The best winter tires for cars of budget, medium and premium


The choice of tires for car owners is an important and responsible event. In many ways, road safety, stability and the ability to make the necessary maneuvers depend on them. There are more responsibilities for winter tires, because in one season they must ensure that cars can be used in various conditions. In the cold period, the weather can change quickly, because tire manufacturers are trying to make tires that can move on snow, ice, dry asphalt, puddles, slush and not only. In the ranking of winter tires must be present representatives of all price segments. Not everyone can afford to buy a premium group kit, and not on all cars it is necessary. Given this rating, everyone will be able to choose for themselves the best set of wheels from proven and well-reputable manufacturers.

Top Winter Tire Rating

TOP best winter tires in a different price range.

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What to look for

Winter tires have a number of features and selection criteria. Such tires are required to provide optimum performance for the car when it’s freezing outside. If there is snow, slush or ice on the road, the rubber should guarantee a high-quality grip. For this, manufacturers are developing a special tread pattern. As motorists practice shows, it is not necessary to equip the wheels with spikes so that they can cling to the road. Many modern friction solutions are not much less than spikes, and in some respects even exceed them significantly.

The driver has a logical question about what kind of winter tires it is better for him to choose for his car. To begin with, when choosing winter tires, you should consider the material from which tires are made. It is recommended to use at the same time strong and elastic structures. They, unlike summer sets, will not tan in the cold, but will retain their elasticity and softness. For the development of the composition of the rubber responsible entire laboratories and a large number of people. This is one of the reasons to refer to the products of proven companies. In the assortment of the majority of well-known manufacturers there are always tires of different price segments. Small companies or little-known firms do not have such a staff and equipment, and therefore there are some doubts about the quality of tires.

The top of winter tires designed for passenger cars includes studded and friction solutions. And here you need to know some of the features of such developments. All winter tires can be divided into 2 large groups.

  1. Studded. These are ordinary tires on which additional anti-skid spikes are attached. They have a positive effect on the permeability on ice and snow, but worsen the performance on dry pavement. In most cases, spikes increase the noise level while driving.
  2. Friction. They are accustomed to call stickies. They are distinguished by a special lamellisation of the surface. The clutch with a coating is created by a special tread and a dense cutting of the lamellae. The clutches behave well on dry asphalt, but they are inferior to the spikes in the snow-covered terrain.

Choosing winter tires

If studded tires do not suit you, then you should opt for velcro. Only they are still divided into 2 subcategories:

  • European friction clutches. They do not have a very tread relief, they somehow remind of summer rain tires, on which there are grooves for drainage. Excellent for regions where slush and sleet prevail in winter;
  • Scandinavian Velcro. The rubber compound itself is softer, with an increased number of slats and cuts on the tread. Due to this design significantly increases the level of terrain in snow and ice.

Since there are representatives of all types of winter tires in the rating, this will make it possible to make a choice and acquire the optimally suitable composition for each case.

Budget segment

In the top 10 among winter tires budget class includes representatives of different companies. Some are well known to car owners, others not. But all these tires managed to gain a good popularity, increase the level of trust in themselves during the time they are on the market. Look at the top, study the proposed tires for the winter and determine for yourself which products from which manufacturer you would be more profitable and more appropriate to choose. Let's start from outsiders top and gradually come to a better solution. If you prefer, you can compare these winter tires and try to determine which tire is better.

