New generation jeep compass will be delivered to the russian

Новопоколенный Джип Компасс будет поставляться на российский авторынок The Russian office of FCA (FiatChrysler Automobiles) announced the early start of sales of the production model of the compact crossover Jeep Compass, which recently changed generation. This crossover is representative of the second generation model. Russian dealers will receive brand new jeeps by the middle of summer of the current year. One of the branded assemblies New Generation Jeep Compass, entitled "Trailhawk"get" off-road "ground clearance of twenty-three centimeters. Interestingly, the Americans themselves, officially presenting new generation jeep compass as early as autumn 2016, they are not in a hurry to sell this model in their American car market. It is quite difficult to imagine that they will start selling this crossover first in Russia, and only then at home, national pride will not allow. Therefore, the named approximate date of the start of sales in our country may be postponed: waiting for the first sold new generation jeep compass American soils will rise, and there it will be close to ours, or rather, not for long. The price tags on either the American version of the jeep or the Russian have not been highlighted anywhere. You can certainly assume. Model Jeep Compass is located in the crossover hierarchy somewhere between the Jeep Renegade and the Jeep Cherokee, therefore, knowing their price tags, it is possible with sufficient probability to talk about the minimum amount of one and a half million rubles for the new model in the basic configuration. Новопоколенный Джип Компасс будет поставляться на российский авторынок Jeep Compass Americans are positioning the second generation as a global model; they plan to ship it to a large number of countries around the world. It is for this reason that the compact cross motor range is quite diverse. According to information obtained from a reputable source, the motors will be already five. Of these, three power plants will run on gasoline, and the remaining two - on heavy fuel. But the producers themselves have so far officially named only one naturally aspirated engine - a 2.4-liter four-cylinder petrol unit capable of squeezing the power of one hundred and eighty “horses”.

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Новопоколенный Джип Компасс будет поставляться на российский авторынок By the way Compass based on the same "cart" as the SUV Jeep Renegad, i.e. these two crossover are platform-based. The basic equipment of the Compass will be exclusively front-wheel drive. Transmissions - mechanical six-speed or six-speed hydromechanical automatic, produced by the Japanese firm Aisin. AWD assembly Second generation jeep compass will work on the nine-speed German automatic box ZF, which is said to be quite capricious in use. In addition to the automatic version 4x4 will be available with a manual transmission. Новопоколенный Джип Компасс будет поставляться на российский авторынок Branded off-road version of the Compass - Trailhawk It will probably be the most expensive because of its sharpening just to overcome off-road. A decent clearance, "creeping" the first speed automatic transmission, five control modes: automatic mode, driving in the snow, in the sand, wet mud, stones. The center differential is blocked by force. Electronic assistants are available when driving in mountain conditions with a strong cross-country. The Jeep engineers themselves boast that Second generation jeep compass will sweep away all competitors in their class for terrain. In addition, in September-October 2017, Americans are going to release a new generation of the Jeep Wrangler series.