Chinese “suv” zotye t600 will appear at russian dealers in


The Chinese wanted to start selling their new Zotye T600 crossover first at the end of December last, then at the beginning of 2016, and now they have moved the “moment of truth” for their new SUV for the next March, to be more precise - for March 1. For the Russian roads, the Chinese offered a model in two trim levels. The first grade is officially referred to as "Luxury", that is, if you translate from English to ours - "luxurious". That is, no basic assemblies, the Chinese are so confident in the solvency of the Russian car enthusiast that they decided to start not with the cheapest complete sets, but with the most expensive ones. Well, good luck to the Chinese! It will be interesting to see how it will diverge. chinese SUV for eight hundred and fifty thousand wooden - that is how much dealers will ask for a new Chinese SUV. Chinese The second equipment is even cooler than the first one, it is called “Royal”, and Russians will have to pay fifty thousand more for a car in such an assembly than for a “luxurious” one. complete set Zotye T600. It is rumored that the Chinese began to discuss, and not to bring them to Russia also the third complete set of "SUV", for nine hundred sixty thousand wooden ones. This assembly is named as "Flagship". However, this is still written with a pitchfork on the water. If the Chinese have not drunk their last financial caution, they will manage with the first two Zotye T600 assemblies. They would sell today! Chinese Zotye T600 looks a lot like German Фольксваген Туарег. However, it is only front-wheel drive, it has a 1.5-liter, turbine-enhanced, 160-powerful gasoline engine under the hood. This unit is aggregated only with a mechanical transmission. ABS and EBD, two front airbags, the seats are covered with cheap fabric material, all the doors are equipped with power windows, there is an audio system and air conditioning, and other options. Chinese In a more advanced build Zotye T600 - Royal - for those fifty thousand that you have to overpay compared to Luxury, the happy owner will receive already heated eyes, parktronics, an inexpensive climate control system and leather seats. Well, in the "Flagship" version, if, of course, the rumors are confirmed and the Chinese bring it, Zotye T600 There will be a rear-view camera, two side airbags, and more on trifles.

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Zotye auto brand today we have as many as twenty two dealerships. Through them, the Chinese plan to implement not only parrot Zotye T600 but also "chetyrehdverku" Z300.

The Chinese produce their Zotye models for the Russian car enthusiast in the territory of the state adjacent to us - Belarus.