The best sports cars: who is the leader in the ranking of

Sports cars enter the niche of cars with a volumetric engine providing high power density - this allows them to develop high speeds. Racing cars have two seats, a small body of lightweight metal with low ground clearance and excellent aerodynamics.

The best racing cars are similar in terms of a number of characteristics, but they may differ in the type and engine displacement, body shape, acceleration dynamics.

In the ranking of sports cars are the best cars for racing. Many of them are already considered classics of their “genre”. Our characteristics will tell about their characteristics, individual features, as well as the opinions of the owners.


  • 1st place - SSC Tuatara
  • 2nd place - Bugatti Veyron SS
  • 3rd place - Hennessey Venom GT
  • 4 место - Koenigsegg Agera R
  • 5th place - SSC Ultimate Aero TT
  •  6 место — Koenigsegg CCX-R

1st place - SSC Tuatara

The model from the American company Shelby Super Cars SSC Tuatara is considered to be the most powerful car in the world and is included in the "best sports cars" ratings. The start of production began in 2010, and in January 2011, the first show was held at the World Expo in Shanghai. In the same 2011, the first Shelby Super Cars dealer-dealer in China was opened. At the famous Monterey Fair, the car made a splash among the public, as well as at the annual Pebll Beach competition.

  • It has upgraded fuel channels.
  • Thanks to such modifications, the machine is able to run on biofuel, while achieving high speeds - about 402 km / h. Acceleration to hundreds occurs in 3.1 seconds, so the model is leading in the ratings of the fastest cars in the world.

    According to user feedback, the car is best suited for professional drivers who do not have problems with driving on difficult roads.

    Each of the models presented in the fast cars rating is unique in its own way. All six hypercars have high speeds, engine power, a small time interval between maximum speed and full braking. They are legends from the moment of their release, therefore they are forever inscribed in the history of automotive engineering. The only disadvantage of such models, according to the owners, is a very high cost, which sometimes reaches $ 2 million dollars, which makes them inaccessible to most people.