Top winter tires for suvs


Long before the onset of cold weather, especially “thoughtful” motorists think about purchasing new winter tires. This attribute is considered an integral part of the cold season. Winter tires are very different from summer tires; their unique design allows for the best grip on a road covered with snow or ice. Properly selected tires for the cold season are not able to freeze at low temperatures, in addition, careful use will extend their service life. One tire is enough for several seasons.

Best winter tires for SUVs

How to choose winter tires for SUVs.

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Features of winter tires for SUVs

According to some motorists, off-road jeeps do not need to be supplied with separate winter tires, because the potential of a vehicle is enough to overcome almost any snow and ice obstacles in an instant. However, in practice, the situation is completely different: as soon as the car, equipped with summer tires, gets on the road marked by snow, the motorist regrets that he did not get high-quality winter tires.

The best winter tires for SUVs must meet a variety of requirements. First, studded and friction tires should increase the car’s handling, which is achieved due to the high level of adhesion to the road covered with ice and snow. Secondly, a specialized tire has a smaller stopping distance. The advantages of winter tires, which are ideally suited in the conditions of the Russian winter for off-road vehicles, lose their meaning with the onset of heat, which has a negative effect on contact with the ground.

Choosing winter tires

If a motorist has a jeep at his disposal, he should know as well as any specialist service center, how to choose winter tires for an SUV. The availability of high-quality tires is a guarantee of safety both for passengers and for the owner of the vehicle. It should be noted that the overall machine in terms of weight is subject to greater inertia, this aspect increases the sliding path in the reverse order. By the way, its stability depends on the clearance of the car (these values ​​are inversely proportional).

What tires are better for an off-road car: opposition of frictional and studded tires

The best winter tires for 2018 SUVs should be, as already mentioned, with spikes or sipes, which are analogous to spikes. This type of tire has special cuts, at the time of movement the wheel is shifted in the opposite direction. Among the main advantages of this model, it is worth noting a great softness at the time of natural deformation (this aspect makes it impossible to harden in severe frost), low noise, good fluid distribution (when injected into cuts, water helps promote adhesion to asphalt), self-cleaning rubber (due to ). True, "Velcro" put on the vehicle an order of magnitude earlier, with changeable weather, this rubber is considered universal, it can improve handling in rain and snow.

With all the advantages of friction tires have several drawbacks. First, such a rubber needs to be run in, at the moment of which the properties of the rubber are not fully manifested. Secondly, tires with lamellas should not be subjected to sharp accelerations and high-speed braking, otherwise this will lead to a change in their location. Thirdly, when changing the winter set, the initial direction of the tire course should be taken into account. With regard to winter tires, equipped with spikes, you should not take into account the loud advertising slogans, and the reviews of experienced motorists or expert opinion of experts.

The following material describes the rating of tires, ideal for SUVs during the cold season. It is worth noting that in the rating of the most optimal rubber, features of machines with increased maneuverability were taken into account directly, which is why the best models of the top may not be suitable for simple passenger cars or do not show these properties in full.

Non-studded winter tires top

The features of winter tires for super-walkable cars differ depending on whether the rubber in question is equipped with: spikes or sipes. If a motorist is interested only in friction models, he can pay attention to some really good options.

Goodyear UltraGrip Ice WRT tires start winter tires for SUVs. According to experts, this is a fairly universal model, its load index and speed is 94T. The model has a huge advantage over its rivals - it is able to easily overcome any disturbing sections of the road surface. The size of these tires reaches 20, at low cost, the product with velcro can be studded, the production uses Winter Reactive technology. The car goes well sharp turns, grip with ice coating at the highest level, increased low noise and wear resistance. Of the minuses it is necessary to note the direction to the side when driving in ruts.

