Pajero 5 in 2017 will remain the same as in 2016

The restyling of Pajero or the patience test of Mitsubishi lovers has already happened several times. Fans hoped that it would be the last and the fifth generation is about to come out, but so far this has not happened. It cannot be said that the changes in the last (fourth) model did not happen, but it is impossible to rank them with the next fifth release.

Pajджеро 2017 модельного года

The color scheme of the car interior has increased. There was a replacement for the Rockfor audio system in 2010. This was not enough, and two years later, engineers of Mitsubishi Motors Corp. presented a slightly upgraded suspension and body. Later changed the front grille, pedal covers and instrument panel lights, something else was done.

Will the fifth generation of Mitsubishi Pajero come out in 2017 in the end, or will the manufacturers continue to limit themselves to episodic improvements, ambiguous statements and demonstration of the same copies at a car show?

To be or not to be

There are certain doubts that the 5th generation will ever appear. The release of the flagship model has been postponed - fact. Ideas, developments, prototypes are in a deep freeze. That is what the former president of the Japanese automaker Tetsuro Aikawa said. Why ex? Because he was fired. He had to take responsibility and leave the post of president and chief operating officer of the corporation.

Mitsubishi Pajero 2017

The reason was made public in 2016 due to the fuel manipulations carried out by the company entrusted to it. This was contrary to Japanese law. Their essence was that when testing new cars, information about the real fuel consumption was specially kept silent. Official sources got numbers that are very different from real ones. The only ray of hope is associated with Nissan Motor Co.

The management of the corporation lent a shoulder and bought out 34% of the shares. Together with him, Nissan acquired responsibility for the further fate of his colleagues. A familiar to all Pajero 4 will be released as long as there is demand for it, and that, according to statistics, really does not weaken.

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It seems that in Mitsubishi Motors Corp. everything changes dramatically. The production of sedans for the management of the company is no longer interesting, instead of them crossovers with hybrid engines will be produced. Creating new power plants with high power is also not interesting, because in 2020 new environmental standards will come into force in Europe, which do not allow us to “pull” a decent weight of 5 generations.

Pajджеро 5

The situation is reminiscent of Zugzwang, when any move of the player, only brings his defeat. Perhaps that's why they took a pause at Mitsubishi headquarters? The movement is still there, because in 2015 the updated third-generation Pajero Sport was introduced.

When the next presentation

But what then was in Chicago? In 2015, the futuristic copy was presented at the auto show for the second time under the code name Concept GC-PHEV from Mitsubishi.

Experts note that the presented concept is very similar to Pajero or Montero, as it is called in America, Spain and India. And in Tokyo in 2013, the Concept GC-PHEV was introduced for the first time. Perhaps the next third performance is scheduled for autumn 2017?

Новый Pajджеро 2017

Suppose the prototype is the fifth generation Pajero. Then, it is worth considering it closer. The three-liter V-shaped six is ​​not the only power unit in the car. In addition to it, there are two electric motors with lithium-ion batteries, which will be charged from a normal power supply and while driving.

Naturally, this miracle will be completed with an automatic transmission for 7 or 8 positions. Two electric 80-strong engines will be enough to overcome 40 km of the way without the help of the main power unit. The prototype is assembled on the basis of rear-wheel drive platform with the front disposal of the motor, but will have all-wheel drive.

Clearance should be enough to maintain high permeability. They promise to take care of enough power to transport a heavy trailer.

Is there a perspective on the concept?

Мицубиси Pajджеро 5

Appearance is unusual, but not bad. This style has already received the name - Dynamic Shield. Headlights, like narrowed eyes, very narrow in shape. The body is aggressive, has a somewhat unusual configuration. The main feature is the lack of a central pillar and the unusual opening of the rear doors. The same option was demonstrated by the South Korean company Kia in 2013. Auto called Cub. Two years earlier, the Jaguar introduced the B99 GT sedan, designed according to the same principle. For these details, "clings to the eye" with a quick inspection of Pajero, and they are a little depressing.

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Do not forget the creators of the car to install a panoramic roof, but did not have time to be the first. It is already installed on many serial cars of the same class. The manufacturer with might and main advertises the highest level of security. It may be better to wait for the crash test from EuroNCAP and get the n-th number of stars. It is likely that they will be the maximum number of pieces?

In front of the prototype Pajero, the letter “X” is guessed, but again there is a miss. The South Korean concern pulled the idea and quickly brought it to life. In motor shows in 2017, the brand new Kia Sportage is being sold with the same symbol.

Pajero 2017

Japanese engineers are focusing on a system that alerts the driver when vehicles are in the blind zone of the mirrors. Not bad, but would it not be easier to make rear roof racks a little less thick? What about Auto-Braking? With this system, you can read the news in your smartphone, not paying attention to pedestrians. The car will stop by itself, and if the speed is too high or the pedestrian is very smart, then Pedestrian Collision Mitigating will help soften the blow.

Новый Pajджеро 2017, как и в 2016 году, также распознает дорожные знаки. Не стоит сомневаться, на нем обязательно будет установлен круиз-контроль и информационная система предупреждения об опасности. Руль выполняет свои основные функции управления и дополнительные, но изменил свою форму. Он теперь овальный. Это очень необычно, но функционально ли?

Most electronic functions will be controlled from the traditional touchscreen display, which is located at the top of the front console. If the principles embodied in the concept remain in the production version, the innovative panel will pass through the entire cabin from the windshield to the rear translucent element. She will be able to use the driver and all passengers in the inside. In addition to the information component, it will territorially divide the car in half. Therefore, only three passengers and a driver can be inside. But what about the third row, which is used from time to time in the 4th generation? He has no plans.

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Pajджеро 2017

Perhaps Pajero in 2017 will be presented in the serial version. But so far no official statements have been received from company representatives. Apparently, they should not completely abandon all the developments and innovations that were implemented in the third and fourth generation. You also do not need to repeat the sad experience of the Subaru WRX concept, which was also first introduced in 2013 as a prototype.

“Bolleshiki” eagerly awaited the serial WRX, exactly the same as the prototype. But the management decided otherwise. As a result of the improvements, the appearance of the serial has been changed beyond recognition and has become the greatest disappointment. Profitable prospect turned into a big fiasco.

Какую стратегию выберет руководство Mitsubishi Мotors Corp, станет известно очень скоро. Хочется надеяться, что Pajджеро 2017 модельного года оправдает ожидания автолюбителей. Цифра 5 в Японии считается счастливой. Пусть эта примета будет знаковой для Mitsubishi Pajero пятого поколения.