Bmw x5 m - 555 horses frostbitten car

Nowadays, everyone can choose a car to their liking. For example, if you are a pensioner with hair sticking out of your ears, Volga is best for you, if you are a 48-year-old prostitute, then you will most likely buy a Chrysler PT Cruiser, and if you are a gynecologist, then most likely you will buy a Porsche Cayenne or Volkswagen Touareg.

And what if you are a mad psycho who is not able to quietly walk near the potato leaves, without feeling an overwhelming desire to eat all the Colorado beetles, there is a car for you too!

bmw x5 m

This is not an ordinary BMW X5, this is a frost-bitten BMW X5 M. The creators took the usual body of the X5 and hid the bit of the twin-turbo V8, with a volume of 4.4 liters, and 555 horsepower. Acceleration to a hundred in 4.7 seconds. It turned out something incredible: finally, the X5 can do Gelendvagen 2013 6.3 AMG, Jeep SRT8 and Audi Q7 V12. The BMW X5 breathed new life with this engine.

bmw x5 photos

The car goes perfectly, but when you press the small, inconspicuous button M, the car starts to go differently - it tears its claws, tears off the scalp and does not allow anyone to overtake him! When you press the pedal to the floor, you notice how gasoline in the tank decreases in front of your eyes.

The appearance of this Behi has not changed much, but driving the X5 was simply divine: no rolls and unjustified demolitions, on Gelika (Mercedes Benz G Class) during sharp turns I would have turned over and rode on the roof, and on BMW X5 M you feel that You can go faster.

bmw x5 m

This is all great, of course, but why all this in a large full-drive car, because in Russia only gangsters buy BMW X5 in Russia, apparently a couple of them called the BMW company and asked for a more powerful engine to make it easier for them to get away from the police :))

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The interior of the BMW was always dull and boring, but there is one fun thing - this is the sensor that determines the location of torque on each wheel. And the most pleasant thing is the price, because the usual, new BMW X5 can be bought for 3,000,000 rubles, and the cool, heaped with a huge V8 engine for 7 000 000 rubles. In fact, it is very cheap for such a machine.

bmw x5 m

It seems to be all right with price, power, handling, appearance and adrenaline, but sooner or later there are times when not 18-year-old padrugs sit in the cabin of your BMW X5 M, for example, parents and you have to drive slowly and draw some problems - you notice that there are stupid paddles with which you can change gears, and the suspension seems too hard, you begin to immediately feel all these wells, hatches and potholes.

But when you float mom to the market, and dad to the retirement department, you can again click on this M button and rush like mad around the city ... In general, a normal car with its own zamorochkami and raisins.