How to safely solder the fuel tank on the car

Automobile transport is considered a reliable method of transportation, but this conclusion applies only to serviceable vehicles, because if a serious breakdown occurs, it becomes an uncontrollable source of possible accidents, especially when it comes to leakage in the gas tank.

Как безопасно запаять топливный бак на автомобиле

Causes of breakdowns

Due to the action of corrosive processes resulting from the ingress of water into its cavity or surface, as well as pressure on the tank walls, resulting from a power failure in the car, small cracks or holes in the tank appear, the damage of which is dangerous. Therefore, repair work on the part should be carried out immediately after the violation has been detected and regular diagnostics should be carried out in the workshops.

Before starting to fix the problem, you should clearly present all your actions, find answers to the question of how to safely seal the fuel tank on a car without damaging it even more and making it as efficient as possible. Of course, the SRT workers, who have experience and knowledge of this topic, will perfectly cope with this task, but people who are knowledgeable in this matter will be able to cope if they make maximum efforts.

Как безопасно запаять топливный бак на автомобиле

Solder the tank with your own hands

If you still notice a breakdown, but for some reason cannot ask for help, it is strongly recommended that you carefully prepare for the sealing process, namely

  • First you need to get rid of gasoline so that nothing is left inside the tank, as well as rinse it, because if vapors remain inside, then during repair they can cause ignition;
  • inspect it for damage - you need to install all the places of defectiveness so that you do not miss anything;
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What is required to repair the fuel tank

Drivers have come up with many ways to get rid of this trouble, as permanent, when it comes to minor damage, and temporary, which will help to get out of a difficult situation, if you carry out complex measures to eliminate not seem possible.

Как безопасно запаять топливный бак на автомобиле

To repair steel and plastic, you need to know exactly the type of gas tank, the material from which it is made. Professionals for reliability use a soldering iron - a tool with a power of three hundred Watts and more, as well as soldering acid, flux, copper plate exceeding the scale of breakdown by three centimeters, sandpaper, alcohol, solder.

Clearing the area around the crack and degreasing it, heat the device to a temperature so that it melts the solder and proceed to repair. It is necessary to cheat with flux and rosin around the site of damage and the plate itself. It is important to fully process the parts so that no fuel leaks later.

Как безопасно запаять топливный бак на автомобиле

Install the tank in the car need after the test. To do this, you will need a spray pumping air at a pressure of 1, 1-5, apply a solution of soap over all surfaces and watch so that it does not draw air. If violations are no longer noted, return the container to its place.