  • MA STL. Products of the Chinese company Maxxis. If someone compared the quality of these tires with other representatives of the rating, the Chinese are unlikely to win. But the main advantage of the model is low price. In this case, the rubber feels good in the conditions of snow. The composition is not the softest, because of which creates additional noise during movement. Braking and acceleration are standard, nothing special can be expected. MA STL Maxxis
  • Snowprox S941. The developer is Toyo. Well-known company with a good reputation. This model of rubber budget, focused on the middle class cars. Tires easily overcome slush and snow porridge, cope well with snow-covered roads. Due to the entry into the composition of silicone rubber remains soft, and therefore does not buzz and does not create unnecessary noise. Snowprox S941 Toyo
  • KrisAlp HP. Its developer is Kleber. Not the most famous company, but in fact it is a subsidiary of Michelin. Therefore, it borrows technologies and materials from it, which has a positive effect on the final quality of tires. This model is focused on high-powered cars. Discounts for new cars! Profitable loan from 9.9% installments 0%, although the price range is very affordable. Chryspeap Hip Clabber
  • Winter I Cept. Another representative of a famous company. This time Hankook. Korean winter tires, which includes silicon is offered for little money. This allows you to guarantee excellent grip, provide good traction when driving and maintain elasticity.Winter I Cept Hankook
  • Nordmaster ST. Amtel tires that combine good price and quality. Tires of domestic manufacturer with a unique tread pattern and a reinforced edge. This provides the right grip on winter roads.Nordmaster ST Amtel
  • Polar 2. The manufacturer is Cordiant. Domestic development with curly grooves on the tread. To make rubber stable on the road, engineers have provided additional lamellae. Four rows of spikes are installed, due to which the desired grip quality is created. Polar 2 Cordiant
  • Blizzak Spike. Bridgestone products. Good, but inexpensive tires from the Japanese developer. Used cross-shaped spikes, providing good grip on ice. Special development for the Russian climate. Blizzak Spike Bridgestone
  • Continental is responsible for tire development. Rubber from Germany, which works well in any weather, is easily controlled and does not create excessive noise in the cabin. Germans specially created such model for regions where severe winter is observed. It fits equally well for cars and SUVs. Continental winter tires
  • Nordman 4. Nokian product. Domestic product for little money. On each of thorns the supporting pillow is provided. This provides the desired elasticity and softness. Nordman 4 Nokian
  • Hakkapeliitta 8. The leader was rubber from Finland. Studded tires with excellent grip. Special lamellae, tread design and composition allow you to reliably grab onto the snow, overcome the ice and other delights of a harsh winter. Hakkapeliitta 8

All presented tires are offered at a price of up to 3 thousand rubles. This allows you to confidently attribute them to the class of budget winter tires. So it is not always the concepts cheap and poorly comparable. There are excellent tires for little money that will ensure confident overcoming of snowy and icy roads.

Middle class

Now about the ranking of the best winter tires in 2018, which represent the average price segment. These are mainly representatives of the leading tire manufacturers. You yourself have to choose which winter tires it would be better to buy in your particular case. All presented tires combine excellent quality and good prices. You can’t call them cheap, but they don’t even make it up to the premium segment. Their price varies from 2.5 to 4 thousand rubles per wheel on average. This cost will satisfy the majority of car owners who need a set of high-quality winter tires.

The rating includes 8 models. It is difficult to award them a specific place in the top, since they are approximately at the same level.

  1. Winter Contact TS 860. Continental winter tires. They showed themselves perfectly in the framework of special tests for braking on snow, wet and dry asphalt. The level of comfort and sound insulation is excellent. Many people call this model the best solution for the average price among all other representatives of the rating.Winter Contact TS 860
  2. WR D4. Here came up with a more simple and concise name. The developer is the company Nokian. The most affordable tires among the options presented. It behaves well in the snow and on wet surfaces. Comfort is not exemplary, but not bad. WR D4 Nokia
  3. Cinturato Winter. Pirelli product. Although tires are not the cheapest, due to their excellent behavior on dry and snow-covered surfaces they deserve a place in this rating. The optimum choice for regions with moderate winter. Cinturato Winter Pirelli
  4. Ultra Grip Gen 1. Excellent tire from Goodyear. The most expensive representative of the rating. It shows itself well on wet and dry surfaces. Ultra Grip Gen 1
  5. Alpin 5. The solution from Michelin, which has recommended itself from the best side during the passage of snow-covered areas. The efficiency of the passage of dry and wet asphalt is slightly lower. The noise level does not allow to enter the number of the best. Alpine 5 Michelin
  6. Blizzak LM001. Fairly cheap tire from Bridgestone with average performance. Because not the best, but not a pronounced outsider. With a limited budget and the need for good tires will be a profitable acquisition. Blizzak LM001 Bridgestone
  7. Winter Sport 5. The second for the price of the tire in the ranking, which represents the brand Dunlop. But tires showed the weakest results when passing heavily snow-covered sections of the road. Due to confident behavior on a dry and wet road, she entered the rating.Winter Sport 5
  8. I Cept RS2. Good tires from Hankook, which does not claim to lead, because it has a high level of noise. But it behaves well behind a dry road, overcomes ice well and can take you out of a snow drift. I Cept RS2

Some of the presented tires could be included in the rating of the premium segment. But there were some obvious leaders there. Many would agree that for most car owners the middle class would be the most preferable. There are a lot of questions about budget tires, and the most expensive solutions are not affordable for everyone.

