Depreciation rack, ideal for the "tenth family" lada



For those who still do not know which racks are better to put on the VAZ 2110 or models of the VAZ 2112-2115 series, you can use the material below, which will write to the potential consumer all the advantages and disadvantages of all racks created by the most popular manufacturers. Experienced drivers know that this element of the vehicle periodically fails and, accordingly, needs to be completely replaced. Malfunction arises in view of driving on "high-quality" roads or use of inexpensive accessories. Most of all other motorists are looking for specialized racks on the Lada Priora and Kalina. You should not assume that the owners of these vehicles encounter some problems during the selection of the necessary components, as the buyers of the new racks are those who simply do not want to regularly replace the standard worn-out unit, preferring to replace it with a more expensive high-quality alternative. Some consumers are interested in new racks due to the creation of a unique and attractive tuning, which is not possible with the use of native shock absorbers that are not designed for ultimate loads.

Car Lada 110

Factory accessories

So, in order to figure out which racks are better to put on the VAZ 2110, you should initially understand why many factory owners are not satisfied with many owners of domestic cars. After all, it is reasonable to believe that the native components created by design engineers should, like no other, separately produced items, function ideally in each particular Russian machine. However, in life everything happens completely differently, and motorists often look for new shock absorbers on their Priora or Kalina.

Читать далее о лучших амортизационных стойка для Лады-->Замена, в первую очередь, обусловлена низкой выносливостью заводских приспособлений. Спустя непродолжительное время устройство начинает разрушаться. Происходит это даже во время движения по практически гладкому дорожному покрытию, не говоря об «идеальных» российских трассах. Современный автолюбитель то и дело объезжает ямы и неровности, периодически заезжая в них по неосторожности. Этот аспект «помогает» вдвое или втрое сократить жизненный цикл амортизаторам.

The manufacturer at Priora and Kalina installs only oil racks. This detail has one major drawback - while driving at high speed, the car starts to sway. On turns, as noted by experienced car owners Lada, creates an unpleasant feeling when the driver begins to think that the car is moving only two wheels. Those who prefer a faster ride than 100 km / h, trying to find a quality replacement for native parts.

Replacing shock absorbers for cars

Types of shock absorbers

To know which racks are better for a particular car, it is not enough to examine all the available brands and review all the models offered on the car market or the shop racks. It is much more important to decide on the desires and preferences of the motorist, to figure out what he needs. To date, auto parts sellers can offer their customers only 3 modern types of shock absorbers. It should be noted that each of the presented models has fundamentally different properties.

The most budget option for Priora and Kalina - oil racks (hydraulic). This is the softest option that is perfect for those who prefer a measured ride or, due to the peculiarities of the area in which they live, they have to constantly drive on a dirt road.

Hydraulic shock absorber for auto - device

The second type of shock absorbers - gas, it is more rigid. The peculiarity of such racks - the absence of buildup when driving at high speeds and cornering. However, it is undesirable to install gas struts for driving on a primer, which can quickly bring the entire suspension to ruin.

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The third type of rack is gas oiling, combining the properties of the two previous species, having their average values.

Gas oil racks for cars

What are the best racks?

Only by adequately evaluating your driving style and coverage on the roads, on which the car owner will have to move with enviable regularity, you can easily and unduly doubt choose the best option of depreciation racks on the domestic Priora or Kalina.

As analogues, we can recommend high-quality parts of the three companies listed below, provided that the motorist has previously decided on the type of necessary equipment. Virtually all of the “tenth family” of the Russian Lada can be equipped with the above-listed strut struts, consider them in more detail, studying in detail all the pros and cons of devices.

Selection amotrizator in the store

Russian "Plaza"

In order not to be mistaken with the choice of shock absorbers, which are guaranteed to fit Priora or Kalina, it is worthwhile, first of all, to pay attention to the parts produced by the St. Petersburg shock absorber concern. Due to the fact that the organization carries out its activities on the territory of Russia, the quality of the elements it produces fully satisfies modern standards. So, in order to know what parts are of Russian origin, it is enough to inspect the product, the discovered “OTC” stamp will be evidence that in the hands of a potential consumer is a quality device that is not a defective product. Today, the manufacturer offers motorists 4 models of oil racks. Which of them prefer to choose the direct consumer:

  • the softest version is Soft-Drive, which is identical with respect to driving characteristics of native parts. Despite the fact that the car will still sway, new devices will last many times longer;
  • Sport model is suitable for those who need the toughest racks, their characteristics are 80% higher than the factory ones. Thanks to their qualities, the car holds the road superbly, naturally, if you don’t get carried away with driving through holes and bumps. The line is notable for the presence of shortened shock absorbers that underestimate the vehicle;

Shock absorbers Plaza Sport

  • X-Drive shock absorbers are especially practical when used in the north of Russia;
  • the last in the model range is the standard, which is the most rigid variant. Oil in such a vehicle will freeze even with a slight descent of the thermometer.

Shock absorbers Plaza X-Drive

Stands Kayaba

Parts manufactured by Kayaba occupy a special place among the rest of the products presented. Domestic motorists do not impose the opportunity to put the shock absorbers of this company not only on Priora, but also on Kalina. This happens due to the fact that the Kayaba racks are the silent standard of quality. However, it is better to abandon the purchase of such parts on the car market, the probability of buying a fake is very high, you can protect yourself by ordering from an authorized dealer. If the owner of the car does not know what racks he needs for the “tenth family”, he can rely on such models as:

  • EXCEL-G, which is a gas depreciation part, the basis of which is nitrogen. The soft device is suitable for those who prefer a comfortable, slow movement;

Kayaba Exсel G shock absorbers

  • Ultra SR, which is a sports shock absorber, it holds the road perfectly, ideally in contact with low profile tires and rubber with a radial imprint on the tread;

Kayaba Ultra SR shock absorbers

  • Premium, which has the form of a hydraulic rack - a typical analogue of a standard fixture assembled at the factory. Premium is made of high-tech materials that increase the life of the product.

Kayaba Premium Shock Absorbers

SS20 Devices

On the Russian Lada Priora or Kalina perfectly fit products of the domestic Samara company, which is not the first year engaged in the manufacture of a huge amount of products that contribute to tuning of Russian vehicles. Racks SS20 have the best value for money. To choose the right part, you need to know which shock absorbers are presented in the standard version, and which in the shortened version:

  • The tough Highway unit makes it easy to get into a turn, even at high speed. It makes sense to abandon the acquisition of those who constantly travels on the primer;
  • Standard model is characterized by excellent performance indicators in any weather, which is why it can be the best option for car enthusiasts from areas where the harsh climate dominates;

  • The Optima Comfort variant is the best-selling product due to its versatility. It is characterized by medium stiffness, which will provide a comfortable ride on all types of roads with any driving style;
  • Details Sport naturally falls into the category of the toughest racks. Such devices are not adapted for driving in the city, but they keep the car well even during sharp turns.

Racks for VAZ SS20


In fact, the choice of modern shock absorbers for the "tenth generation" of domestic transport is not difficult, motorists do not need to limit themselves and use only standard factory accessories. Before buying, you only need to learn in more detail about the features of each product offered at the car market and make a choice in the direction of the element that can most accurately satisfy the needs of the buyer. In view of this, the final decision as to which racks are better to be put on the VAZ 2110, each car owner must make on his own, starting from his driving style and vehicle characteristics.