The french have modernized the minivan renault espace

Французы провели модернизацию минивэна Renault Estép

It's about the "trailer" Renault Espace fifth generation, which was officially introduced to the global automotive market two years ago. Updates affected not only the appearance of the car: changes were made to its motor line and electronic body kit. The developers of the company Renault decided to install on minivans Renault Estép New twin-turbine gasoline engine Energy TCe225. This 1.8-liter strongman, paired with a seven-speed automatic transmission, gives out at the peak of opportunities as much as two hundred twenty-five horsepower and torque of three hundred newton meters. The engine was developed in conjunction with the sports unit Renault Sport, so it is clear from where he had such impressive power characteristics. Французы провели модернизацию минивэна Renault Estép The new "heart" of the minivan EnergyTCe225 in the engine range has already changed the morally and physically outdated Energy 1.6TCe 200EDC engine. With a new more powerful "heart" Renault Estép it reaches the standard one hundred kilometers per hour in seven and a half seconds, which is one second faster than the previous engine. The appetite of the new power unit in the combined mode is slightly more than six liters of gasoline per hundred kilometers. Французы провели модернизацию минивэна Renault Estép With the arrival of the new and the departure of the old engine, the engine line of the updated minivan Renault Espace today it is represented by two diesel engines - Energy dCi130 and Energy dCi160 EDC, and the new biturbin Energy TCe225 EDС.

In addition to innovations in the engine compartment of the "trailer", Renault engineers upgraded the engine and on-board car kit. Front seats Renault Estép 2017 now equipped with electric adjustments, which allow you to configure one of the most appropriate ten positions, the updated multimedia device R-LINK2 has appeared. The buyer can order one of several available types of trim. Light alloy wheels are available in both eighteen and nineteen inch. In addition to trim, when ordering a minivan, you can also choose a body color from the color palette extended after the update. Французы провели модернизацию минивэна Renault Estép Purchase a family "trailer" from our car dealers. Renault Espace it is impossible - it is not on sale. Compact crossovers Koleos, Kaptur, Duster and Sandero Stepvey can become a weak alternative to the French minivan.

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By the way, Renault Coleos SUV came to us only a few weeks ago. That is, progress with the importation of new French models in Russia is. Therefore, it is possible that Renault Estép may in the future appear on our roads. About the price of it while the French did not apply.