Goodyear UltraGrip Ice WRT

The Nokian WR SUV has some good qualities. This is a rubber with "Velcro" for SUVs, which with perseverance resists frost, slush, snow and rain. Especially effective is their use within the city limits. The average price range, the presence of "snow claws" and the medial rib, excellent adhesion, good stability, lack of aquaplaning effect are the main advantages of the model. True, this product does not save gasoline.

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Continental Conti Viking Contact 6имеет индекс 94T, резина с лёгкостью справляется со снежными завалами на дорогах, правда, её качества не так хороши в момент движения по мокрому асфальту. Эта модель не издаёт практически никакого шума, обладает отменными показателями относительно сопротивления качению.

Continental Conti Viking Contact 6

Michelin Agilis Alpin - representative of the French company, tires, which is characterized by increased safety. The model has improved traction and emergency braking ability. The rubber has a strong frame, a unique tread pattern, extended drainage cuts. Of the minuses worth noting the risks that are inherent in any soft tire.

Michelin Agilis Alpin

Maxxis SP02 Arctic Trekker - Chinese tires. Choosing winter tires for SUVs, you can rely on the Velcro from this manufacturer. As shown, this model is of good quality and functionality. According to the tests, tires showed a good result when driving on ice and snow. In addition, it is worth considering their handling on wet asphalt.

Maxxis SP02 Arctic Trekker

Studded tires top for winter

The first place is occupied by Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8. It is a product of the Finnish corporation Nokian, which has established itself as one of the leaders in the production of winter tires. The main advantage of their products is the introduction of RunFlat technology, thanks to which, even on a punched wheel, a motorist can drive about 50 - 100 km. to the service station. The presented model has many sizes (from 15.5 to 21), is able to withstand high loads, it can quickly brake, works well on ice, is easy to control, has a high maneuverability. Among the drawbacks, it is worth noting the noise, high price and complexity when driving through loose snow.

Nokian Hakkapeliitta 8

Studded winter tires for 4x4 SUVs must be of high quality, have almost perfect stability. Such indicators are characteristic of the Continental Conticle Contact model. This rating participant slightly surpassed its main competitor (Pirelli Ice Zero) in controllability as well as stopping distance. True, despite all the charms, Pirelli Ice Zero copes better with riding in the snow. Both options have a practically identical load index (94T and 91T), are equipped with 130 spikes, work well when driving on the road, however, it is equally difficult to pass a wet road surface.

Continental Conticle Contact

Goodyear UltraGrip Ice Arctic are soft studded tires made in the USA. Their participation in the ranking of the best is due to the excellent indicators of the stopping distance on the ice surface. Europeans can purchase goods produced in subsidiaries in Germany or Poland. Among the advantages it is worth mentioning a wide range of sizes up to 19, stability, average price, the use of MultiControl Ice technology, good handling on wet asphalt, the best price-quality ratio. The downside is the ability to lose spikes at the time of abrupt starts and a rapid decrease in speed.

Goodyear UltraGrip Ice Arctic

Good studded tires for SUVs - Gislaved Nord Frost 100, it has a load index of 94T, equipped with 130 spikes. With these tires, a motorist can confidently overcome the snow and wet asphalt. Despite all the advantages and advantages, these tires gave way to the above models in terms of stability and stopping distance on the icy surface.

Gislaved Nord Frost 100


Comparison of winter tires for SUVs allowed us to consider a lot of completely different models, which differ not only in price and manufacturer, but also in their qualities, which is paramount in choosing the optimal model. It is worth remembering that no SUV, shod in summer tires, will not cope in the winter season with the deteriorating conditions of the roadway. Regardless of how high the vehicle’s ground clearance is and no matter how impressive its mass, you should buy only high-quality winter tires, which will help to increase stability, reduce inertia, and make movement on snow cover and icy roads safer.

In harsh winter conditions, an SUV should preferably be worn in the Hakkapeliitta 8 or UltraGrip Ice WRT. In a mild winter, the best option will be the models Goodyear UltraGrip Ice Arctic or WR SUV.