Peugeot 307 - a compact and affordable golf class car

In Europe, these cars once sold well, because they had a good price, an interesting design and equipped with a Peugeot 307 quite well. But in the Russian market the same high rates in terms of sales were not observed, perhaps the reliability leaves much to be desired, but now we will look at this in more detail.

Peugeot 307 2005

For the first time in Russia, the model Peugeot 307 began to appear in 2001, but as soon as winter came, the car had serious problems during the start of the engine in the cold. But after some time, another program was put into the engine control units, which is designed for more severe winters; other spark plugs were also installed. Since 2002, these updates immediately began to be installed in the Russian version of the Peugeot 307, as well as ground clearance of 170 mm. Many minor problems were promptly eliminated, revocable campaigns were created, and quite quickly many little things were corrected in electrics, motors, automatic boxes and suspension.

The weak point in the Peugeot 307 is the automatic gearbox AL4, which is made jointly by concerns Renault and PSA. This box is on the petrol versions, and on diesel Peugeot 307 after 2006 began to install fairly reliable automatic boxes Aisin, Japanese production.

There are versions in the coupe in the style of a convertible, called such a model Peugeot 307 SS, it is worth a 2-liter engine, the power of which is either 138 or 177 liters. with. Roof mechanisms are fairly reliable and rarely fail. During the ride, various rubber bands can creak, according to the plan they need to be changed every 3 years, and such a replacement will cost 1000 euros.

Peugeot 307 SW 2005

There are also station wagons - Peugeot 307 SW, which have separate seats in the second row, and as an option you could order a panoramic roof, and also order an additional 2 places in the luggage compartment.

In the box, the AL4 machine is considered weak enough by the valves of the hydraulic unit, and the control electronics can go berserk over time. After about 80,000 km. mileage decreases the level of oil, and also begins to buggy software that controls the box. If the pressure decreases slightly, the box can go into emergency mode and only the 3rd speed will work. Determine that the pressure in the box can be reduced by the characteristic blows in the box. If you turn off the ignition and the box will work normally, then the overhaul can be avoided, you just need to change the oil and reflash the control unit. If all this does not help, then you have to do a major overhaul, which can pull up to 700 euros.

Peugeot 307 Salon

Also a typical problem for the AL4 are jerks during gear shifting. If this happens, then you need to start to check what the oil level, for this you have to raise the car on a lift and unscrew the control plug. In most cases, the cause of shocks during gear shifting is a hydrovalve block, which can be easily changed - for about 450 euros. It is important to remember that this automatic box is better not to be heavily loaded in the winter season, therefore, as soon as the car warms up a little, it is better not to drive the first few minutes very fast.

There are mechanical gearboxes, they have a simpler design, so they are considered more reliable, it can only come out of a standing speed selector or damper, which sometimes locks the gearbox lever.

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Peugeot 307 Salon

In cars manufactured before 2003, the clutch release bearings served for a short time — less than 40,000 km — because they had a plastic case. But the updated bearings have already begun to serve more than 100,000 km., Although their price is slightly higher - about 100 euros. And the clutch itself can now serve more than 100,000 km. run Also, when this mileage arrives, it's time to change the thrust bearing of the right drive shaft, which by this time may start to crackle.

The gearbox itself before the 180000 problems will not create, and if the bearings of the shafts and the main gear start to buzz, it means that the problems have begun and it is time to correct them. If you drive at low speed for a long time, a Check Engine light or a system that monitors environmental pollution may light up on the display. In most cases, so can fail cars with engines, the volume of which is equal to 2 liters.

Peugeot 307

In general, light bulbs can light up for other reasons: the ignition coils are out of order, the contacts have oxidized, the catalyst or the plugs need replacing, the filter is clogged in the fuel pump etc.


Motors на фоне всего остального выглядят достаточно надежными. Бывают моторы с объемом в 1,4 литра, но они довольно слабоваты, поэтому спросом не пользовались. Дизельные комплектации тоже достаточно редкие, как правило, это автомобили, которые были привезены из Европы. На российском рынке их продавали только до 2003 года, объем продаж составлял примерно 3% от всех проданных Peugeot 307.

Well proven 2-liter engines that make the car nimble, and in general, these engines are reliable. True, after 120,000 km. these engines start to eat butter - about 1.5 liters per 10,000 km. Also, during this run in the valve actuator, the hydraulic supports may fail, after which the motor will operate intermittently. When it comes time to change the timing belt - after about 90,000 km, we must immediately change the coolant pump, because it doesn’t last longer.

Peugeot 307 photo

The most popular are the engines, the volume of which is equal to 1.6 liters. Long ago there were problems with them, during the warranty period. Thermostats, mass air flow sensors, blocks of the throttle, and even sealing rings at the exhaust system - required to call for service.

But after 2003, almost all the problems were corrected: they began to install metal-ceramic rings, although they are not very durable - about 50,000 km. Also, the problem remains that to 100,000 km. it is necessary to change the lower supports of the motor, because at idle the motor will not show itself from the best side. Also, this engine is quite sensitive to poor-quality gasoline, especially to tar in it.

Peugeot 307 2005

As soon as the resin appears on the valve rods or guide bushings, the engine will have big problems - bend the valve, after which it will be necessary to repair the cylinder head. Therefore, it is better to flush the gasoline injection system during each scheduled maintenance.