Premium segment

It also presents only the leading manufacturers who are ready to offer you a great choice of tires for the winter. The rating considered tires of the same size R15 for objectivity of their comparison. Which of them is better to choose for the winter, a moot point. Each for himself determines the selection criteria, taking into account personal preferences or recommendations of the automaker. Regardless of which company winter tires will stand on your car, all of the sets presented in this top combine high performance and excellent quality. Therefore, it is almost impossible to objectively say which of them is better.

  1. IceContact 2. The product of the German company Continental. The production base is in Russia. It provides a thick coating of spikes, which are easy and efficient. Tires behave perfectly in the snow and ice. A very important advantage is the low noise level. But the price is one of the highest on the market.IceContact 2 Continental
  2. Hakkapeliitta 9. Finnish product, whose manufacturers themselves know about the reality of the harsh and extreme winter. Because flagship winter tires will be the perfect solution for motorists living in the northern regions of the country. Rubber is equally well suited for off-road use and operation in urban environments. Tires do not crumble, the rubber remains flexible at any temperature. Hakkapeliitta 9
  3. Blizzak DMV2. This is the first representative of the rating, which is not equipped with spikes. These friction tires were developed by engineers at Bridgestone. The Japanese took into account their previous mistakes, because of which their tires slid on snow-covered roads and could not normally cling to the ice. All these problems behind. The new line of friction tires provides excellent handling, low noise and excellent performance.Blizzak DMV2
  4. Nord Frost 100 from the company Gislaved. Also a German company that managed to get into the rating. Tires are based on a special rubber-silicone composition, which includes innovative polymers and carbon black. Due to this mixture it turned out to create rubber with excellent grip. Even without the help of additional spikes, it clings tightly to snow and ice, quickly cleans itself and feels good in dry conditions. Nord Frost 100 Gislaved
  5. Ice Zero. Excellent Italian tires from the company Pirelli. The company does not stop there, it does not try to remain popular only due to previous developments. New winter tires are the result of innovative developments. Here they improved the rubber compound, changed the tread pattern, started to control the quality even harder. All this allows the company to remain among the world leaders in the production of tires, as well as to meet the needs of motorists in excellent winter tires. Ice Zero Pirelli
  6. X Ice XI2. The product is from the French company Michelin, which prefers to prove its superiority by deed, not words. Therefore, there are no complaints about winter tires. This is an innovative development, where some lamellae are replaced by micropumps, which effectively remove water from the road surface, creating optimal conditions for overcoming snowy and icy areas. There are small complaints about the behavior on dry pavement. X Ice XI2
  7. Icept RW08. Korean tires from the company Hankook. The use of silicon and silicone in the composition provides good adhesion and preservation of elasticity. Tires were developed for a long time, they used a complex process of computer modeling. But it was worth it, because the performance of these premium tires at the highest level. Icept RW08 Hankook
  8. GrandTrek Ice 02. These tires came to us from the UK, from the company Dunlop. The manufacturer immediately presented his new product as a solution for a harsh winter and difficult operating conditions. Tires remove water well, self-clean, guarantee good control with a slight level of noise. In the manufacture of thorns used tungsten carbide, which is located on the core. This increased the quality of the spike in the ice, which is why grip at extremely high rates. However, they do not fly away and do not wear out on dry pavement. GrandTrek Ice 02 Dunlop
  9. Ultra Grip Ice 2. This is another spiked friction rubber from the leading company in the face of Goodyear. This is a special development for countries and regions where there is a low temperature, low humidity and a lot of snow. It is also suitable for those who regularly encounter sharp temperature fluctuations. The composition does not wear out, allows to faithfully work out all the resources put to tires. Like all stickies, not the best way to behave on the ice. But otherwise it is a great tire from a decent manufacturer. Ultra Grip Ice 2
  10. Hakkapeliitta R2. Another representative of Nokian from Finland. These are excellent tires for winter, which are characterized by low noise and excellent maneuverability. Since the tires are friction, there may be problems on icy roads, but within the normal range. Hakkapeliitta R2 Nokia

It is difficult to give specific recommendations on which of the options for winter tires you better choose. This is influenced by a large number of different factors, many of which are individual.

If you are ready to spend an impressive amount of money and are going to regularly use the car in difficult conditions, then it makes sense to buy one of the representatives of the premium segment. Under less severe conditions, or occasional road trips in the winter, you can limit yourself to the budget or middle class. The main thing is that the composition of rubber matches the climatic conditions of your region, does not wear out ahead of time and behaves confidently on the asphalt and beyond.