • But why not solve this problem with the help of the variety of offers on the market? Today you can find many products to service your car. One of the most popular is a tool that helps protect against fogging and directed against the formation of condensate. It is presented in the form of sprays, various liquids and glass wipes. This substance forms a small film that prevents moisture from settling on the surface. Moisture simply rolls down, and the glass remains dry. Or it happens that the windows still sweat, and the drops remain on the floor, but at the same time they form a transparent thin layer. You will not get the expected effect if you apply the product on an uncleaned surface. Glass must be clean. You may notice that having solved the problem of fogging, you will also get a pleasant, tasty aroma in your car.
  • Also, the solution of the problem comes down, for example, to the use of a special film for glasses. It is easily applied to car windows. But it is best to entrust its installation to competent specialists. Such films are created not only against the formation of condensate, but also perfectly perform protective functions and are applied not only to the car.

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We looked at a known problem when the windows in your car are sweating. Dismantled why this is happening. It turned out that they sweat primarily because of the temperature difference or the appearance of moisture in the cabin. Now, faced with this problem, you will easily find a way out of the situation and you will always have clean glasses. The most important thing is to listen to your favorite "iron horse" in time.