Поначалу у Peugeot 307 интервал в плановом тех. обслуживании был довольно большой – 30000 км. Таким образом, дилеры пытались привлечь тем, что расходы на обслуживание очень низкие. Но как результат – в моторах за это время накапливалось очень много различных шлаков. Так что, после 2004 года разработчики приняли решение уменьшить межсервисный интервал до 20000 км. Что тоже немало, поэтому надо помнить, что масло, особенно у более старых экземпляров, надо менять не позже 10000 км.

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The network of the car contains a fairly large number of components that are united by CAN-buses. On the earliest models there were a lot of glitches, because the software was rather raw, but now this problem has been fixed for a long time.

If it suddenly happens that the wipers, headlights or other lamps themselves turn on, it may mean that there were failures in the block of the steering-wheel switches, or the connectors oxidized or there were problems with the board of the BSI central unit. Also, with these failures, the sound signal, emergency gang, instrument panel and climate control can be buggy.

Peugeot 307 photo

And if the brake pedal switch fails, which is quite inexpensive, the selector of the automatic box cannot be switched to the “drive” mode and even the key cannot be pulled out of the ignition lock. And this is more serious costs - 170 euros worth a new key.

During operation, it is important to ensure that the front wheel arches are intact, because they can be easily lost, then the ABS unit and the electric motor of the power steering pump can suffer from moisture. And these parts are quite expensive - 800 euros for the ABS unit and 600 euros for the electric motor. If the ABS system starts to fail, then the automatic transmission will go into emergency mode, which will also not be very pleasant. Also, the cooling system fan and locks on the doors, including the baggage one, do not do well with dirt.


The body is galvanized, so rust does not take it, the front wings are made of plastic, so there are no chipping or scuffs that can be obtained from mudguards. Even if a minor accident happens, the bumper will not even crack, but the wings and headlights damage the mounting caps. The hood is made of aluminum, so replacing it will be quite expensive - 500 euros for a new hood. Even the Ford Focus is cheaper. It is better not to contact the curbs, because the rubber pads on the front bumper will be damaged.

Peugeot 307

Also, the appearance is spoiled by the headlights, which are quickly overwritten, and sometimes the headlights may become cloudy from the inside. The visibility of the car is good, but that can only interfere with the uncleaned wipers of the zone and the edge of the windshield, which sweat during rain or snow. By the way, the cabin filter should be changed after 12000 km.


In the cabin Peugeot 307 (фото далее) The fabric upholstery begins to get dirty over time, and it looks worn enough, but there is also a leather finish. Squeaks are heard inside the panels when you go across the pits, the whole car squeaks, especially for versions in the station wagon. But with this noise in the cabin dealers actively fought using strips of felt or foam rubber. But after a while the general noise in the cabin can add a dangling washer tank or gas tank.

салон Peugeot 307


MacPherson struts are in front, and a torsion beam is installed at the back, which also squeaks heavily, especially on models released before 2003. After restyling, rubber tips were put on the lower turns of the front springs, the design of the upper brackets was also changed on the rear shock absorbers, and the front stabilizer bushings became more rigid.

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The first knocks may begin after 40,000 km. run, this means that it is time to change the front stabilizer struts, it also often happens that the steering rods, along with tips, also have to be changed to this run. The steering mechanism itself is considered a reliable node and serves for a long time, after 100 thousand km. it must be properly adjusted, and it will quietly serve to 200,000 km. A new rack mechanism will cost 700 euros.

Peugeot 307 back sofa

Shock absorbers here are made at the Peugeot plant, their cost is quite low - 80 euros. Ball bearings and silent blocks are also inexpensive. Ball bearings can be changed separately from the levers, and they cost 20 euros. The cost of original parts from Peugeot is much less than that of German manufacturers.

Стоимость автомобилей Peugeot 307

Those old cars produced before the restyling will cost about 300 - 350 thousand rubles. These cars will have an engine capacity of 1.6 liters. But most of these machines are equipped with automatic boxes. Each year, the Peugeot 307 is cheaper by about 12% percent of the original price. Therefore, cars of this model are in demand on the market, among the main competitors is Ford Focus and Volkswagen Golf, which are cheaper not so fast, and they are more expensive - Focus on 20,000 rubles, and Golf, on 60,000.

The best purchase can be considered Peugeot 307 выпущенный после рестайлингаwhich has a 2-liter engine and manual transmission. This modification is considered the most reliable and smart in terms of driving.

Peugeot 307 headlights

Feeling of riding a Peugeot 307

In the cabin Peugeot 307 просторно, как это ни странно. Так как у Пежо достаточно высокая крыша, поэтому пассажиры сидят более вертикально, а это значит, что задние пассажиры своими коленями не касаются об передние сиденья, при этом, голова пассажира не достает потолка. Даже садиться в Peugeot 307 на задние сиденья легче. Кроме этого, задний диван большой и удобный, на нем спокойно может сесть 3-е человек.

On the front seats to sit comfortably and comfortably. Good visibility, gearshift lever is conveniently located at hand. On bad roads, the Peugeot 307 is not feeling very comfortable, the pits and potholes are felt very clearly. On the waves, the car sways very much, more than its competitors, and serious holes for Peugeot are considered more painful.

Но зато управляемость хорошая у него, Peugeot 307 спокойно может объезжать эти ямы и различные неровности, причем на нем это делать очень приятно. And if the road is good, then the car goes just fine, especially at high speed, it goes smoothly and clearly, it goes very smoothly into smooth turns. If you enter a steeper turns, then increase the rolls and the force on the steering wheel decreases, but it feels reliable.

А далее видео-обзор подержанного Peugeot 307: